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  1. Hi Wisdom. I stopped using SMG as a separate skill many years ago as I could not see the point (ie a lot of smgs can be used as pistols and a lot are the size of bullpup weapons) I have now merged the weapon skills into Small arms (pistol and SMg weapons). Longarms (Rifle and Shotgun) and Heavy weapons (Everything else). I have only done pistol shooting myself and the nearest to rifles i have done is Airsoft, but i do like your idea on range mechanics. A thought is Base 50m for pistols - double for braced/stocked weapons. Then using your scope/sights effectiveness to increase your effective range upto to its max eg using a X2 scope will take your effective rifle range from 100m to 200m and modifiy your range brackets accordingly. A X6 scope will get your weapon firing upto 600m (assuming it can reach that far) so now your effective ranges are Close 150m Mdm - 300m, long - 600m (though i cant help but feel there should an extra range bracket between mdm and long?) I will state that I have never used Scope sights, i do know you can get some very powerful ones, so not sure if the base I use in my examples are too generous. Also, I would be interested to know how people suing scope's cope with movement (its for game reference ie should i increase movement mods at certain ranges) Cityhunter
  2. Thanks both of you for your input. Campanero - thanks for the post links, very useful. If i decide to change my roll's I am thinking of the 2d10 version but i am going to give it a good test first. As stated , if it aint broke dont fix it, though you can get some odd roles with just a d10! Last session I ran, a character's in a pit fight, drunk and tanked up with some light recreational drugs armed with a left arm packing a set of wolvers vs another guy with a big ass bowie and brass knuckles. One quick initiaitive role, he gets the drop and manages to roll 38 on his D10 role (I use 10's role again) + his stat/skill. Decided he killed the guy outright Pesky D10 roll
  3. Hi everyone, I'm about to start my 2068 campaign again (America + China are throwing it down in the New Zealand Battle Zone and it will spill out and get ugly) I've been thinking for a while about the pro's and cons of the D10 and the fact that 1's detract and 10's are roll again. Now though i don't automatically have a 1 as a failure,its a roll again and detract from again from base number, so a character might still make a target number, its still a 10% chance to 'fail' and a 10% to have a extra success. I've been considering on moving to a 2d6 system and was wondering if anyone else has tried it? I'm planning on using a 2 as a fail and a 12 as a special successful but cant decide whether to roll 2d6 again or just a d6? I'm sure there was a discussion on using 2d6 some time ago, but cant find a post. Thoughts/comments would be greatly appreciated. As a little preemptive thank you, attached is a Scream sheet I did for my group which they really enjoyed. (They where playing characters in the Green Dragon Mercenary unit) shortly after their trip to the NZBZ. There where also hints (police reports) on their next job continued in it. Feel free to make use of it if you want to use. its a Word doc with graphics continued within. Hmm, cant attach word doc, does anyone know how to, or is it a permission thing? Cityhunter
  4. Hi, I moved my campaign forwar to 2068, the worlds had its war, the aftermath etc and is depserately trying to rebuild. Theres a world govenrment that overseas all the local governements to try and make sure everyone is working off the same rulebook etc. I have a nice mix of cutting edge tech to ye old cyberpunk. America, Britain, France,Germany places of chrome, high standards of living etc and then places like Klepbekiztan, Iraq,Syria a few generations behind, struggling to catch up. In America my players live semi legal lives, pay taxes etc (and moonlight) one got shot on the streets once and was surprised when some concerned citizens came over trying to help, one contacting medical and police etc. Getting basic free medical cover (hey you pay your taxes etc). In Kepblekiztan, they where staying at a local hotel when their door gets kicked down and a bunch of organ leggers try and jump them becuase they have healthy organs and top grade cybernetics. (That was a fun and very dirty fight) In my world i have light and dark, high tech and low tech, even responsible corporations (some). In many ways i have found i have even more scope now than when i was 'just' running 2020. My players see a world trying to improving itslef and whats holding it back, some of them even care enough to make a stand!
  5. Hi All, For my own campaigns I use a 3 action rule for reloading, essentially eject (1), Pull out new clip (2) and slam in (3). If they have a smarted weapon it saves one action in ejecting, and if they wish to speed load (Shave off one action) I give it a target number that they use their Ref + gunskill to achieve - with the forewarning that if they get it wrong it has consequences. This has stood me in good stead and the players know exactly where they stand (and yes some of them have tried the 'I've seen it done faster on you tube' speech - which results in my 'good for them reply'. I have toyed with using/making fastdraw as skill which can be used in this fashion but have not decided yet). I have switched to a 6sec combat turn, maximum 3 actions unless borged (4 actions) or have a haste card (I use luck cards - which i think i cribbed from Blackhammer with a few personal tweaks) with the max number of acitons determined by Initiatived rolled/10. I got tired of trying to expalin to players that you can only do so much in 3 seconds, one of them suggested making it a 6 sec round to help and it appears to be working.
