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  1. I've currently been compiling some hundreds of short stories I've created and added on for the past...say...five years? I mean a lot...Like -a lot-. Way to many. No you don't understand. I've wasted five years of my life messing with these. Dude. The series all starts in 2346, when the first hints of the Seventh World War begins. As a horrid Dictator Lord Obrohold Bravokliere comes to power, he quickly builds up one of the largest Armed Forces the world had ever seen, and just as quickly invades his countries neighboors, striking deep and taking over nearly half the continent by 2347. As a now recently independent Republic of Azrica scurries to build up a defense against the now most powerful Coalition in the world, the Orciva-Zhakistowi Coalition, the OZC launches a deadly attack against the Azrican Controlled Central Island chain on July 4th 1996 (on Earth) bringing the war to Azrica. And that's all I'm willing to divulge right now. So ha. If you'd be interested in any more knowledge please let me know, either by e-mail or something else. I'd be happy to flood you with the massive information on this Dual-Sun Star System some hundreds of light years away from Earth.
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