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  1. Actually PacRim makes an off-hand reference to this fact. There's a slim chance when making a Japanese character, that they're actually South American. I don't have the book open at the moment, but it was a possibility.
  2. It sounds to me that you players (and characters) that are more interested in exploring the world, your world, than in having a 'my gun is bigger than yours' contest. That sounds like a good thing. Let them find their own way, show them that while the meek may not inherit the earth, they get first dibs on going over it's waste.
  3. Damn, these are coming thick and fast. I've got a different character planned for your 'military' campaign - just something I do for my own amusement. Looking forward to all this, although I'll miss these 'punks while they're on hiatus.
  4. I too love reading these, and can't wait for the next installment. I go so far as to actually make my own characters that could hypothetically be in your campaigns, and this one in particular really appeals to me. Also, will the be maps forthcoming like there have been for some of your campaigns in the past?
  5. Never mind, I found this. That'll learn me.
  6. Okay, let me clarify a little what exactly I'm getting at. I know I can just find a regular run-of-the-mill map online and just print it out. What I was hoping to find was something similar to what appears in the Night City sourcebook. Whilst their Combat Zone maps are appreciated, the crappy street layouts REALLY irks me. I'd like to find something that shows the various buildings but looks at least something like a regular layout of blocks. Has anyone out there already done the hard work, or at least know of a program that could do so for me? Thank you in advance.
  7. I feel similarly. I'm not really going for a GutterPunk feel with my campaign, especially as it revolves around characters associated with Arasaka to varying degrees. The Corp character enjoys book-keeping and resource management, so letting him figure where the money gets spent is fun. They're all rather sociable and mature, so they're less inclined towards the whole 'I shoot the guy who looks at my stuff' mindset. Skills-wise I don't recall ever having a character (of my own) with more than a 6, and anything above a 4 in a Special Ability was a rarity. Then again, most games I played we
  8. In my briefly-run game for my home group, I settled on 70 Character Points, which might make them seem powerful, but I through troubles at them. The fact that the only Solos in the group were DMPCs didn't matter, as the Corporate was dual-wielding and head-shotting like nobody's business. Given their backgrounds, and that some of the characters had a good deal of life-experience built into their backstories, I was happy to largely ignore money, although it became moot anyway once their company started turning a profit.
  9. Thanks for that, eraser. I have Hound's old site saved in my recently re-established bookmarks, and recalled the FFA from years ago, and how beautiful the design was. It felt like I was a user commenting on the pieces I liked. I'm not even getting positive hits on Wayback. Oh well...
  10. Sorry the cast raise dead on such a necro thread, but whatever happened to this site? I loved it so much I even posted as a user in one of the comments sections. They were such good work.
  11. I haven't been around recently, and have been playing CP even less (or not at all). I was wondering what GMs in general gave their starting players to get them underway? Do you stick to the rather stiff guidelines of the Core book? If so, how many Character Points do you give them? I'll be honest and say that in every game I was ever involved with on these forums, GMs settled on a fairly equal way of distributing Euros. (it always bugged me that Solos were so well-paid for what they did, and how ubiquitous they were) The way I read it, even if you went with the Core book, and went with so
  12. This is the most recent game we played, which was only a couple of nights ago. What I thought was just going to be a pick-up game during the summer break seems to have evolved into something a bit longer-running. The core of my gaming seems to consist of myself, the two players I've mentioned, and my wife. I'm fully aware of my wife's Cyberpunk credentials (we met on these forums), so things need to be tight, just so I don't flub it. Although my group are rather forgiving and have all enjoyed my previous GMing attempts, I enjoy things a lot more when contingencies are covered. I'll need
  13. Episode 2: Friday Night Firefight Friday, 17th January, 2020 While Dusk is on the outskirts of Night City kickin' it Nomad style and Cookie is at home doing whatever the Hell it is 'Runners do when they have the night off, Katsumi, Indigo and Max are having a tame but merry time at the XYZ. They're waiting for a round of drinks to show up when Katsumi spies a worried Yakuza enter and head to a table. Speaking with the Lieutenant, a man with three black fingers on his left hand, it is overheard that there is trouble downstairs with rabble. the Lieutenant comments that most of their p
  14. Episode 1: Getting Down to Business Tuesday, 14th February, 2020 Early in the morning, Katsumi drags Cookie out and has her fitted with a chipsocket and (no surprise here) a 'loyalty chip'. At this point she's still on board, although she still hasn't had a good meal. Meanwhile Max and Dusk go off and take care of a few things like getting the big guy fitted with some Skinweave. Indigo thinks they need a couple of good vehicles and heads off to Crazy Jose's Used Cars down on 24th (just across the street from St Mary's - I made a map - I like maps ). She does some looking over the c
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