  6. There was a early 90's show called Total Recall 2070 (Bladerunner in all but name) which i thought was excellent (And i still have it on cd too), Some excellent ideas and usaully very good stories and some good tech idea's. CityHunter
  7. Stray/Wisdom thanks for your input, between the two of you i have just cleared it in my head. 1. Bob hogs cover for a -3 mod, person shooting him takes the -3 and rolls location if hits. If hitting a covered location bob gets its SP as added defence. 2. Person shooting bob chooses a specific location (aimed shot) which negates cover mod I had overcomplicated it by having the "shoot to negate cover" option which i have just realised is more powerful than an actual aimed shot as i used to allow it with automatic fire . Always a pleasure to learn/understand something new even after 25yrs of gaming. Alas my gaming group has shrunk over the last 6months and I am getting gm/player withdrawal symptoms Thanks guys Cityhunter
  8. Hi all, the to hit mods for targets behind cover have always been a particular bugbear of mine which i have never satisfactoraly resolved so I thought its about time i got some input from a lot of other brains. My issue has always been this Bob is partially hiding behind cover eg a thick wooden post (say 10sp and a generous -3 mod). Mungo wants to vigorously shoot bob and can either shoot and accept cover (ie locations protected by post get extra 15sp) or shoot to negate cover (accept -3 mod and hit only exposed areas) This bit i understand, but what if Mungo wants to shoot bob in the chest (a good enough portion of it will be exposed and the mod will only be -4 for a called shot), bobs cover does desire to go for cover does not appear to be that effective now. Another example would be, Bob is hunkered well truly down around a nice 25sp Dataterm, he only exposes his head/neck/rightarm/right shoulder. This would generate a -5 for heavily concealed and once again Mungo is faced by the "just shoot" or fire at exposed area for -5 option OR does he just say bollocks and take the -6 modifier for shooting at the head and generate the possibility for an immediate "kill shot" I'm trying to encourage my players to go for cover rather than just stand around and trust armour/luck, but this, to me, issue has bugged me for years. When i actually play, i tend to go for aimed shots as the extra to hit mod does not make that much of a difference (to my thinking). How have you dealt with this in your own games, or am i just reading to much into it? I have tried matching my 'limited' shooting experience to what i have seen in professional training videos and reading materials but can't come up with a passable explanantion. Cheers Cityhunter
  9. Hi Wisdom, as you have pointed out, the ref (to hit) modifiers make no sense and i stopped using them a few years ago and moved towards basing the modifier on how much the target/player was moving. My rough rule of thumb was every 3 MA moved provided a -1 to hit mod, additional mods where based on whether target zig zagging, doing a diving role etc. If the player took time to aim at the target and follow, it negated some of the modifier too. I also had 3 movement rates, tactical (x1 MA slow but sure etc), Standard (x2 MA moving quick but still wanting to take action(s)) and Balls to the wall (MA x3 forget addditional actions unless athletics based or ramming) and dependant on what movement rate a player chose it impacted on their to hit chances too. Cityhunter
  10. Hi Again, I cant actually edit my post so I have had to reply. Here is my timeline, apologies for the layout, if I am given permission to link my document I'll post it properly. 2012 Russia returns the disputed four Northern Islands back to Japan in return for increased trade and exports. Japan allows Russia to keep a base on one of the Islands. Cyberware is becoming prevalent across 1st and 2nd world nations. New gang cultures forming. 2013 North and South Korea dispute, war imminent. America steps in as Peacekeepers. Internal Disputes breakout in China, 50,000 die in riots and small-scale military actions. 2014 West Umeda area of Osaka becomes a Super Skyscraper zone. Some buildings are reaching 200 stories and higher. Genom Corporation formed from merger of Daihatsu and Keito Robotics. North and South Korea announce peaceful unification plans. Columbian Drugs war begins, major houses begin to flood markets with cheap drugs. America badly affected, regular army units now back up DEA operations as Columbians employing cyber enhanced mercenaries. 2015 England hit by Terrorist release of Botulinus bacteria – 2 million casualties. Eventual links to the Irish Catholic Republican Army discovered. Bloody reprisals hit Ireland as British troops target all known and suspected terrorist cells. SAS given free reign to conduct attacks. Syria, Iraq, Iran begin discussions on creating the MUNMA Holy Republic. 2016 Full VR interface with the NET now a reality – Transformation algorithms change the net into a fully interactive system linking the world together. The EU announces change of name to the EuroNation, announces construction of Lunar colony and Crystal Palace Orbital city. Columbian drug war continues, America begins to deploy new spec ops units and prototype weapons. Casualties begin to mount. First military aerodynes deployed, the war is brought to a conclusion by September. 