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  1. Happens to all of us, I'm in eternal military training at this point, which kind of leaves me too tired to even think about playing recently. Thought it might save you some work if you can grab the charts wholesale from a different point.
  2. [ooc] so late to the party! [/ooc] Moderately Successful (unsuccessful?): Like family -- So the romance didn't work out, but the mother still accepted you. While it's awkward to run into the ex while you are there you still find yourself a welcome "uncle/aunt/nephew/niece/grandkid" in the house. Just something I've had the good fortune to run into.
  3. Mikael I don't know where you are at on this but have you considered looking at the US military pay scale? It seems kind of like what you are wanting, in that rank and time in service are the primary drivers for your base pay allowance. Then you have additional allowances for things like Family separation, sustenance, housing, hazard pay, jump pay, et al. The numbers might be semi close to what you want too (at least on the enlisted end of things).
  4. Maybe something Tombstone-ish? While its a western it really ties closely to some of the cyberpunk themes and is basically a cops and robbers story. You can use skill checks to handwave the investigations too. Just let that give him the 'clues' and then let him piece it together. honestly most criminals are not as sophisticated as we tend to see in cyberpunk. Even the really nasty ones. Generally they just have a new trick.
  5. Yeah I saw that and thought, "Crap if you are wearing IBA you just killed yourself if this hits you." I mean yeah you are likely dead either way, but with a plate on each side? It would go off just inside your chest and be held by the armor... eck.
  6. First Glance they look alright to me as a frame work.
  7. Niko_Kaze

    Slice N Dice

    I saw something recently on close to nano level windmills for electrical output. One of the biggest issues with it was any short of condensation on the mechanism would act as cement and stop it from working. So while they could theoretically cover a surface with the material liquid was an immediate problem at all times. Regular dust not so much due to the bed of nails principle but a single water drop caused huge issues. Something like that could end up being a problem here too I think, though I am unsure how at this moment.
  8. Straycatalyst Matter can be created or destroyed, it just converts/requires an absurd amount of energy -- that's the very principle of a nuclear weapon in fact. Beyond that for research project starfish prime would be of high interest for this scenario.
  9. To be fair though what you would like and what you would get and what you would be told about what you are getting are likely to be three completely separate and unrelated things. Especially in cyberpunk.
  10. yeah i did not get my point across well. i would suggest that attractiveness could be renamed and redefined more as a pose sort of stat where you are better or worse at putting off the sort of vibe and look you want to. things like having been in the fields for days on end could give temporary penalties as could injuries. this stat could apply to acting and what not. but with more thinking on it i think i would end up simply remaking the coolness stat. also sorry for the poor editting and lack of correct grammer, my phone does not like forums much.
  11. Niko_Kaze


    one of my favorite characters is a merc officer that typically runs the logistics for the group. if they are running a job for his specific company it was the hard limit of what they could use of company resources for the job with at least 80 percent of that having to be returned in good order. for side jobs it became a modifier on if he could persuade someone in the company to help a guy out. honestly i have found it a decent skill if you are... player assisting the gamemaster. like if you have several new people and the gm is relying on you to help wrangle them in.
  12. if i recall correctly is there something in the damage rules that getting shot up can hurt your attractiveness? If so then I think we can allow this to hurt a little bit less and keep it a bit more cosmetic. Maybe we can change it to an appearance stat were it helps you dictate the 'look' you give at the time. This could be penalized by current events and stuff like personal grooming and affect the stare down rolls and such.
  13. for me it depends on the group, what we are playing, and the purpose of the game. afterall if it is a bunch of noobs and they simply do not fully understand what the game is about the kiddie gloves are on. if it is a beer and prezels game then whatever. if it is pathfinder or dnd again a bit of whatever since getting back is fairly easy. but honestly even in cyberpunk it is kind of hard to die. if you are the least bit careful it is generally avoidable.
  14. Niko_Kaze

    Combat Bikes

    How about the feasibility of simply mounting the weapon on the bike? Realizing there isn't much extra space on one but with the size arms he is talking about the possibility of a cyberlinked smg on pintle of the side of the bike with limited adjusting ability (probably just the 15 degrees in front of where the bike is pointing) should be at least feasible... possibly with belt feed out of a box on the opposite side of the bike? (not really thinking hard here, more posting as I'm thinking it)
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