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  1. As someone who, for various reasons is not able to play these days reading this and other story threads is great. I am able to live a little vicariously in the genre we all enjoy so much. So just a note to say thanks for the thread and thanks to all who contribute to this site. /resume lurk
  2. http://colonialchrome.co.uk/ This is a great source for the potential lay-out of space craft. It is a Star Wars based sight however the guy that does the deck plans has an extensive background in such things and does the plans in a methodical and 'realistic' way. /resume lurk
  3. Ooh, I like that one too. Think the players will notice if I use the same schematic twice in one campaign?
  4. Thanks Ronin! I now have the undergroud prison complex I was looking for.
  5. I love the idea but am skeptical as well, all appropriate appendages will remain crossed........
  6. I travel alot for work so don't play as much as I would like. Reading these keeps me "in the game" and are a fun read. Thanks and keep 'em coming!
  7. And I am off to Books A Million. Thanks!
  8. Never played a Nomad but may need to now. Thanks for all the work Wisdom!
  9. I was at work when the news came over the shop radio. Place pretty much shut down as we all listened in disbelief. Called home and had my wife keep the kids home that day. Silly? Perhaps but at the time most of the country was in shock and I wanted my babies where I knew exaclty who had eyes on them.
  10. ironmagin


    Sweet! Thanks for the video Stray. Having a blast with this in-game and I'll share the video with my players. We've had entire sessions with the only rolls being Acrobatics/athletics, jump, etc. which is not normal for the "blow the hell out of eveything" style my players usually aspire to.
  11. Be a good place for non (or nano-only?) augmented person to hide from say, a group of edgerunners looking to 'retire' him/her. Be a hell of a job infiltrating a compound fulll of rabid, heavily armed fanatics inyent on purifying your heathen soul with bullets and clubs.
  12. ironmagin


    Thanks Stray, and those who posted about it previously. Going to make for some fun sessions as well as a better approach to cyberpsychosis.
  13. ironmagin


    Okay, just spent half an hour or so on youtube and I had never heard of Parkour until I stumbled across this thread. Can't wait to integrate it into our games. My thanks! Even for those not inerested or unable to participate the racers could be a valuable source of information. With the aforementioned speed, agility, and off the chain reaction times they could notice the patterns of the area of the city they run in, Gang movements, changes in police presence, odd air traffic paterns and such. So how would Jattenhand effect EMP/humanity? Not the why as I grasp that but the game mechanic.
  14. Bookmarked that one, all sorts of ways to make character lives more interesting. Makes a person wonder if what goes on in your average (if there is such a thing) cyberpunk game/book is more tame than what is happening for real all around us.
  15. ironmagin


    I like this immensely, all I need to do now is arrange for the characters to get FBC's. What would the key moves be? Would you use Athletics or your martial art level durring the races?
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