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  1. I've played a CP2020 campaign where much of a defunct subway system had been taken over by a gang as housing, with fortress-level security. Any abandoned structure can be housing. My picture of the subsociety in which cyberpunk characters exist does not fit well with something so stable that it could annex a mall. That's too big and draws way too much attention. I could see a mall becoming its own slum, perhaps with a few shops becoming small clinics, but anything big enough to fill an anchor store and require a supporting hotel would draw the well armed wrath of for-profit medical facilities that jealously guard their revenue stream. OTOH, I would certainly be interested in the med mall if there were a convincing back story. It could create endless adventures to defend it, supply it, and keep it alive.
  2. One of the Anita Blake novels had a character named Harley. Low EMP, low INT, scary like a rabid werewolf on a roid rage during combat. I would run this character as an NPC, and treat him like a bottle of nitroglycerine on top of an unstable pile of boxes- not necessarily malicious but a destructive force of nature. My play style is too intellectual to work well with this limited INT. Though as a one-off it might be fun to play a modern Neanderthal.
  3. I like that your system encourages roleplaying, and avoids the sudden cliff of cyberpsychosis.
  4. I may have a new favorite YouTube series
  5. You have a lot of material here. If you write it carefully it could be a killer campaign, and/or a decent novel. With as much as you have already, I would suggest outlines and some prewritten 'cut scenes.' I know that I would muddle things without them. You could also organize the game in chapters: the vengeful ghost, the chip ghost, the felonious insurance corp etc all have enough potential to drive a solid game. If you can weave them all together, you will have a story to be proud of.
  6. What class a specific hooks there could be. Media and rockers can always use an updated look. Anyone can use a new look in a hurry. Hackers would love the before-and-afters. Cops, ditto. (Weird fetishists, ditto. Doubly if the cop has a kink). Solos always get inconvenient leaking holes to patch.
  7. I can accept that it would be interesting, but it would make Carthage a real putz for spending all those years studying when he could have just worked and saved until he could buy any skill. I could see a skills die-off where nobody was willing to spend all that time studying, so new skills at high level became impossible to find (and thus, impossible to build new chips for). Ossification of higher level talents, as though the whole world went the way that MTV has gone. Bleah.
  8. I'm just a player (haven't run a game myself) but honestly, I agonized over every point in my character. If somebody can just plug in level ten skill, it would be like me going down to Best Buy and purchasing Bruce Lee's skill. It is sort of an insult to those who really do become expert. Chips are useful, particularly if a character was designed for one environment and visits another- an unexpected opportunity to visit an Orbital, for instance, would certainly have me reaching for some chips! But these are low levels, basic stuff that can get the character out of a sticky situation. Not instant expertise. No matter how you balance it, I dislike the idea of being able to chip or download very high levels of a skill. It is unrealistic roleplaying- learning skills to an expert level changes a character. For example: Carthage, a solo with (among other skills) level eight Tae Kwon Do. Carthage did not just learn kicks, blocks and throws- he spent years learning a martial art. At that level, he has studied closely with people who have spent their long lives studying. Other characters with decent martial arts have seen his face on posters, watched him in matches, tried to copy his flawless footwork. He's probably not Olympic material, but I wouldn't be surprised if he could defeat almost anybody in Night City in any hand-to-hand fight. No matter what other skills he has, Carthage's life is shaped strongly by his martial art. So, Wilbur the accountant wins the Bodycount Lotto and goes down to his local quickie mart and buys TKD level 8. And you're telling me that Wilbur could match Carthage?
  9. That one tickled. I feel sorry for the next pot grower in Utah...
  10. Might be worth rolling under the current humanity score as well... cyberpsychos just don't seem to succumb to shock like us old-fashioned meat folks do.
  11. Where does the pain cutout work? Does it reduce the 'voltage' of the pain signals that come in, or does it just dampen the perception of the pain once it arrives in the brain? If the pain editor changes the input to the brain, then I would say that shock is greatly reduced or eliminated (which does not mean that your character will live longer, it'll just be more of a surprise when they do finally fail a saving throw- might be better for the GM to throw the dice and not even tell them until he smilingly takes away the character sheet). If the pain editor just changes the conscious perception of pain, then I would say shock still happens. Give some points for a good roleplayer here.
  12. Why not load up a paintball gun with his toxin of choice? That lets you share the joy with more distant participants.
  13. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-03-16/e...ic-bank-runs-br Banks in Cyprus were apparently paying zero interest. The European Central Bank decided that that was too generous, and nationalized a portion of every bank account. Wow. I seldom call myself naive but I had really never conceived of such. Hope that Obama doesn't get that much hope'n'change going here.
  14. I'd imagine that if this works s advertised, the Marines are going to want their medics to have super-soakers of this stuff
  15. I'm that media. This game started out a bit frustrating- no skills above level seven, no high-point characters. I was feeling hampered by my wimpiness! But with all the characters at the same limitation, I've found that my character is a lot more free. If I had been the sole media in a party of solos that would scare Chuck Norris, I would never have touched a weapon; instead, my character has stayed true to the media archetype while getting in fights, negotiating with the massed gangs of Night City, and shooting down her first helicopter. Her skills and attitudes as a media have made her valuable, but she can still mix with the other characters because nobody is allowed to be such a specialist that the others cannot compete. I miss the high-point character sometimes. She had better cyberware, lots of midrange skills instead of a bunch of twos and threes, and had a steady job. But this incarnation of Snow is more interesting to play, and if we can keep the game going for long enough to get back to that level of skill (assuming she survives) then she'll be a much more interesting character than the old one.
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