2017 In March, Japan announce that it now has controlling interest of General Motors, AT&T, Microsoft, IBM and Intel (through a series of backroom buyouts, third party contracts etc). Japan expects Business as usual, the American Government thinks otherwise. The Fair Trade Bill is quickly passed which stated that anything with more than 10% Japanese content could not be imported and nullified Japan’s business interests in America. Japan furious as market literally disappears overnight. European market also suffers. 2018 Japan SDF build-up. Japan begins exports of their new Destiny I class submarine and deploys squadrons of their new Firestar fighter. China looks over her borders at the newly formed Korean Republic. Begins deploying troops in move to takeover country. President Qong Chin announces possession of 30 SS-34 Nuclear Weapons. China halts war plans. First Manned Mission to Mars 2019 Japan try’s to nullify potential nuclear threat by quietly using Hiroshima missiles, (Glue weapons with long life nuclear particles). Unfortunately an American news crew is in the area, talking with local commander as part of a PR campaign. The attack is effectively caught on camera. The Korean president contacts the American president. America delivers ultimatum to Japan to disarm its SDF and follow up its announcement with a Blockade of Japanese ports. A series of errors by the American military effectively allows Japan to deploy its new submarine force, which is considerably more dangerous than they realised. The American Submarine Birkenhead sinks a Russian tanker that attempts to force the blockade. It then rapidly becomes the first American vessel sunk by a Japanese submarine. All out Naval warfare erupts. Japanese Destiny II submarines rapidly sink the Eisenhower and Enterprise Carrier Battle groups and maul the Winconsin Battle group. It rapidly becomes a sub vs sub battle with American submarines heavily outmatched until the arrival of three prototype Seawolf attack subs armed with the new Vortex torpedos. The “WAR” lasts 30 days before the Japanese President agrees to peace talks. 2020 From 2020 onwards there is a gradual financial decline. EuroColony 1 completed, Mass driver begins sending construction materials to earth orbit to help construction of orbital habitats. Crystal Palace almost finished 2021 It is full blown recession, organized crime flourishes. Columbian drugs begin flowing once again. Crystal Palace finishes construction, is rapidly populated by the rich and elite. 2022 Genetic engineering firms announce that they are capable of increasing the probability of enhanced intelligence before birth. Many Governments immediately place restrictions (usually heavy costs) on its introduction. There are still many (400) middle and upper class families wanting to take part in the initial pilot hoping to give their children an edge in life. 70% abort before birth due to extreme birth defects. A Ban on further treatments is enforced until tests on the surviving babies are satisfactory. 2023 Beginning of the South American Drug War (America) and Vietnam II (EuroNation). Economies improve due to ‘war’ footing. The full impact of the ‘drug’ economy comes into stark view as drug cartels successfully halt initial attacks. All sides deploying fully cyber enhanced troops, battlesuits and body conversions. Resources are becoming scarce, most vehicles are moving over to synthohol and battery power. American industry continues at full pace, effectively ignoring the increasing problem of keeping it going. EuroNation economic recovery begins with influx of materials from the moon. The first INTEL babies are born. 2024 SouthAm war becomes increasingly brutal, drug money flows across the border, bribery and corruption rife within America. EuroNation gaining upper hand in Vietnam II. First Orbital Corporation, Wessleman Armaments Group announced as first Orbital Habitats come on line. A slow but gradual move begins by the top 100 companies to move into the orbital territories. 2025 Vietnam II ends in February. Genom announces breakthrough in CyberShell technology as first ‘Boomer’ produced. Its crude, prone to breakdown but works. August, American industry beginning to slow down, Government attempts to force the Arabian countries to increase production at oil wells. EuroNation steps in forcing America to step back. December, Cuba announces it has found massive reserves of natural gas, economic prosperity begins to revitalise the country. EuroNation announces construction of Gateway, an orbital farm and construction of an orbital Spaceport to handle the newly expanding space industry. Pakistan seizes all corporate assets (mostly British) and begins military buildup. Many of the INTEL babies diagnosed with various mental disorders, only four show signs of mental stability coupled with high potential IQ 2026 SouthAm war dragging on, America losing heart. America proposes to Cuba joint exploitation of resources. Cuba not interested, America then resorts to outright blackmail. When this fails a military solution is opted for. American forces spearheaded