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  1. I got this huge list with cyberware from BlackHammer, about 14 pages. But I can't remember where I downloaded it... Datafotress maybe? Anyway, I am looking for the descriptions and was wondering if there is another file containing those... Cheers
  2. Funny how people do similar things even if they never talked about it. We use the same / and X method for damage as Hanns. Real damage includes stun of course.
  3. Rigger


    Ok, update... We had a few months break. I'll shorten it up to the most important things... They are all dead. Unfortunately they decided to use the worst plan of all. Violence. Nevertheless I gave them the chance to succeed. Well, they didn't. I had to kill them all. I really regret how things have turned out because the campaign is over before it even really started. So that's it with Death Valley Free Prison. I won't GM the next campaign. Have had enough after this desaster. One of the other players is going to be GM, so at least we continue to play. Don't know what it's going to be yet but we will probably have to start all over again using the CP standart rules, since he is not really familiar with IU. Maybe I will be able to implement IU stuff piece by piece. I not sure though. Thanks a lot for the support guys.
  4. You're some crazy CP fanatic, Wisdom! Thanks alot for keeping the stuff alive!
  5. Wow! Lots of stuff... Looks very promising. Got to dig through that some time. Good work Interrupt, Keep it up!
  6. First Mad Max then Neuromancer, The Salute of the Juggers, Johnny Mnemonic, Bladerunner, Nemesis etc... I just love the setting. I had to get this shit as soon as I found out there was a game to all this.
  7. Sounds interesting. I might try that and adapt it to my system. Maybe the token giver or receiver can decide for which flield the IP are for. 2 general IP, 3 Stat catagorie IP or 5 skill IP. Maybe even make them able to get 1 Stat IP. Or the GM sais which fields are possible in the situation and then the players decide. Maybe even give the GM a kind of veto, if he/she thinks it is inappropriate... ...to ensure it's not being exploited. Mmm... I might do it like this. As soon as a player throws a token at the other, I decide if it is appropriate. If it is, I open up the possible fields. Then I decide how much the token is worth depending on the situation. If not, it is either wasted or reduced. Different tokens could be an idea as well... --- Your second method reminds me of a german fantasy rpg named Midgard. They got a similar system as additional way to upgrade skills. It's called something like practical IP (PIP). It's a little different method of course. Here how they do it: - Weapon skill If you roll a critical success you get one PIP. - Science Skills You need to fail (not critical though). After that you have to understand what went wrong. So you either discuss the problem with a person who knows or maybe read a book about it. Then you roll again. This symbolizes if you understand it or not. If you succeed you get your PIP. - Other Skills You have to succeed for example in climbing. The situation needs to be a challenge for the character. If you succeeded and the GM grants a shot at a PIP you have to roll again. If you fail your second roll (which has no effect on the situation) you get your PIP. This reflects the difficulty of the situation and the char mastering the challenge. Kind of like this. There is a second calculation after that to see if you can use your PIP then. I don't remember how it works though. In total it is more difficult to get an upgrade with this system since Midgard works with D20 and D100. I am not sure if your method isn't a little too fast or easy. That's 2 chances in 10 if you take critical success and critical failure. This is not meant to criticize it though. ---
  8. I can't find my post where I summarized my method. I use a similar way as van Atta and Wisdom with one exception: - General Points Can be used for every skill - Skill Points See basic rules - Stat category points Use for all skills in Stat category --- As for your time problem, Interrupt... You can also give points for time. GM summarizes 1 year to speed up time for whatever reason. He roughly tells his players what has occured in that time and makes IP distribution dependent on the things that happened. Players could also throw in certain things they would have done in that year. If apropriate, GM or player could call for dice. The GM could summarize certain events in that year (or when ever he wants) as well. He could let his players make a few rolls on specific skills, just to see how they did and make the outcome flexible. Let's use them cops. One event was a small dealer bust including brainwork, a chase and a gunfight. GM makes his player(s) roll 1-3 times on authority as indicator for their investigation. If they do well, they get the chance to bust the dude and his sidekicks. If they fail, the case ends there. GM makes his player(s) roll 1-3 times on pilot as indicator for the chase. If they do well, the got him nailed. If they fail, the case ends there... criminal escaped. GM makes his player(s) roll 1-3 times on shooting skill as indicator for the gunfight. If they do well, they succeeded in busting and arresting the dealer. If they fail, he escaped. Now GM distributes IP depending on how well the players solved the case. Of course you can add up lots of stuff there or give your players the possibility to throw in skills they think might help them. It's just supposed to be a rough example based on three skills. --- Another possibility would be a modified "learning IP" (or whatever this was called again). GM roughly counts the days the characters spend using specific skills and makes IP destribution depending on that time. --- Hope you understand what I try to say with this post.
