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  1. How was the second map linked created? I noticed it in the Night City Guide on Combat Zone @ the Datafortress 2020 site. I think I read something about it was put together with bits of google earth-like maps . If so how was it done? As I figure I could do it for maps for my games.
  2. Cool , thanx for the imput. I understand it being a alternate timeline but it's hard to suspend disbelief because of the events don't key up with reality. I know it's sci-fi but for dark future gaming , it shouldn't be so close that you can live through the era played & have most of it's cannon countered by real world events. Where as I have a few quibbles concerning ICE's cyberspace timeline , but it's more plausible than 2020's. Don't get me wrong , I love CP 2020 I'll just have to adjust the timeline & those things I don't like. Concerning the good points: the gangs , outside a few gangs I don't like ( DJs , poser gangs & Phil. Vampires) CP 2020 blows away Cyberspace's gangs. I also like the rules . They are fast n' easy to learn & use. They are also deadly like a Cyberpunk game should be. Beyond some low par art in the books & setting issues (that can be fixed) Cyberpunk 2020 will be one of the few games I'll run n' play. The others being Cyberspace , RIFTS (plus other PB games) , Rolemaster2/C/Ex & possibly Alpha Omega.
  3. Geeze people , nobodies mentioned .. Empty Zone by Jason Alexsander is a cool but gritty cyberpunk comic.
  4. I've played CP 2020 but never run it. I've wanted to but never got around to it. I like the setting but as it's a decade from 2020 I have a hard time running CP as is. For those who run CP & choose to use the setting largely intact what changes have you made? I personally see myself pushing back the time line at least 20 more years if not 40-60 & modify a few events that need tweeking to jive with current history & tech. devlopment. The bioplague in the coka & poppy production will be minimalized. A few gangs will be replaced & a few other minor changes to the setting especially concerning Nomad groups as I don't like them much.
  5. Does anyone have a copy of this .doc ? . The link is broken ?
  6. Interesting post. At first I thought you maybe doing a prison influenced on ICE's Death Valley Prison for Cyberspace or something. I like what I read, will you be posting anymore info on the prison?
  7. Interesting thread. I was / may still create a Transgender (Male-to-female) major NPC for my next cyberpunk game. Had a pre-op in my former Sunday game 'she' was cool , so no issues for me. I just didn't want to play in a diceless superhero game so taking a breather unless I find a local CP2020/RIFTS group.
  8. Not sure..maybe I'll check it out in more depth later. I have just glimpses of memory concerning it.
  9. I never did say that P-A games influenced by those movies can't be done in Cyberpunk . They can easily as you said. I was just saying genre wise they aren't Cyberpunk. I should've clarified it more.
  10. I also recommend Barne's Aubry Knight trilogy , Effinger's Marid 'trilogy' & add William's Hardwired. They are my favorite Cyberpunk books. I need to finish Altered Carbon.
  11. Hmmm I love Cyberpunk (the genre) ever since watching Bladerunner , then Akira & other Cyberpunk anime , plus reading Gibson ect. I was hooked. I started out with AD&D as I'm also a big fantasy fan moved onto Palladium Fantasy then ICE's Cyberspace my first Cyberpunk RPG & favorite (Yes I know heresey , but it is). Eventually got into RIFTS , which I still love (Though MDC sux LOL) then Cyberpunk 2020 in short order. Over the years I've played mainly D&D 3.5 , Cyberpunk 2020 or Rolemaster2. The only RPG I ran sucessfully was Cyberspace but burned out of RPG for about 7 years. Been a player since I got back but the Cyberpunk infection is still alive & well. The whole dystopian , gray world view where evil corporations & corrupt governments appealed to me . It didn't help I was heavily into Punk & Metal music & still am. My main issue with Cyberpunk 2020 was the art , not dark enough..& some of the stuff was too Anime like. Not a problem but I'm a fan of Effinger , Barnes & Williams..even Neuromancer & Bladerunner. I love anime & manga but it wasn't until GitS that a anime really captured Cyberpunk..Akira did too but it & AD Police Files were the only really gritty Cyberpunk anime I watched. I liked bubblegum Crisis but wasn't a big fan. The anime tropes of big eyes & colored hair got to me. Like the fantasy n' magic in Shadowrun (I like the setting) but it's not cyberpunk. I also prefered comics like Empty Zone & a few others to that at time humerous elements in some of the 'cyberpunk' anime. But I do love Cyberpunk 2020 dispite my issues it's a great game but CPv3 nearly killed it for me. If it wasn't for the RTG yahoo group , the interlock unlimited yahoo group & Wisdom000 I'd have not comeback to Cyberpunk 2020. Where as I love the Cyberspace rules more I'm more likely to find people willing to try Cyberpunk 2020 for face to face games or eventual online games. I just need to decide if I'll use the default setting or my own homebrewed setting & see about finding some local players or a good GM n' group so this Metal Punk can get his Cyberpunk on I love Mad Max trilogy & Salute of the Juggers but they are not Cyberpunk but P-A films. But I love P-A almost as much as I love Cyberpunk & Fantasy LOL My gaming needs would be filled if I had a P-A , a Cyberpunk & Fantasy groups to game with.
  12. I agree with the Electro-Industrial/EBM suggestion but also include extreme Metal , especially Thrash & Hardcore Punk as in Crust , Anarcho-Punk & D-Beat , plus some grind. But some country (like Hank 3) , Rockabilly & Psychobilly for nomad based games. Maybe even some Hardcore & Horrorcore/Wicked Shit rap sans the Psychopathic Records stuff ..not dark enough.
  13. I just have to get my lazy ass over to the Data Fortress & check out the archive. I haven't yet mainly to not being sure if I'd take up playing or running Cyberpunk 2020 again. I'm happy Wisdom could get this project worked out. Too bad he had to deal with that douchebag a while back. I'm still debating whether to continue working on my own Cyberpunk setting or just use Nightcity & make it my own..or Cyberpunkize Portland,OR. Does anyone remember a old Cyberpunk 2020 site called something like Chrome & rust or Rust & Chrome ? It was one of the first Cyberpunk 2020 sites I checked out back in the day when I first got online. Can't remember what was on the site. Figured Wisdom or someone might know.
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