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  1. Ahhh ... now i get it ... thought there was some deeper meanig there but. Well back to the book then ...
  2. You are aright i am wrong, i suck and you rule. Thats´s the wrighgt name. Last night i Found out more about (onle read 110 pages yet). I thought i was something with "mirror site" and Matrix related, but it´s more to than that. It means worlds were you make everything yourslfe. "The world mirrors your the country your within" proberly something with future and that all big cities are alike (like some are today) 7/11, McDonalds, Burger King and so on and so on... So is mister Gibson a "enemy" to globalisation since he in his book puts it in a negative point of view or is it the other wa
  3. Can you give me the explanation on Mirror world .. ? I´m redading the Swedish one and its says mirror world but dont get the hang of it. Anyone read it?
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