  9. That's good news man! Glad it worked out for you after all...
  10. Listen to Interrupt... Stay cool and don't do things you might regret. I mean, I am not sure I understand what this is all about, sounds serious enough though. I wish you strength and all the best! Good luck man...
  11. Don't have much time, but there is decimeter (dm). 1 dm = 0,1 m = 10 cm Rarley used though. In everyday life actually nobody uses it. But it's out there...
  12. In IU explosives hit one location for every two dice (rounded up) of damage. Both being reduced through distance. I brought that up to one of my players and we started discussing the issue. We are no military pros but a standart grenade spreads fragments, right? So if someone stands further away from the center of explosion (but still in the damage zone) wouldn't he actually be hit on more locations instead of less?
  13. No worries, man. I didn't feel offendet. It's just I had the feeling that this leads to nothing. It is sometimes hard to express what I actually mean. And then suddenly people understand something totally different. Ah well... I got an idea. I already stopped using those eh... shortcuts, I'll try to go a step further and improve my postings. Maybe by writing more simple and shorter. That should do...
  14. You obviously don't get my point. I never said anything about my preferred fighting style being better than any other. I didn't even mention it. My experiences in martial arts, self defence and real situations on the street are sufficient to know what I am talking about. Anyone who is a trained fighter (no matter what style) is someone to be wary of. Every type of body control is exactly what it is supposed to be. Being in control of movement, in this case controlled moves to hurt or disable someone. I would never say one martial art is better than the other or never fail. As you say correctly it's a choice of preference. They got different specialties and goals, right. It's just that some martial arts are "theoretical" more effectiv in their way to be used in a real situation. That doesn't predict an outcome though. --- This is kind of contradictory. I totally agree with the fighter being the difference and not the art making the difference in the end. Still when it comes to a situation, styles with the right specialties got their advantage, which might be of no use of course. But being a trained martial artist is definitly no guarantee for a victory against a brawler... ...the other way around as well, of course. --- I think this discussion is actually leading to nothing. Either my english is just too bad to make myself understood or we are just having two different opinions. I don't know. Probably doesn't matter either way. I guess I better stick to reading and asking questions instead of trying to contribute. Keen on seeing your progress... Keep it up your good work! It's very inspiring.
  15. Ok brawler then... TRAINING is the key word indeed. A brawler who becomes better usually gets his skills and experience through real fight situations and not through training. That acctually makes him more to a streetfighter than most martial artists. A martial artist "might" not have had a real fight in his entire life. He hones his skills through the examples you name. I think that makes a real difference when it comes to a duel... Psychological and physical. Another important aspect is, that martial artists usually fight in their own categories and seldom against other martial arts. That makes them quite inflexible when it comes to a real situation. Take Tae Kwon Do for example, which is more of a fighting sport. It's focus lies on tournaments. In a real fight Tae Kwon Do usually goes down cause their main technics are of rare use. Streetfighting usually advances to close range very quickly. Watch some mixed tournament on YouTube. The martial arts which focus on real close combat usually win. So what's my point? Even though brawling does not come close to martial arts in the aspects of controlled and trained fighting skills, it's still a very flexible, dangerous and effectiv way to beat the crap out of a trained fighter. A brawler focus lies on winning a fight with all means available. --- I am not trying to convince you of anything here or say that a brawler is better than a martial artist. CP is just a game with rules that already get pretty close to reality. As you say yourself, you balance reality and game mechanisms in IU to keep it all playable. I'd maybe be thinking about raising the damage bonus for brawling to 2/level though. Martial Arts still have the advantage of their special moves. --- I don't really understand how you differ the brawler and streetfighter? If I get this right your definition of a streetfighter is a brawler who trains... What skill would he have without a martial art then? Streetfighting? If so, then they would be the most dangerous type. Laying focus on beating somebody for real means that you exclude all unnessesary and uneffectiv technics.
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