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  1. manu


    I wouldn be oally anti-canes as weapons but I agree with the genral trend : In 2020 canes are an oddity. So if you're carrying one, unles you're among the few odd types likely to use one, everyone will expect it to hide something. And even if you're of the few most pros will wonder what might be inisde. So it's in my opinion the porvince of last ditch suprise, or the like. Maybe get a transmiter that calls in security if it goes away from you. But when outdoors, the whole technology could be used in a far more unobtrusive package : an umbrella.. With 2020's acid-laden smoke and
  2. I see nothing inehrently wrong with that round - but it has a great potential for collaterla damage. Up to what range are the projectile expected to be lethal ? - My layman guesstimate would be up to 1 km (the projectiles are rather fast and heavy) How does the grouping look like at that range ? Especially in urban environment there's a real potential for gory collateral damage, thissin't a round I'd like to give to trigger-happy tankers.
  3. Let's resume... After the first few days, Doc Robot decides to add a new spice in your menu : disapointed by your lack of pain editors, he devised a way to get around the issue and nonetheless perform his experiments. A decision that makes you usefull even past your trial, as references and guinea pigs for further developments. Decreased odds of getting killed, that's supposed to be good news, but sometimes you're wondering.... So you get tightly strapped to a decade-old surgery table, then hooked thorough your interface plugs to a portable workstation ((namely a late-year Zetetach I
  4. Without even pulling planes out, the PRC can throw anti-ship msisiles to send Taiwan's navy to the bottom before even engaging it's ships. The numerical odds are heavily decked toward PRC. I don't know what's the compared effectivenes of their respective toys (just look at Gulf War, old stuff facing modern toys tends to fare poorly) but I doubt it will be neough to switch advantage toward Taïwan if the war involves no external players. In my opinion taïwan's defense isn't expected to whitand the full brunt of the PRC, but to make an incasion costly enough for the chinse leadership to
  5. laying by mail is about the sam as playing by forum, slightly quicker but there's some specific troubles : * make sure everyoen gets what he'ssupposed to : effectively handled with mailign groups (yahoo and such) * keep tack of what's going on : create an archive file to sotr alle game-related messages. But you won't have the same sort-by-date preentation a a forum, unless you're copying and pasting into a text file.
  6. Not much of a problem, with mroe implants and a lower humanity, you'll probably be increasingly good at raising quick money et les concerned about how you do it.... Tough such options are a soemthign you shouldn't push too far : if word gets out, ou're screwed a nobody will want to deal with you (in the 'do business meaning only, odds are lots of people will be interete in you but not a way you'd like)
  7. You don't need a special vendomat devoted seley to weapons - just punch in the right code to get the special goodies. If it's seeling samml-time illegal crap along with legit (or quasi-leigt) one, the cops won't bother to check it around. thsi will reduce cost as the legit line of sales makes it profictable by itself, the illegal stuff will increase profitability.
  8. Things seems to have died down a bit - I'll send PMs and/or mails to check what's going on (and speed up the whole prison/trial sequence)
  9. Sounds a bi like your average marabout's argument - 'violence, solves all you problems, brings cash, sucess to exams, your wifes comes back,you stop smoing, luck with gambling....' Some things can't be solved with violence. It's tool that's sometimes effective, I won't dispute this, but as all potent medicines, both prescription and dosage must be carefully chosen to get the desired effect and prevent nasty secondary effects.
  10. And you'll be quite screwed if said yak isn't involved in this prticular operation and isn't aware of where it is. Hierarchy tends to mean compartmentalization. So you've got no info, the yaks are pissed and go on red alert mode. The cops get pissed too because for what they can prove, some unknown asshole butchered a respectable businesman of japanese ethnicity. The medias wil be delighted with a brutal and messy rampage. And you're not even sure the next yak you grab will know the location... Guess what, I think it's a bad idea.
  11. manu

    Trauma Rounds

    I suppose ultrasounfd exams are a derivative of echography equipment, which, as far as I know performs poorly in image aresolution compared to X-rays. - what kind of resolution are they able to achive and would thi be accurate enough to spot bullet fragments ?
  12. manu

    Trauma Rounds

    Another nasty feature of such a glass/plastic/ceramic fragmenting round is that the fragments will probably be a real mess to locate (mostly X-ray transparent) and remove, require way more time and money to treat the wound - and maybe getting the happy recipient a 'let him die and save 5 others' triage verdict. Quite a sore loser stuff.
  13. manu


    In my opinion it would be mor eeffective to design transport for a regular ACPA - this requires way less tampering of a still somewhat experimental technology. This will also mean that the combat effectivenes of the armor won't be reduced when out of the 'transport' configuration. Note : considering the bulk and weight of an EMA-like armor, the wearer can use normal transport - anything that will acomodate a 250 lbs couch potato can accomodate the armro's weight. Combine it with interface driving to make up for the loss og manual dexterity and there will be no problem.
  14. H elooks atyou with his usual neutral and unreadabl expression,then replies You arent in imediate danger of deshydration or starvation. s long as you dn't get too close of those limits, Tombé's actions aren't a concern for me. If you display a more cooperative ttitude, I will instruct him to keep his personaity quirks leashed.
  15. An option to get the large bits would a small robotized ship (it can be very small) - basically it matches velocity with the stuff, clamps on it (could bore holes through to get a good grip). then it uses low-impulse burns to go to a programmed orbit (be it a recycling station or a 'burn down' route). The whole thing can be autonomous or remot controled. Depending on the setting and the availability of second-hand ships and spacers, it might be cheaper to use some cash-strapped guys and a few near-derelict ships.
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