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  1. Aaaaaand I'm back again, after a lengthy absence. Rock, if that rifle has the same rear sight as an HK 91/G3 (and I think it does), I DO have the tool to adjust it!
  2. Rock, I'm sorry. I'd have posted something sooner, but I don't get back here that often anymore. My folks are both gone. I lost my dad in 2006 and my mom just four years ago (2014). It's rough for a while, but it helps if you focus on the good times. Take care, my friend.
  3. Rock, as it turns out, there are already three groups out there: Cyberpunk 2020, Cyberpunks of 2020, and CYBERPUNK 2020: Neo Cities. I haven't checked them out yet, but I'm about to do so. You might want to do the same, just to avoid duplication of effort and also to recommend the best one (if any of them are worth anything) to the rest of us.
  4. It's been really quiet on VftE for a long time now and I'm wondering how many of the members are still in regular contact via other social media. For example, Hanns, Dog Soldier, Rockwolf66. and I are all friends on Facebook and we all interact over there a WHOLE LOT MORE than we do here anymore. I mentioned this to one of them (Hanns or Dog Soldier, I don't remember which), and he suggested that I go and troll the VftE for more folks. So, how about it? If you're interested in joining our small but congenial group, and if you have a Facebook account, go to Facebook, search for "Mark Cook"
  5. markc

    The Expanse

    So, season two is about half way through and it just keeps getting better and better. The casting is superb, the script is crisp, and the production values are (at the risk of a pun) out of this world. I am ecstatic to hear that season three has already been green-lighted and I've already completely plowed through the six book series (by James R. A. Corey) upon which it is based. It's the best thing to grace the idiot box in a loooooong time!
  6. All good things, I agree. OTOH, I just saw a spot-on Facebook picture comparing the new SecEd to Dolores Umbridge (of Harry Potter fame.) I didn't know whether to chuckle or cringe. Plus, I'm REALLY starting to tired of the growing list of "alternate facts" and how our new Chancellor-in-Chief seems to be systematically trying to alienate the head of every allied country we have!
  7. To tell the truth, I think the REAL "Combat Zone" today is in South-Central Chicago. Regard the latest headline: 19 Shot, 6 Dead in 12 hours in Chicago Of course, it doesn't hurt that it's the gun-control capital of the U.S.A.
  8. Well, if you're a bad person for thinking that, then so am I. BTW, I found a photo of the bomb-carrying robot online:
  9. Boy, you guys have all the fun!
  10. John Browning is God. John Garand and Eugene Stoner are his prophets.
  11. Mike, you've touched on an aspect of CP2020 (the MedTech) that's near and dear to my heart. However, before you start reinventing the wheel, you might want to give this the once-over. http://www.shoestring-graphics.com/CP2020/medtech/ It's a website I started 15 years ago and never completed. It was intended to be a reference that filled in all the missing pieces of the MedTech (and related) profession. Unfortunately, I ran out of steam. If you find any of it useful, please feel free to take the ball and run with it!
  12. Hey, guys! Look time, no see! Since you're all talking about new toys, I picked this up a few months back and have been lovin' it! https://www.flickr.com/photos/buzzgunner/7512062706/
  13. It's not the biggest revolver in the world, but it may be the biggest one you can easily carry around. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, THIS is the biggest one: http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2009/08...ggest-revolver/ And you're right, it does look a bit like my Mateba!
  14. Remember that "edgerunner" and "filthy rich" do not have to be mutually exclusive. Many years ago, I was in a campaign where I ran a high level corp who was in middle-upper management at DMS. He functioned as a multi-function "troubleshooter" who took care of problems that the board either a) couldn't accomplish legally, cost too much to accomplish legally, or c) were too high profile if done legally. My major exploit for the board of directors was the "defection" of a Johnny-Silverhand-level rocker from Capital Records. Lots of fun. Just think of Dick Jones in the 1987 version of R
  15. My last weekend afternoon was sunny and I spent it introducing a niece and nephew to the joys of suppressed submachine guns!
  16. Which, BTW, most of us don't condone either. Letting this asshat legitimize that sort of behavior kind of goes beyond the pale (IMHO). Having a relative that sympathizes with your illegal actions is vastly different than actually providing material aid to commit those actions. The forner is not a crime, the latter is. By way of example, if all the government haters were rounded up and arrested just for agreeing that Timothy McViegh did the right thing when he bombed the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, the entire state of Delaware would have to be converted to a federal prison just
  17. Just stooping to your level. 1. Stop speaking as if you are the elected representative of "Conservatives". You don't speak for me. Most conservatives I know, don't want "Legal" immigrants either. They're sick and tired of all these foreigners coming to our homeland and expecting us to speak their language (they're Asian). 2. I don't care about how many "Immigrant" friends you have: only when it's time to round them up. Are you trying to be liberal? Man, stand up for what you believe in. 3. Because one Union rep (what ever that means) is linked to illegal immigration, the
  18. LOL! Why does the old phrase, "Takes one to know one" suddenly come to mind?
  19. I am properly ashamed. Given the information now available, it's obvious that I wildly underestimated the effect of the blasts, based solely on the videos.
  20. At the risk of bringing this back to a subject near and dear to all of us, this is about as Cyberpunk as you can get, i.e. "style over substance". By that I mean that these two bombs produced a sufficient "spectacle" while generating just enough casualties (fatal and non-) to arouse public emotion. I believe these were deliberately attenuated. Why? Because any bomb maker with an IQ greater than his shoe size would actively have to work to produce sometime like what we saw yesterday that didn't kill at least dozens when set off in a packed crowd of that size. That took skill, and not the kind y
  21. A number of acquaintances in "the Community" have already commented on how they bet that the individual(s) ultimately pinned with responsibility for this will turn out to be "extreme right-wing" Americans with "large arsenals" of "assault weapons", reinforcing once more the claim that people who own that type of firearm are borderline mass-murdering loonies. Time to touch up the paint on those "range markers" along my driveway and make sure the beltfed is in good working order...
  22. I just finished reading Quantum Thief by Hannu Rajaniemi. Actually, I just finished reading it for the second time. It's so complex that, upon finishing it the first time, I had to IMMEDIATELY re-read it, so that it would make more sense. It was worth every page. The Quantum Thief (and its sequel, The Fractal Prince) take place in the far future, in a radically different solar system. The inner system (out to Mars) is controlled by the Sobornost, a powerful posthuman upload collective. Jupiter is gone; a victim of the "Spike" (don't ask.) The outer systems are the home to the zoku (p
  23. Another good one that's reasonably easy to acquire is Potassium Chloride (KCL). When introduced intra-arterially, it triggers immediate (and usually fatal) heart attacks. If you can come up with a way to hide the injection site, it's even easy for a coroner to mistake it for the real deal. (Tox screens will frequently miss it, due the way blood chemistry gets messed up during a real cardiac event.) The biggest down side is that a sufficiently lethal dose is not small (i.e. 5+ CCs into an artery.) It's hard to get a target to hold still for that, but not so bad if you're trying to commit suicid
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