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  1. I'm a very generous GM - I always make sure a corporate PC has all the trappings; some pull, the great car/AV, the swanky pad, hot partner addicted to the lifestyle, access to some sweet resources. It makes them work harder to keep it. Without the job, they're just little people and I make sure that concept scares them. Then, of course, the ruthlessness tends to come naturally… @Companero: And it's bloody hard work. But it's worth it. My player group can't function in Cyberpunk games without that kind of anxiety. It seems to have become their natural state. I just get the NPCs to fan
  2. In my game, he/she would be unemployed.
  3. Love the latest blog post and the adventure ideas. Sterling stuff sir. I did play a corporate in a game some time ago. I was the go-between for Militech who'd hired (press-ganged) the team. I was privy to things the other PCs were not and was using them for my own agenda (taking down my immediate line manager). They loved the resources I could provide for them, which created an artificial trust that I used to my advantage. The character had the face changing tech outlined in When Gravity Fails. I presented as two different people - one to the company, one to the team. The alteration
  4. Surely a FB page would just distract discussions away from VtfE even more?
  5. Thanks! There's a lot more to come. I've been busy running the game and I've had some serious deadlines at work. More soon.
  6. Not had chance to hit the group with anything from AG Sahel just yet. Too much going on; not enough time has passed. They are slowly forgetting about the event though, which makes me smile. They have no idea what sick shit is heading their way…
  7. I certainly plan to do that so you guys know the consequences of your ideas! Followed by the inevitable law suit! Like it though. Cheers.
  8. Er, yeah… there's a few. Think of it as an homage to the VtfE creative hive-mind. The atmosphere is one of the most important element in my games, on a par with the story. I want my players to be there for a few hours on a Sunday night. And the science fiction is key, otherwise the game can feel too contemporary; 2012 with implants. Which bugs the crap out of me. Initially, I just described the symptoms and the suffering. The players did the rest by running like hell, or putting the carrier down. I also made sure, as in real life, that outbreaks cropped up with no rhym
  9. And I'm so glad I'm here. You guys are a godsend. Cheers all.
  10. I've started to collate some bits on my South Africa campaign: http://vfte.cyberpunk.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=8166
  11. My God Mort, you're a monster! Good stuff sir, good stuff. And thanks.
  12. Some background bits from my current South African Cape Republic campaign. State of the Nation As you would expect, there remain black rebel movements within the SACR, as well as white supremecist paramilitaries and fringe religious groups, cyber-supremacists, and bio-chauvinists. Civil strife is never far away. Conventional sea-borne piracy is also a problem in the region. Famine and conflict constantly seems poised to spill into the cities. You're never very far from a fear-gas enshrouded riot in The Hub. And with simmering unrest there comes a proliferation of illicit pirate
  13. Oh, my hacker PC won't be controlling any kind of anthroform or chimeric. I'll just hit her with the deeply disturbing 'otherness' if she tries it. Then I'll fracture her psyche if she persists… Her player is great, so he'll run with it and have some PTSD-style fun. Reactionary Depression anyone?
  14. Now I like the sound of that… Very useful, and yet so obvious! Thanks Drow.
  15. This is exactly why I moved my campaign from Night City to Cape Town, South Africa. I wanted to enhance the strange and alien along with the futurism. I figured a strong contrast between Third World development and cutting edge cyberpunk would be that blend I was looking for. I did away with The Combat Zone© idea. The townships and Cape Flats covered that. I then divided the city (now known as the Cape Point Transmetropolitan Hub) into distinct zones; Municipal Policed Zones or PeeZees, Filter Zones and NoGos. The MPZs are the affluent areas, with Public Security Agency (PSA) coverag
  16. My South African campaign is a real cut and paste job, with ideas cribbed from VftE, Krypter's Neuropolitan, Richard Morgan's Altered Carbon, and many other sources. I did originally intend to do a full campaign diary, but decided against it, due to my stunning lack of originality! I may start a new thread if you guys are interested. I'm about 15 or so sessions in, so events may get summarised somewhat. I'll see what I can do… I'm really stoked by the ideas put forward! So, thanks everyone. I'm actually spoilt for choice… I'm really taken by engineered insect swarms, spider
  17. Efficiency is good, but I want to avoid a TPK. Physically weird is what I'm looking for. A gross out moment. A 'why the fuck would anyone create THAT?!' kind of vibe. I love the freaky scary shit Morf has cooked up and I'm looking forward to a few more. The poisonous wasp vomiter is outstanding! Spider-dogs could be awesome too. I'm after something to scare the crap out of them, horrify them and generally put them in the afore mentioned OMFG zone. I'm not trying to kill them, but it should certainly be a threat. If one of them does die, it'll be because they made a bad call.
  18. Guys, In my current campaign, the PCs have just totalled the luxury villa/office complex of AG Sahel Star Development (thanks Companero) in the affluent Sea Point district of Cape Town. The netrunner took control of their system, fired the on-site SAMs into the buildings and then burned their data node beyond recovery (thank you run.net!). The rest of the team performed a textbook assault on the facility, grabbing the Operations Manager for 'questioning'. To be fair, AG Sahel were holding their fixer captive and torturing him in VR at the time. There are only a handful of company survivor
  19. That, sir, is an outstanding list of archetypes! And it gives a clear idea of the ability levels available to characters with Interface. Nice one. I look forward to seeing this develop… Personal favourite: AR Janitor When those pricks mess with the Augment Reality adverts, they never think about the guy who has to go clean it up… Grrr. Those pesky kids!
  20. How about having the Reliability number range from 1-10? The netrunner would have to role a D10 equal to, or less than, the Rel score like a Body Save. Perhaps it could degrade like a Body Save too? First 'Crash Save' role vs. REL number, 2nd test is at REL -2, 3rd at REL -4 etc. So once the netrunner starts pushing their deck too far and it starts struggling, it's only a matter of time before it locks up. Sets up a ticking clock for the netrunner player.
  21. It's funny how Africa conjures up ideas about rogue biotech isn't it? I've got my genetic regulatory agency - Biocontrol, the mutated, militant offspring of the old World Health Organisation. Think it was Krypter's idea off one of his excellent sites. And the best thing is, the PCs have already appeared on Biocontrol's radar during the last campaign. Perfectly sums up the feel I'm going for. I'll check out Chaga, Windup Girl and Shadow of the Sun. And thanks for a great response!
  22. I'm currently putting together some notes for a new campaign based in South Africa in November 2026. Our previous campaign has taken the (surviving) PCs from Night City to the Cape Point Transmetropolitan Hub in the South African Cape Republic (was Cape Town). My vision is thus: the SACR is a new 'nation' formed in 2025 after the devolution of the former South Africa at the end of the Third-World Emergency. It maintains an uneasy peace with the neighbouring Incorporated Orange States and the South African Free State. The three regions bare the scars of conflict - pockmarked and ruined
  23. I envy you and, at the same time, I don't! What a friggin' awesome sounding campaign!
  24. Geist

    Matt Black

    I got details of the club and the strippers from Mockery's site. It was an interesting experience watching the group struggle to keep the place afloat. Great minds think alike my friend!
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