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  1. biggrin.gif

    Okay, it's like this:

    We've got (when I say "we've got" I mean "MAN I wish we had", but that's implied) a belt-mounted unit with 4 buttons and 3 thumb-buttons to punch letters and numbers (we're looking into which system would be easiest on this), a separate 4 buttons for directional pad (gaming), a flexible keyboard rolled up in a pouch if you intend to stay rooted for a while (the short-hand keyboard is more for quick stuff), a similar-looking thing to the short-hand unit as a trackball, with as many buttons as we decide on it. We're gonna have to build these things by ourselves to a disturbingly large degree.


    Also, most modules will have buttons directly on them which control most of the things you'd need to do with it, which is kinda why we're going with complete modules. Meaning most things will do all the work by themselves, with as little as possible getting crunched in the CPU.


  2. Yeah, I read that, but I started up this here because it's not in cp2020, we're actually building it. So all I want is to see what people think of the idea and whether they've got any handy wishlists or not. Like I said, we're working out the technical ourselves. And man, let me tell you, it's a lot harder doing this crap than come up with convincing technobabble of how the local Ripperdoc did it.



    Oh, and Winterjewel: once we're done with it, if we ever get done with it, ( I would estimate at least a couple of years from now), we'll have a shopping list and handy set-up guide with needed software available. Rejoice! You too, can own this Marvellous Analytickal Engine Suit!

  3. Hi, guys. You all might not remember me, but I sure remember you.

    I used to hang around back when I had the opportunity to play CP2020 regularly (I see I'm actually still set up as moderator on some of the Cybercity forums), but got sidetracked by something people told me was called Real Life, or something like that. I dunno. Anyway, I never quit thinking and breathing cyberpunk, and a new project a friend of mine brought me in on brought me full circle. So, well, um, I might be back.


    What we wanna do is wearable computing. To see how easy a DIY-solution might work out, and how great we could make it look. Although we decided we wanted to use steampunk-estethics over the whole thing (meaning lots of use for leather harnesses, custom metal casings, old forms of readout, that sortof thing), it's essentially a cyberpunk concept. And one of our goals is to have every gadget used as modules, with a plug-and-play solution. Meaning we want to think up interesting ways to implement every possible gadget, cable, port, plug, and analytical system available.


    And I'm fishing for suggestions. Not really the actual implementation, we're not there yet (we're settling in for a long haul on this), but just: In this *queue ominous voice* World of Tomorrow! that we live in, what would you want or really need to have around with you at all times? From really obvious things such as a hard-drive, a screen, an mp3 player, whatever, to obscure things in the range of every imaginable interface possible (plugs and cables for what-have-you), or a voltmeter if you feel like it, to show-offy trinkets, dubbed "lighters" for the project (as the first suggestion in the category was a lighter, built into the suit, regulated via the general interface). Oh, and as we're *actually building it*, try to keep well within the limits of legal self defence, you trigger-happy, gun-toting, criminally insane little NRA-ers you.



    (I realize some might want this in chrome, but as I'm not really looking for technical solutions, we're wading through those ourselves, just huge wishlists of gadgets, I figured this might spark something interesting)

  4. Hey, that would be a cool campaign...


    Gang violence in Night City suddenly flares up. The gangs are takin' it to da streets most every night, and the new up-and-coming television network (or an old, struggling one. Or just a regular one. You decide.) is filming it all by choppers (or AV's, depends on tech-level). Of course, what the players eventually discovers is that the network is behind the scenes, putting the gangs up against each other.


    I think I'm gonna use this one...

  5. I got this idea while reading through all this... what if the Bozo's (http://users2.ev1.net/~egrayfox/Bozos/Bozo-Cover-Main.html) started growing vegetables for extra profit?


    "Isn't blood full o' nutrients or something?" Imagine the possibilities...


    By the way, *is* blood any good for vegetables? Like a sorta fertilizer or something?




    PS: This is all screwball theorizing... I don't think I'd use something like this in my game... At least, not if the blood idea doesn't work out :)

  6. Even though I was one of the original CyberCity enthusiasts (I think I'm still admin for some of that on this board), I think BaronSamedi's stuff deserve it's own compilation. (Once you get a bit more of it together, that is). It's just so great on it's own, a broad spectre of well-thought-out ideas that really is just as verbose as needed. Anymore and the players would feel like their GM is reading from a script. But as it is it's just perfect.

  7. Oh, I can't wait 'till your "flesh out the world" thing really gets going. What I've seen so far is awesome. Hey, if you get enough stuff, how 'bout making a sourcebook? It would be difficult to market something like this professionally if you're gonna use label names, though. Maybe a PDF would be better. But if it ever reached shelves, I'd buy it.

  8. So far I'm letting them succeed. They've got a lead, which again will lead them to the mysterious practically invisible gang snatching the drug business from right under the Don's nose, then let them come up with a plan as to what to do with it. I like playing campaigns where a lot of the forward motion is run by the players. However, as all this goes, the underlying theme is that a lot of sh*t is about to go down in the world of organised crime. Bigboy assassins are sneaking into town (thanks GM 2023) , tensions are high, new cartels are cropping up on every street corner waiting to take over when the Big Dons kick the bucket.


    It's gonna be a whole lotta fun to play. It'll be interesting to see how they'll handle it.

  9. REading through this gave me a couple o' ideas:


    - Make it work like drivers do today... Need to make your system compatible with that car? No prob: Find a dataterm and load it up (for a small fee from the Auto-company/Computercompany that made the drivers, or risk warez, but keep in mind that getting a virus that messes with your hard-disk is a *really* bad idea when that happens to be your brain).


    - The mini-AI's: Really great idea. I can see a lot of usage for those, from a kinda corp-installed conscience (like the bug in pinocchio), to a rogue AI hiding in the puny AI that you use, and eventually surfacing, revealing himself, and throwing the players on a really weird quest. Or just generally being a bad influence. Or *both* a good AI and a bad AI, like the cartoon devil/angel thing that always pop over a persons shoulders when he's contemplating something.. Would make for a messed up life.





    I dug those ideas in the first post, too. I'm gonna have to start implementing those...

  10. We got a big Finn who owes the Big Don a favor, another guy who's your average steretype fixer except for a bad case of bad taste in clothes, who also happens to owe Big Don a favor.


    The favors will both be cashed in, Don'll make 'em team up to solve his recent losses on the drug-market. Somebody's taking over business, but he's damned if he can find out who.


    Info 'bout the big don: Old-school Mafia, The cops know he's got a finger in about every racket there is, but they're completely unable to nail him for anything. It's rumoured that a lot of small gangs (5-to-3-block turf) is controlled by him as well, although this could just be rumours.



    Any suggestion as to plot development? Nasty twists especially welcome.

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