by their new ‘Soldier’ units invade Cuba. Cuba stands no chance. EuroNation steps in and threatens to drop an Orbital rock weapon on America if it does not curb its aggression and withdraw from Cuba. Cuban resources ‘raped’ for thirty days before EuroNation repeats its ultimatum and then drops a ‘demonstration’ rock on the Grand Canyon when America say’s No. America shocked, Troops withdraw. The UK sends it small but powerful military in to depose the Pakistan government and return British assets to their rightful owners. The deployment of the Mindstar battalion becomes known. To this point, psychic abilities have been proven but impossible to artificially create. It is to prove a two year bloody conflict before it culminates in a stalemate. Many of the INTEL babies are now confined to ‘Special’ clinics after the Thomas Cloon incident, where young Thomas kills seven playmates after they took one of his toys and would not return it. 2027 ‘Soldier’ units deployed to SouthAm conflict. Headway made against Columbian Troops, eventually in July, America deploys the ‘Dust’ virus over Columbian Drug crops. Within 1 week Columbian drug cartels grind to a halt as crops rot. American troops finally pull out in September. By this time the South American economy has collapsed. Tyrell Corporation announce production of first artificial human or Replicant(Later also known as Bioriod) the full implications of this are overshadowed as the world situation rapidly takes a downturn. Twelve of the INTEL babies under go early Puberty due to Brain chemistry imbalance, one child uses various play chemicals too produce a homemade explosive which kills 3. The Genetic Restriction Edict is passed making it illegal to attempt to alter DNA to enhance the possibility of having a child with greater intelligence. Penalties too include immediate termination of child, arrest and imprisonment of family and Doctors involved. 2028 The British government is supplanted by the PSP regime, the UK pulls out of the EuroNation. The UK becomes a dangerous place, tourism is almost non existent, British markets collapse, most of the nation become paupers overnight. The Mindstar program is abolished and the Mindstar brigade disbanded. The Blackshirts become the new ‘Police Force’. Japan begins utilising the new ‘Boomers’ in various construction works, some sold for export. 2029 America facing full economic and industrial decline, the move to the new synth oils and battery industry is proceeding to slowly to halt the decline. President Schwarzkoph proposes Operation Greenlight. From March 2029 a massed series of net assaults hit the MUNMA alliance and EuroNation. In April, American forces strike into the Saudi Arabian Oil fields and seize the wells. American forces also re-invade Cuba and seize the Gas production facilities. America continues its advance and seizes Iraqii facilities. Israel takes this moment to launch a devastating Nuclear attack upon Syria and follows up with ground forces. (The reason for the attack is still unknown). EuroNation threatens Orbital Bombardment of America if it does not halt its aggression and withdraw troops. President Schwarzkoph’s response is historical. “You say America must stop its expansionist aims and accept that it must vie for resources like everyone else. I say, that Americans have been patient enough and that it is time that we acquire the resources this country needs to promote our Democratic welfare for ourselves. You say that America must withdraw its forces or it will be subjected to Orbital bombardment if we continue. We say……….BRING IT ON!” Airstrikes continue over Libya and Iraq. EuroNation and Soviet troops strike back at American forces. EuroNation commences bombardment of American homeland; Six surgical rock strikes are fired. America unveils Project Divine Shield. A curtain of protective energy surrounds America. The shield holds, much to the horror of EuroNation command. America announces that if anything but battlefield weapons are used against its military, it will respond with Nuclear Weapons. Space War erupts as EuroNation and American space forces collide. EuroStation II taken, assault on EuroColony by ‘Soldier’ units, destruction of NewHAven Habitat from stray kinetic lance. Both sides use every weapon in their arsenal, first use of genetically tailored and augmented WarBeasts. Casualties rapidly begin to mount. EuroNAtion Continues Sporadic bombardment of America EuroNation Scientists believe the American shield can be cracked with a sufficiently dense ‘prepared’ payload. A 500,000-ton iron/nickel rock is ‘prepared’, coated in ablative foam and augmented by a 25 megaton shaped charge. It is fired from the Lunar II conveyor before American SpaceMarines can assault the facility. EuroNation commence a saturation bombardment with all remaining facilities. On November 5th 2029 the rock hits. America has diverted all power to keeping the shield in place. The country experiences a complete blackout. The sound of the impact surrounds the globe, making the eruption of Krakatoa pale in comparison. Millions are struck deaf in neighbouring countries from the sound. Many will remember the sound, as if the world itself was screaming as the shield expanded and covered the