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  1. I say put it up and make a special section for it. Name it "The shadows of the net" or some such thing and just put a disclaimer on it. Been too much information lost from cyberpunk 2020 already with authors who just up and disappear.
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    Ka-Bar came out with some zombie knives if you guys are interested. http://uncrate.com/stuff/ka-bar-zombie-killer-knives/ Me personally? I think these knives, even thought they loook good might slip outta my hand if they got wet. I like the cold steel tanto. It's easy to sharpen it up and the handle is made of Kraton. I can tell you from personal use hunting snapping turtles it doesn't slip out of my hand like other knives do.
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    Sometimes regular good ol low tech works just fine.
  4. I like the idea ... I'll keep an eye out for new articles. Best of luck to you with it.
  5. I'm trying folks. Unfortunately work finally ramped up so trying to find time is a pain. I know I'll be able to put in a couple hours tomorrow and hopefully finish up the last zone for the original sized night city (the one in the cp2020 book). I will keep you updated.
  6. Stumbled on this random plot generator today and just had to share. Some of the stuff it comes up with is kinda kooky but it gives you a lot of options for when you aren't feeling that inspired. Have fun http://sven-lotz.de/randomrpg/darkfutureplot.php
  7. That's a good enough review for me. I'll give it a read. Thank you
  8. Anyone had a chance to read any of his stuff yet and can give their comments on his work?
  9. I did a search and didn't find anyone raving about this guy so figured I HAD to share with you all. His name is Gary A Ballard and you can find his website at http://amoralbridge.blogspot.com/ ... I recently stumbled on him over at amazon.com where he's got a package deal for the first 2 books in his series The Amoral Bridge. Here is the amazon blurb about the main character of the story Artemis Bridge. I gave his 2 books and 4 short stories a read over the last week and must say that he's got me hooked. I have emailed him a couple times over the last 2 or 3 days and some of the stuff he says makes me realize he's definitely punk. He's got a deal right now where you can download both books for $3.50 at http://www.amazon.com/Bridge-Chronicles-Bo...k/dp/B003VYBEZW ... I'd highly suggest getting them. Damn good reading.
  10. Hi there, I didn't realize there was any interest in the map still. But to answer your question, yes, there is still work going on. I just recently picked it up again and in the process of getting a website up. Hopefully I should have the "greater night city" area done in a week or two and then I will start working on the combat zone.
  11. Hey folks, Thought I'd share this with ya .. made a pinup board psd file that I use for my ventrillo games ... here's a screenie of it and if you want a copy just email me and I'll send it to ya. If I can remember where I downloaded the board and post it note psd's I'll give proper mention to those folks. I just put the stuff in a bundle cause it helped my game since we play over the internet.
  12. Hey folks, Putting a new site up for a group of my friends and I to do a combo of pbem and pbvc (play by voice chat) and was wanting to get some input on how you think the site runs, what you think I'm missing or any other suggestions you have. Would appreciate all the help you can give. Sablehawk
  13. Yeah, it sounds like something each one of us should have. Wish they would print it in english
  14. There will definitely be an index, major roads will have names on them. In fact it's my hope that all the major roads AND streets will have names, etc. That will be my next phase of the map after I get all the buildings down, etc.
  15. Hey folks, I'm doing a rework of the night city map for cp2020 and wanted to let folks know about it. I have posted about this before but someone suggested I might start a new topic with a different topic title as my last one could have confused some folks. So here we are. As most of you are aware there are some really good maps out there but a good number of them are rather fuzzy due to the fact that they are hand drawn, made on older systems, etc. Well I am taking one of my favorite maps and working it so it's clear, easy to view and available for everyone. The map I originally started out with is this one {{HERE}} I split the map into 4 different sections A - E and one by one I'm working on them. I'm done with Section A and you can see it {{HERE}} And at this current time I'm at stage one on section B (aka 75% done) ... please be aware that it's not done yet and you'll see lines crossing over each other, some buildings that are missing corner pieces and other weird crap. Don't worry, I'll be getting it fixed soon. But you can see it {{HERE}} I'm really hoping that you guys and gals enjoy it and I would like to hear your opinions and suggestions as I'm making this for you folks. I don't even have a group where I live so until I move to california it's just a project I can't use really. Let me know what you think
  16. Very interesting .. hope to see more episodes come out soon
  17. Thanks very much ... old one I had was higher resolution but this definitely works
  18. Hi everyone, I used to play CP2020 a long time ago and even though I'm about to hit 40 I was thinking of getting some friends together to play. I remember there used to be a map that was pretty detailed and it had night city and some of the surrounding area on it that I had a long time ago. Course I can't find it now. The map was not in english, was actually in french if I remember right but I had used it as a guide and made a map section by section in photoshop. If anyone knows the map I'm speaking of please let me know where to find it and after I remake it and clean it up I will post it here for people to use in their games. Thanks Sablehawk
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