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  1. Awesome. I poked into that just a little bit, planning a trial run for our group's netrunner, but I'll have to give it a thorough read. Thanks.
  2. Haha - so, I'm not unaware that the netrunning rules are... a hobbyist's project, and I'm willing to do the work to hack'em into shape for my game. (I'm aware of the IU rules, and they look great for a "rationalized" hacking ruleset - I want neon and icons.) Poking around in the base rules, two of the more common anti-system programs attack cyberdeck parts (the RAM and the interface chip). Are there prices listed anywhere (between the core rulebook and the two 'net supplements) for replacing these parts? Just checking before I eyeball something. Thanks, - DYA
  3. Well, hell, there it is. I must've got as far as "dermal stapler" and "spray skin" and decided it was all supplies. Thanks!
  4. Hmmm... I must be blind - pg 65 in my book has pictures of assault rifles, while 74 is just talking about the CSWAT and registered psychos. I do have surgery costs on pages 75 and 80 (maybe there's an edition difference, here - I'm looking at the "new art!" printing), and I could at least use those as a guideline for hospital visits. I'm not talking about getting metal installed, just about heal times and the associated cost for the stay (our netrunner got himself stabbed by a booster, at wound state "serious"). That'll at least give me something to peg costs to, though, thanks!
  5. Heya, folks. Kicked off a new campaign last night (it's only been, what, 15 years?), and I am having a devil of a time finding costs for a hospital stay. Am I just missing something obvious in the Trauma Team section, or is it somewhere else? Thanks, - DYA
  6. So (as stated in my last thread), I'm back to CP after 14 years. Started when one of the guys in our group picked up the rules and wanted to try running it, so I grabbed a rulebook - but I can't own a game without wanting to at least run some one-shots. And I'm turning over some ideas to make the game fit my style; let me know what you think. (Most of this is inspired/informed by material on other threads, but I'm proposing it as one organic system, so I figured I'd put it all in one place.) Skills at character creation: One thing I always like in my games is inexperienced charact
  7. Hey, folks, Well, like the title says - it's been 14 years since I've played CP2020, and now with this nifty intarweb thingamajig, I can finally ask a few rules questions. (I hope this is the appropriate forum; there's not one dedicated to rules discussion so much as tweaking, but I figured it was close enough.) Basic ones first. Numero uno: When buying starting skills (career and/or pickup), do the difficulty modifiers apply, or are these only applied when improving existing skills with IPs? It would seem that they don't, but I'm looking for confirmation. Numero dos:
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