globe to a height of 30 miles. The Earth is plunged into Total Darkness. For those in space, it appears as if a giant black mirror has replaced the Earth. The fighting immediately stops as all look in terror at what has happened. On Earth, survivors who were willing to talk about it, comment that it was if all sense of right and wrong disappeared, primal terror reigned, every fear became real and all suffered terrifying nightmares, as total darkness surrounded the world. For Six days, the World goes mad. Nuclear arsenals are launched; biological and chemical weapons are fired. Planes and missiles fall out of the sky as the shield interferes with electronics. Only 10% of all weapons fired actually hit anything. The seas raise and coastal towns are almost wiped out, rioting and gang warfare erupt like wildfire. Many nuclear power stations go offline or even explode. On the 7th day, the shield somehow deactivates and the sun returns. Over 25% of the Earths population has died, there is massive deforestation and mass species extinction. Plague and famine begin to cover the globe and there is a 5% rise in the ocean level due to polar melting. The war however, is not over. 2031 Two years of warfare slowly begins to come to an end. The ecology is a mess, starvation is prevalent, mad max culture is widespread. Some countries such as New Zealand and Syria have ceased to exist. It is estimated that another 15% of the Earth’s population has perished. The new StarNations land at Nairobi and by various methods gathers the surviving governments of the world. The world situation is explained. Humanity could well be on the verge of extinction within 50 years if efforts are not made to repair the damaged ecology. The StarNations and Starcorps are willing to help, but earth governments must pave the way. Nairobi to become the first orbital landing facility for aid to begin funnelling in. The situation does not please everyone, but it is understood that everyone must make the effort. 2032 Peace gradually begins to cover the globe. 2033 to 2035 Massive aid programs come into effect, every country contributing something (all except the UK). Most use their remaining troops to bolster the police and begin restoring law and order. Industry is thriving in space. Bioengineering firms announce various breakthroughs, cure for the AIDS II virus, cure for nearly all cancers. Some firms begin gene engineering new foetus’s to improve various required aspects. 2036 sees the re-ratification of the 2027 Genetic Restriction Edict as the 2036 Genetic Sanctions Bill, This is due to the eventual bloody death of Mary Taylor also known as Typhoid Mary by the press, who was brought to justice after a four year killing spree in which she took over 300 victims, 160 of which where babies who had been genetically enhanced. It is later proven that Mary Taylor was one of the Original Intel babies who had been pronounced ‘safe’ but who had later developed a multiple personality disorder. 2037 Slow reconstruction of industry begins. Collapse of PSP regime in Britain. 2038 Tyrell Corporation produces the first series two bioroid. It is rapidly taken up in America, as perfect labour force to deploy in hotzones and hazardous areas. Bio-Engineering begins to become the next big industry. 2039 to 2044 New world States begin to develop. There are still occasional outbreaks of war as hold habits are hard to shake. However everyone wants peace to work, there is almost an hysterical requirement for it. Global Ethics is taught in every classroom. Nexus 3 series Bioroids released onto market. In American Bioroids are worked to ‘Retirement’ in all the major hotzones that are earmarked for redevelopment. Conditions would be considered totally inhumane; however Bioroids are classified as Mechanical equipment and therefore forgotten about. It is similar in many countries around the world. 2045 British Prime Minister Walther Simmons recommends the formation of a United World Government. Each country to retain local authority to implement legislation but the UWG to oversee everything. It should have its own military force to back its decisions up and also a Police force, similar in concept to Interpol, capable of crossing any boundary, providing supplemental support to local police where it was needed and also to deal with Global/Interplanetary crime. The StarNats and Corporations support the idea. 2047 The United World Government becomes a reality. Walther Simmons voted as its first Governor. Each Nation to provide 3% of its income and selected elements of their military and police force to compromise its core elements. First reported incidents of Bioroid ‘malfunction’ 2048 to 2053 Compromises a Golden Age of expansion. Protected Bio-Preserves are created around the globe. Clone techniques are used to help increase current wildlife stocks and re-engineer extinct species. A massive rebuilding process begins as new cities are created. Tyrell and Genom profits soar as sales of Replicants and Cybershells outmatch their production. Cybershells help create the first Mars Orbital Colony and Mass Driver. Bombardment of Mars’s icecaps commences helping to create seas around the globe. Tailored virus’s and biologic agents are released to begin