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    Babylon A.d.

    Wow, It's out on DVD and I am finally watching it. Really good for the genre. Post apocalyptic sci fi FTW. There is little cyberware but other than that it's like watching a really well done cyberpunk game come to life. VD is good as always. His portrayal of a ruthless merc with morals is spot on. The post apocalypse is portrayed well. Cool tech everywhere, with rampant crime and poverty. A good movie overall, maybe some issues with the storyline. I doubt the academy is going to take notice. I would definetely say it ranks right up there in the world of sci fi with anything you can think of......
  2. I think oversized weapons like that could be feasible and realistic, in a cyberpunk universe. Cyberpsychos and the people who hunt them could certainly make use of a weapon with extreme stopping power. I say if you like it, then rock on, brother.
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    Sounds like a cool idea for a game. Have you ever heard of the game "Killer"? It was an assasination based live roleplaying game just like the movie. It was designed to be played on college campuses, etc. I'm not sure which came first, the movie "Gotcha" or the game "Killer"? They were both out in the 80's though. (I saw the movie and played the game as a youngster) I agree the cell phone camera kill is the only way to go in this day and age. Unless you live in a small town or something, paintball guns in the streets are a bad idea. Let us know how the game turns out. Also what kind of plot elements are you using? I'm trying to decide if it would be more fun to do like an Al Quada cell vs. the FBI type scenario, or just keep it fun and have everyone just kill each other for points?
  4. Shadowrun (on 360) is one of the worst games ever and is not cyber punk at all. It has no campaign, only multiplayer. It has very limited cyberware, weapons, and magic. I do not recommend that game to anybody. Nice find. I might have to try that one if I can ever beat brickbreaker.
  5. meathead

    Babylon A.d.

    Anyone seen the previews? Looks very CP.
  6. So I was sitting around building NPC's for CP2020 one day. My brother walks in and starts to build his own character. After a while he had built a pretty bad ass and very "combat-centric" solo. To protect the innocent, we will call him "Meathead Jr. Well we weren't doing anything, and I needed to practice GM'ing, so we decided to do a solo game. Meathead Jr. vs. whatever I could come up with. I cooked up a really basic snatch and grab type plot, and pulled out some NPC's I had stashed. Off we went. After some brief setup and roleplaying to establish the "snatch" and the "grab" I decided it was time for some combat. Mr. Meathead being the bad ass solo that he was, I decided that a few weak gang members would be kinda fun, without being too taxing. So of course when MHJ leaves the meet with his contact, there are three young gang members messing with his bike. Words are exchanged, one thing leads to another, and next thing you know dice are flying left and right. MHJ is wired to the gillls of course and has the chance to act first. Weapons are drawn, so MH pulls no punches, going straight for the lead ganger with his handgun. The gangers leader begins to realize what kind of mistake he has made when he sees the gun and the steely gaze behind it. He awaits his fate, dealt at the hand of this cold blooded killer. A simple to hit roll, close range shot, massive skill levels. Damn it, wouldn't you know he rolled a fumble. OK well I was feeling nice, so I declared his gun has misfired and could be cleared in one action. OK so the gangers get to act. of course they are lightly armed and not having much choice they seize upon this opportunity to jack a solo with a broken gun. They fire some weapons, and luckily our solo is wearing some armor, and takes little damage. So MHJ finally clears his jam and takes aim again. Die ganger punk. You will regret the day you fucked with MHJ! Crap another fumble. OK at this point I am snickering under my breath a bit, and feeling sorry for my brother and MHJ. His bad ass solo has fumbled two straight actions, and the gangers are closing in. Again I declare that his gun has jammed and can be cleared with one action. MHJ is starting to sweat now.... To be continued.... Reserved
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