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  1. I just love fallout... I want this game. Looking forward to get my hand on a copy
  2. Siergiej Lukjanienko: Labyrinth of Reflections, False Mirrors. This is russian classic from late nineties. Very entertainy. Most of action takes place in VR and it definitelly has the punk flavour. There is also a kind of mystic element in the plot, but I still consider this book Cyberpunk.
  3. it seems that rpg entertainment industries are in pretty good shape despite the recession. I must think about buing some of their shares
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZK3cUInF0k0
  5. I hope it would be better then the official Blade Runner comic movie adaptation. I`ve bought it on e-bay but the artwork was poor... I hate judging books by looking on a cover but the covers you provided looks really great
  6. Szary


    IF the future is now, was better tomorrow yesterday?
  7. It is important to remeber that the breathing mixtures are designed for a specific depth. During the decompresion form 70 meters (for example) you re changing "bottle" many times. In other case youre dead before reaching the surface. I am not an expert on the topic, but my close friend is a scuba instructor (and ex military diver), so I heard a thing or two about diving
  8. Szary

    Cargo Containers

    Pleas note that most of newer ones, will probably have their own RFIDTracking chip, and temperature/humidity control sensor (for checking whether proper conditions for transport ware kept). It may be used for finding such a hidden bunker or "pueblo" if the chips warn`t removed.
  9. Buscemi is great. I guess he will be Riviera?
  10. I think that you should be a nice package of semtex
  11. One of the best examples of this maxim, is in the book of K. Yeskov "The Last Lord of the Ring" which is kind of alternative story for Lord of the Ring. But in Yeskov`s book the Saruman and Sauron are the good guys. And the whole Tolkien story is just the propaganda made by Gandalf. It is really a great novel. And it is dangerous too! Just think about what would Tolkien HardCore Fanatics do if they only knew you`re reading it !
  12. I still have my C64 in good shape maybe it is time for great comeback
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