creating the groundwork for a viable atmosphere. Cyberware is supplemented by bio-engineering. Genetic research is producing new miracles everyday. The rich and middle class can now afford to have their children potentially enhanced before birth with desirable characteristics (Except of course IQ enhancement). Nexus 4 series Bioroids released onto market. The Golden Age is spoilt by only one thing in 2049, WAR. 2049 The Andes War It was a war for no clear object, in a country that presented no threat, fought by soldiers who had no choice. Vietnam with pretty mountains. You would think we might have learned something in the last eighty years, considering what we have been through. Captain Dana Martello, USMC (ret.), The Andean Conflict (2064) In 2049, a new insurgency broke out in Peru. Like the Senderistas of the 20th century, the "Red Sword" movement was inspired by radical Marxism. Unlike the Senderistas, the Red Sword drew its manpower primarily from the Indian population of Peru, and posed a serious threat to Peru's urban centers and central government. The new rebellion also had some radically un-Marxist ideas, calling for the absolute rule of a genetically enhanced Incan elite and the rejection of all high-industrial technology. By 2052, the Peruvian government was fighting a vicious guerilla war and was in dire straits. In that year, Lima made its first appeal to the United States for military aid, suggesting that a rebel victory would make the American alliance with Ecuador untenable and threaten the Columbia Aerospace facilities near Quito. The Andes War was the first major conflict, which involved "transhuman" soldiers on all sides. The United States deployed Marine and regular Army units made up almost entirely of combat cybershells and bioriods, under human officers who had received extensive bio-modification. The Peruvian government used gene-enhanced troops and "uplifted" animals as bodyguards and commando troops. Meanwhile, even the insurgents used extensive bio-modification among their leadership cadre. The war was quite controversial in the United States and the rest of the developed world. Both rebel and Peruvian government forces behaved with extreme brutality. Meanwhile, the extensive American use of combat cybershells and bioroids brought the issue of non-human rights to the immediate attention of the American populace. Many young people demonstrated against the use of AI in dangerous or menial occupations. Other elements of society rejected bioriods as "inhuman," and demanded an end to their construction. Some conservatives also claimed the inhumanity of bioroids, but supported their use as a "liberating" factor for humans. After American forces withdrew from Peru in 2055, cybershells and bioroids of increasing sophistication began appearing in civilian society. Combat models entered service with police and private security firms. Labor models appeared in the unskilled-labor pool and in public-works projects. Some were even produced to serve as expensive companions, bodyguards or even sex toys. (The above is just for the players, The Andean war and why it was actually fought is a big plot piece for one of my campaigns) 2055 Expansion creating conflict, the Andean War being a prime example. The New Zealand dead zone is allocated by the UWG as THE conflict area. Anyone who decides that conflict is the only way to decide, must submit their reasons why. Forces would then be sent to the war zone and the conflict fought to satisfaction. The UWG would oversee any conflict and act as arbitrator. It’s decision would be final. Those who refused to restrict their actions would be harshly and permanently dealt with. Walther Simmons voted in for a third term of office. Replicants/Bioroids and Boomers/Cybershells are prevalent throughout society. Breakthrough announced by Tyrell corporation in development of Nexus 5 Bioriod, “Almost more human, than Human” There is a panicky reception at first as they cannot be easily distinguished from a normal human being. Tyrell corp sooth fears by announcing a built in lifespan. Also, the release of the first replipets, affordable by most. Five Series 4 Bioriods go wild in North Dakota and kill 12 people. 1 bioroid is run over by a tractor, 3 are destroyed by the police and one goes missing. Genetic engineering continues. Questions are beginning to be raised concerning humanity itself and whether genetic upgrades before birth are ethical. Gravity Drive is developed which allows entry into wormholes, star travel becoming a reality. The downside being travel can only go where the wormhole goes. 2056 Mars Colony established, it would be another 8years before serious colonisation begins. 98% of the workforce is either a replicant or a boomer. In August during an Inuagral Ball, an assassination attempt is made on Myra Thompson VP of US Petrochemicals. Her Series 5 Bioroid bodyguard successfully stops the attempt but sustains serious damage. She herself is wounded. The replicant kills anyone who attempts to get near her, including the US Petrochemicals Head of Security and a medical team. Eventually a Reaction team successfully ‘Retires’ it, but not before five others are killed. The UWG propose various legislation concerning the control and use of Bioroids in a number of sensitive roles. 