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  1. cheers mosca, i was aware of the problem after it cost me a call out rescue from a garage and they told me it was the front spark plug getting wet, but i hadnt got as far as solving the problem yet, a pipe cleaner aye? thats not a bad idea
  2. does ur monster brake down everytime it rains imo God would ride one of the above, or maybe the devil would because those motorcycles are the meanest there are. ps this is what i ride and it does brake down when it rains but at least i dont have to change the cam belts every other year
  3. i havnt seen Jonny Mneomic tbh. It didnt rate to well on IMDB (i think) but then what do critics know. Brazil is pretty awsome, pretty humours too but it doesnt have the same rewatchability that Blade Runner has. It seem no matter how many times i watch blade runner i never get bored of it
  4. I dont really know what cybergoth is, although some of his characters are pretty gothic. Analthough Reynolds has lots of cyberpunk themes most of his books are set much futher into the future than traditional cp. His books are very hard sci fi (meaning scientifically plausable to some degree) Even to the degree where he bases the time to travel between stars on real times it would take at a given speed at points of light speed (he uses real stars) The two books i recommended are probably his most CP and least space opera since they take place mostly in once city or set of spacestations and so
  5. i frikin love this film has anyone ever made a dark sf film that can match its calibre, or any kind of film that can match it?
  6. These are technically space Opera but they have heavy cyberpunk themes Alaster Reynolds - Chasm City, and his book the Prefect (most of his other books are pretty good too) they are both very dark, one is sett in a city that has contracted a nano virus, the other in a belt of space stations which have an AI running amok. They are both detective stories with lots of twists and human agumentation. Philip K Dick - his most cyberpunk novels are probably - Do Andriods Dream of Electric Sheep, A Maze of Death, Mr spaceship, Ubik, The Solar Lottery. Both Ubik and A maze of death fea
  7. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1134795/ Leonardo Di Caprio in Action Akira too maybe turning cyberpunk manga in to movies is a new fashion I think both Akira and GITS have good enough stories, settings and characters to make good movies but it will only work if they are taken seriously as sci fi moves. What i expect to happen is they wil both be made as B movie esc action movies with lots of stunts, crap dialogue and a pointless plot. The Matrix and Batman both have commic/graphic novel heritage and they have both had some good films (not the second 2 matrix films, or the post
  8. id recommend the cyber punk games list on home of the underdogs http://www.the-underdogs.info/theme.php?id=6 Its pretty comprehensive for old games. Get dosbox and download a few games of teh underdogs site. Id recommend circuits edge. Ive tried a few others from there but i find dos games are much harder than more modern games. Deus X 1 & 2 and System Shock 1 & 2 are the quintessential cyberpunk games. One game that isnt really cyberpunk thats worth checking out is vampires the masqurade bloodlines. Ok its based on a differnt RPG and its set in 1980s NY but its got
  9. fraid im going to have to confess to being a turbo geek on this one, ive got 3 gits films, 2 tv series and 3 manga books. personally i prefer the first film by a considerable margin because i think the dialogue is the best. i quite like innocence but i get the feeling that some of the philosophy was just put in to try and make the film appear more intellegent. The dialogue in stand alone complex, film and two tv series is a bit shady in some areas and i didnt think it really added anything to the previous incarnations. Seems to me alot of cyberpunk media falls back on a couple of ide
  10. i agree with Wisdom000, music can have cyberpunk themes but im not sure that theres really a cyberpunk genre. http://www.myspace.com/thejupitersheroes http://www.myspace.com/2562dub http://www.myspace.com/tomrealuk http://www.myspace.com/cyberpunkers heres some myspaces for some techno/breaks outfits that could be considered cyberpunk
  11. thnaks for the response, this stuffs incredable. I ad been to the Paldin Press website but wasnt sure what titles to invest in
  12. ive recently stated expanding my libary of books that could be considered radical or dangerous because of their political, sociological, or militant content. Ive already got the communist manifest, ive recently purchased, the selected writings of William Morris, Hill Christopher; THE WORLD TURNED UPSIDE DOWN: Radical Ideas During the english revolution, Guerrilla warfare ernesto Guevara, and Counter insurgency warfare theory and practice by David Galula. I was woundering whether nayone could recommend any books, that share a similar radical nature, i dont mean micheal moore books, i mean
  13. Has anyone read George Alec Effingers three books, When Gravity Fails, A fire in the Sun, and The Exile Kiss? Ive got the Exile kiss on order and ive read the first two. When Gravity fails has got to be one of my favourite novels. Its got a lot of cool cyberpunk shizel going on and i quite like the fact the Audran is young and reckless (like me), and he lives a chemcialised existence which is interesting too. The second book stuck me as more about being middle aged, Marid has to solve a mystery again but this time with the responsibilites of a grown up. I didnt like this so much cos i don
  14. good mixes. ive never really given industrial a shot before. Been into dnb and other contempary dance, n i quit elike metal but this thumping stuff, its good
  15. well its not CGI but its done with models and digital enhancements i assume. What i ment was the scene at the begining with the oil towers burning off, and the various scenes with the spinners flying around look less real because they are lighter and the lines and surfaces look more perfect. Thus they look alot more like models than spinners or buildings.
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