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  1. And I've had some ideas for tables/charts to include: • The Street Finds It's Own Uses For Things - alternate uses for tech • Legacy Infrastructure - the tech that time forgot • Environmental Maladies • Local AR • Social Hazards • What's Yer Poison? - Peccadilloes and vices, addictions... • Social Media - Dull, cutesie, political, SJW, work related, predatory, fanboy... • TV Shows • Musical Styles • Traffic Hazards • Sex Workers - After DnD's infamous Houri table - updated for cyborgs, gender fluidity, implants etc • The Marketing Dep
  2. I LOVE THIS <3 One of the most inspirational lines I ever read in a cyberpunk novel was in Ken Macleod's Cosmonaut Keep, where it has the following paragraph (italics are mine): I adore the way that sentence provides a visceral sense of the setting's biotechnology while linking it to the history of the city, making it seem like a lived in continuation of something old and street level. A Sense and the City table would be perfect for doing the same thing. I'm personally poorly qualified to write it, though - i'll leave it to you guys Currently scribbling
  3. Chris is pretty cool with that. For now.
  4. Yep, it looks like we agree on creating urbancentric environmental imagination fuel. Of the future!
  5. What I think Companero means is that we want to create a cyberpunk genre resource for adding a variety of cyberpunk elements to any of our campaign cities, sometimes in-game, much like rolling for encounters. So, we would be creating a game reference we could all use to add interesting futuristic elements, on the fly, to any city, such as London, Night City, Dubai or Constanța. Although Vornheim keeps being referenced, I think the main things to take from that book (whether you've read it or not) and to put into our document would be it's utility, it's clever immediacy, and how everything
  6. To be clear, I had no intention of creating a companion to the Night City Sourcebook, I was using it more as a common point of reference, a jumping off point so to speak. Most here would know what it is and most here would know what they felt it was lacking. I think gomiville is right when he suggests coming up with a table of contents and working from there. Exactly. And taking Companero's thought process further, it would be cool to call the kit 'Augmented Realities' or something, to suggest that the kit is designed to add layers to your cyberpunk setting, rather than be
  7. There's this Shadowrun version here: Shadowrun & NYC Kit But it's a bit weak and lacks any near-future verisimilitude or cyberpunk exoticism. I may use it as a basis for something and try and jazz it up some.
  8. After a brief discussion with Companero about the utility of Zak S's Vornheim City Kit for OSR D&D games, I got to thinking about how to do something similar for our Cyberpunk games. The idea is a resource that is able to breath life into futuristic urban environments, often through the medium of random generation (so, lots of tables), and for it to be fast and easy to use at the table. The content of a book/PDF like this is key; every aspect needs to be eminently useful, during a game, with a minimum of rolling. But what to include? Anybody here have any thoughts on the kind of
  9. 'Dutch butter smuggling' sounds a bit pervy... But I do like the idea of smuggling using cutting edge Chinese stealth boats... on the Thames!
  10. Thought this was quite interesting... https://www.neondystopia.com/cyberpunk-game...cyberpunk-2020/ CP2077 still in the works, I assume.
  11. Indeed I am using the rules as presented in your article. Admittedly, I've not done any frame-on-frame combat, and the player wearing the frame is quite… cautious, but the rules seem to work well. Dave has only had two issues with the frame over nearly 20 sessions; once when the right arm snapped, and once when he got the catastrophic fail result lifting a server. The first time it got damaged he just printed out carbon-fibre replacement parts and repaired it. Now he needs to buy a new one. He'll probably go for the Elysium again. But yeah, so far, so good! I'm still waiting for him to th
  12. Cheers chap. It's simply a Photoshopped photo of the city. I wanted something a little different to my previous, more graphic maps. Really? Maybe I should start a 'campaign log' deets thread. I don't have a campaign page, so rest assured you haven't lost it! Perhaps you're thinking of someone else's game? I can be a bit derivative, as long as my players don't know where it's all come from… But I do think I've talked briefly about our South Africa games on these boards before, so maybe that's it? And yeah, I go out of my way these days to set up campaigns and in-ga
  13. Bless you Master_Drow!
  14. Been playing on and off since 1990. Went to university, got the job, got married, had two kids and then rediscovered 'Old Faithful' again. I've run canon-ish games in Night City, drifted to a more freeform style in Capetown, South Africa for a while, went back to a heavily modified Night City, the PCs ended up in home-brew Tokyo, my mate ran a Cybergeneration-esque game for a time, then back to South Africa and now we've recently started a new campaign in London (but still canon to our older campaigns - we now have quite the meta-plot!). Currently discussing moving over to a co-GMing set up.
  15. Dog, your ideas make me think of some of the Ruralpunk concepts on Comp's vircadesproject, as well as his balkanisation of the States articles. In fact, when I think about it, it all meshes rather well, and could well be the embryo of my next campaign setting. And that's a pretty great game idea there, with some potentially difficult moral choices to vex the players. I like it! Keep rambling man… it's all good stuff.
  16. Yup. That's some more awesome right there Comp!
  17. I think I boo-booed there. The Glass Road is from Datafortress2020, but it's down at the moment. Apologies.
  18. That. Yup. That too. I like Eclipse Phase a lot, but our GM runs it a bit too cyberpunk and not enough bat-shit-crazy transhumanist mental. GURPS cyberpunk and THS both have some nifty ideas too. I steal from everywhere when I'm running a CP2020 game. ISIS? Not long for this world I imagine. Islamic nutters in my cyberpunk? Oh yes. I like me some When Gravity Fails but cranked up to 11. Blackhammer's Glass Road is a nice addition.
  19. I ran a campaign in the South African Cape Republic, a fragment of the old South Africa. With the help of the old guard here, I managed to keep a flavour of the Cape post-war. One of my players grew up there and another had spent a while in Jo'berg, so they kept things in check. Not too many comments from either though, which was nice, as I've never been. Thank you interwebz. I should do a Cyberbear-style write-up of the campaign some day… The PCs moved to Night City for a time and my next campaign looks like it might be in Liverpool (UK) or Bucharest in Romania (either will be
  20. My players usually ice the PC themselves before that happens. They can't wait to screw each other over. Luckily, we've all been very close friends for around twenty years (some more), so, even if there's some sulking, it rarely lasts long. In fact, I have two payers who have been good friends for over a quarter of a century, and they are always the first to screw each other over in our Cyberpunk games. Wish fulfilment fantasy? Maybe. Of course, as the ref, I would never encourage such behaviour…
  21. I know what you mean. I'm a Marketing Manager. I just play the ludicrously over-the-top pantomime Cyberpunk version of office politics occasionally. I'd like to add how important a measure of autonomy is, to allow a player to get the most from a corporate PC. As artificial as it is, it's not much fun playing three hour departmental meetings, working through lunch or staying late because your boss "just remembered" a deadline. It is fun, however, to talk your way past company security at two in the morning to lift something from R&D because your solos 'insisted' they can'
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