2057 Extensive development of the asteroid belt begins. Mines are begun on various moons of Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune. Moon now heavily industrialised and has two cities established upon it. Corporate infighting begins to break out. Replicant related crime slowly builds; there are 130 reported cases of domestic Replicant violence across America, and this is mirrored across the Globe. Normal Police forces dislike dealing with these incidents. Announcement of development of Artificial Psychic enhancement Sac, soon to be released for General Sales. 2058 To 2061 There are various disputes settled with the NZBZ (New Zealand Battle Zone) Gangs and Gang related violence begins to increase. July 19th 2059, The Saturn IV massacre.100 Series 3, 200 Series 4 and 75 Series 5 Bioroids go Baresark and murder 100 human workers on the Saturn IV Heavy Metals Deep mining Operation run by the Martel Corporation. 63 Replicants successfully leave in 3 Spaceships, 1 stops at the Asteroid mining Colonies, 1 at Mars and the last at Luna/Earth. Star Marshals eventually deal with the Asteroid problem though with heavy loss of life. It will be 9 months before the last replicant is successfully retired. There are many cases of replicant crime across the globe. The UWG now forcibly passes the R.E.S.T Amendment 2061 (Replicant Extreme Sanctions Termination) stating that any replicant on Earth must have full legal endorsement. Any involvement in crime, evidence of non ownership or signs of dis-function, will lead to the ‘Retirement’ of any or all replicants involved and possible fines laid upon proven owners with Police and Security given full authorisation in advance to deal with any possible situation which might arise.. First public terrorist incident occurs 2061 in Argentina by Humanity First. The UWG announce deployment of their new PeaceKeeper Agents (They are soon proven to be exceptionally good at what they do) Creation of the Blade units dealing specifically with replicant crime, the use of the Voight Kamph emotional response to be used in any cases where replicants may be involved and their identity not conclusively proven. The Blade units are effectively given shoot on site orders, but are restricted to cases passed to them. 2062 Psychic Enhancement now for public purchase, various licences are required and there are stiff penalties for misuse. Many mercenary and Hardliner groups become frequent purchasers. 2063 The first Nexus Six replicants are produced, they have implanted memories and skills and a five year lifespan. America passes harsh laws limiting replicant use across the country, as does Germany, a handful of other countries also follow. Australia bans bioroids completely. 2065 First Gravity drive ship built after many teething troubles. Wormhole leads to Alpha Centaurii, capable of bearing life. Organised crime families are beginning to rear their heads once more. Mars city completed and initial colonisation begins. 2066 Two Wormholes found in Alpha Centaurii, one leads to Orion a system rich in resources another leads to the Proxima system. 2067 Two ships sent to alpha centaurii to form initial work/mining colony and research base. Advertisements for offworld colonisation begin. A critical selling point is the issue of a personal, series 5 Bioroid built to personal specification. The first reported instances of Series 6, replicant crime. Blade units considered high risk, many cases of emotional trauma and burnout reported. (More dangerous than SWAT and more stressful than undercover work) 2068 November, Posiedon Inc announce takeover bid of Micro-Tech. England wins the 2068 Rollerball Tournament in Japan.
  11. Hi Everyone, this post is mainly a nod to Spykes initial 23 minutes into the futer post. For myself, 2020 is still a good timeline, but its difficult to suspend some belief due to the the fact its 2007 and according to the CP timeline theres mass gang warfare, corpoarate espionage etc. The core concept is still good, but as I mentioned in Spykes post I feel it needs moving forward and as others have also mentioned it needs a little revamping, not much, you could use the original timeline and just tack on 20 years and it would still be good to use. After looking at some cp stuff from a gal called Mon0lytyh (Who i would seriously liked to have gamed with) I took the plunge and effectively recreated my own CP world from the ground up. I have attached it to this post for everyone to look at and see what you think, your welcome to use some, all or none of it if you want. My players once they adjusted, really enjoy the world they are playing in, its providing a lot of roleplaying challenges for them, and I have really enjoyed running it (Always essential for any GM, but it does feel like a slog at times ) The majority of it is my own work, inpsired by some Peter Hamilton, Bladerunner, Appleseed, Soldier and some Transhuman Space (specifcally the Andes War). Its more snapshot style than story style and is still being built on. Later Was going to link my word document in but I dont have attachments enabled so I will copy and paste in, probably over another post as well once I can get it looking right.
