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  1. I'm in the same boat. it's an interesting read but no where near enough for me to run. so i'll be running 2020 until we get something meatier.
  2. they've been posting everything on their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/sjgames/ it goes live on kickstarter on black friday (day after thanksgiving day in the US)
  3. random thought/questions: as i'm reading the penalties and benefits, it occurs to me that some of them can be rolled up lifepath (criminal record, hunted by police, hunted by corporation, etc). do you give them the points for that if they roll it up in lifepath? i always allowed characters to register their weapons if they wanted to during startup (some do, some don't). if they did they paid the registration fee. but i like offering the chance for them to buy it with skill points as well. (even had one character buy the same gun legally and illegally, register the legal one and then
  4. On luck, the luck cards from datafortress really changed that stat in my last few campaigns from a dumb stat to one that people pay attention to. i always allowed them to modifiy after a die roll, but at double cost.
  5. Nice! seriously, a lot of this is going to be used in my next campaign. can you remember off the top of your head what you changed on this version from the previous?
  6. Seems to me that there are really only 3 choices: 1. a formula based on stats 2. a formula based on special ability 3. a straight amount for all (in the same way of using points for stats and starting skill points)
  7. I ignore skil cost multipliers during character creation. always have and still do.
  8. also, I meant to ask, why 30 points for career skills and 15 for pickup?
  9. Looking forward to the finalized form. Based on CPU actually gives me a thought. In original 2020 netrunning, each CPU could hold 4 files. so maybe up to 4 levels per CPU? that was it's not script kiddy dumbed down but not a dungeon run unto itself? Then the though of what about running into other netrunners (corp or otherwise) during a run.
  10. Definitely likey, and will be using quite a bit for my next campaign. (2020 for life, right?) Though I'm still trying to wrap my head around the elevator database idea from red.
  11. after not playing for almost a decade, i got the 2nd edition rules back out, rebuilt my campaign world (with some great information from this site), and now run a game once a month. even using spiderlady after threatening to use her since the original interface 1.2 came out.
  12. that's something i noticed from the 1st edition of CP to the 2nd edition, is that it took a slight step away from realism but improved game play a lot.
  13. that's good stuff there. and thanks for brainstorming on this with me. what i was thinking about today is taking 2 random areas a night, and if you match one of the numbers there, then you win 1k eb. for the powerball lotto, then it would be 6 areas but with a bigger prize, so obviously it would be harder. i do like your original idea of just 2d10 to determine the number. the plot hooks of being hired by the body lotto to rig numbers is pretty good.
  14. the 2d10 per district sounds good. maybe each district that the number is pulled from is randomly generated. maybe it might be better to say instead of 1k per corpse, just have a set number like 5k each time. i was also looking at the way the real lotto is ran, where if there is no winner, then that night's winnings gets rolled over into the next nights winnings, and so on. then a 1 on a d10 says that someone had won the lottery and it gets reset. i'm more thinking for flavor at the end of each gaming session. something where the players, if they so choose, could play, and even win, but
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