  12. Guns I believe are still an integral part of the CP "Style", unfortunately the power/threat level of the weapon in question has been significantly reduced or desensitized due to the effectiveness and avaialbility of armour. As pointed in in other posts, a 12mm pistol bullet should be cosidered a serious hand cannon and make you think before you just act, the armour equation robs the danger level from this weapon and makes it merely a probable nuisance (This is using a common 12pnt armour use) Using AP actually reduces the threat level of this dangerous weapon as unless a head hit is called it will actaully does less physical damage. Because of this, the cycle of more armour = bigger guns, bigger guns = more armour and as all ref's know players can find many a reason to stack armour/cyber mods. I personally think that the "World" situation must be stressed ie Night city is 110 degrees tonight (Any one with heavy skin weave or wearing heavy armour is going to sweat to death and have heavy penalties. The police will automatically step up their threat assessment and aggression level to someone with the heavy armour jjack and the large bulge beneath whereas the fixer/tech may well be armed but responds to the police in a politer and controlled manner. Players must be encouraged to see and feel the world ie the heat, humidty, noise, social impact etc and must be maid to realise the part they play. So when they do decide to pack weaponry they know the consequence of it. Also, if the go in light with just sensible weapons, if combat kicks off, their first thought is move and cover and not just to stand up in the hail of bullets with a smile and start popping caps. Make players think and feel, feel the heat, feel the potential danger. Then it will start to work. Thats my pennies worth
  13. For me personally, Cyberpunk is a great idea, but, the concept which was grat at the time does not fit with today's advances. Since its supposed to be a dystopian view of the world in 2010, 2020 we are in 2007 now and very lttle of the previous years fits into the timeline as is. So, the concept must be updated and moved forward 20 years or so and revamped for it to work as it was meant to be. For myself, I was inpsired by some words from a cyber lady called Mon0lyth, her ideas gave me anew perspectice and with a few pointers from Transhuman space/Appleseed i have created a world set in 2068 which my players have really enjoyed playing in. Its not quite cyber/violence or sweetness and light, more aworld struggling to survive with the older genreation trying to fix things and the new wanting to rebel etc. I have a six page timeline for it which is still W.I.P but if anyone would like to have a look, your welcome too.
  14. Not trying to be a downer (dig the name by the way, Rye Seaba is da man), but if you do that, then doesn't that basically cancel out the realism you were trying to go for in the first place? It cancels out some of it yes, the hard part is achieving a blance between accuracy and speed. I dont have a problem with using my first version myself, but then I did create it. At least with the second version i can still have a good element of realism without losing too much speed. I suppose it depends on the number of players and their capabilities versus do I use my first or second version. I prefer my first version myself, but gunfights can take up to much time even when everyone is operating at full speed. CityHunter is a big favourite of mine, I used the handle for a character I used to play. Gunsmith Cats is another anime/manga i enjoyed as well. He turns up in the manga quite often. CityHunter
  15. Also, in our games we have a problem with high player Body Type stats. Certain people value durability over all else. (very annoying sometimes) Riddle me this: Initial stat: 10, Advanced Muscle & Bone Lace: +3, Grafted Muscle (x2) +2, result = BT 15 for a new character, and, while we are at it, a beginning Endurance of 5. This gives you 65 hit points. Of course, he probably owns only a set of underwear and a cheap polymer one shot, but any enterprising ‘punk is going to get up some more scratch really fast! So, my suggestions would be to make sure that massive Body Type enhancements don’t unbalance the characters too much without making those enhancements meaningless, and make the combat resolution system quick and “player friendly”. Hi Carebear, In my game, I limit the total hitpoints to your Original BT x 4 plus your Endurance skill level. This means that whilst “Godzilla” may have a BT of 15, He still only has 40 hitpoints plus his endurance level. What it does mean though is that he can absorb punishment that would normally cripple or kill outright a non enhanced person and still be functional but he/she is not going to be unstoppable. Also the repair costs are going to be fun. So yes, BT 15 is high and their damage absorption is going to be suitably hefty ie LW 8, SW 15, CW 22 and MW 30 due to heavy compact muscle and reinforced bones, however they are going to fall over the same as everyone else. I can see your point with the BTM though and I would be inclined to say that only unaugmented Body stats are used for BTM. This gives the benefit of cyber enhancement without the double whammy of a hefty BTM as well. This means you can tell “Godzilla” that he/she has taken 18pnts of damage after all mods to their LA, potentially crippling it (Whereas a BT 10 character would have had the Arm ripped off due to receiving a MW) You were quite right about the system slowing the game down for the players, to counter this I am using the basic method of calculating HP’s but instead of keeping track of the individual wounds, they just keep a running total of their damage and the wound types they have taken ie 3 LW, 2 SW, 1 CW and if they take a CW or MW where they took it. CityHunter
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