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  1. +1 would be something you just had your friend tell you about a gun, a computer etc. Now you know the basics (what to do if you want to shoot someone:)). Somewhere along 3 and 4 you are good in whatever you do. Dance for example, even 4 could be achieved for example by partying a LOT.. (I have my friend as a proof of this:D) Then, after 4. 5 and 6 means you are professional, few years of training and actual use of the skill. (Army specialist for example). Above that, 7 and 8, you are really one of the few very experienced specialists on your area, you could teach physics in the university and write a book about it... 9 and 10, well, how many of these are there? they are the best of the best. Those you have heard stories about, how BoB Bada$$ (quote;)) fought off a whole gang of elite Yakuza hitmen in hand to hand after he had, alone, infiltrated NSA or CIA and stole their most valued secrets... They are legends. They are the heroes (or great foes) of stories that are told for years to come.. Examples? Elvis, Shakal (is it written like that?), Einstein and so on. You really, really, don't have +10 in every skill on your every player Atleast I don't
  2. Whatkind of rules do you use for armor in hand to hand combat? I am thinking something like this : Hard armor (like Metalgear), only stun damage taken. BUT, is the armor value for example is halved? For example, if I hit a guy with a baseball bat to his head, even if he has Metalgear on, he will receive stun damage. But with the CP rules that is not possible (bat damage + str modifier will be most likely less than Metalgears armor value). So, if I halve the armor value that Metalgear has for HtH then it would be little more realistic... Right? Soft armor (like armored T-Shirts, Toughskin etc.), armor value halved BUT damage that comes trough would be real, no stun? Now I can break ribs and cause bruises to that bad guy who has toughskin.. Any thoughts on these? Give me your ideas
  3. I have this character who uses a desert eagle .50 AE that is worth 7500eb decorations and custmization, very nice. Style is quite important in Cyberpunk world
  4. I like the gun, ithas that little grenade launcher too. Firepower is good, and damage too, put in some titanium rounds or simple AP rounds and you will kill loads of people even in harder armor. GOod infantry weapon IMO
  5. AK-47 is a legendary weapon, and I love it! I tend to give it to NPC's that come from the east (USSR, some China men and so on). One of my best NPC's have it, ex-KGB man gone bad and doing jobs for those who pay him the most. Now, a good solo with electro thermal AK-47, had fun with the players for a loooong time Even if it is not accurate, imagine 5 or so angry mexicans with ak-47 and there you have it... AK-47 has balls
  6. Well, that depends, one of my players (or two) would walk in metalgear ofcourse, as they are not roleplayers, then the rest, well, depends onteh game I am running. Now I am forcing them to "low" resource campaign, so they can't buy that RPG etc. So, mostly they walk in some soft armor, or perhaps a armoured trench coat (I don't like that stuff, 18... comon..) and use hidden weapons like small smg's or pistols. But when they go on a job, well, usually a van, and then they jump out with best gear they could have and jump back after the job is done. Thats prolly 'cos my version of Providence is not the place to shoot people or you might find yourself in a very, very bad situation. So, pistols, knives, and small smg's here
  7. Well, USA is divided almost to independent city states so.... I just want some reference or then I write my own if R Talsorian havent made one, i plan to use it as resource for campaign in Russia (solo teams earn nice money there, and ohhh! the conspiracies..
  8. is there a Neo-Soviet sourcebook to CP 2020? and if there isnt, does anyone know a site that would have details about Russia? (like "The Land of the Brave US sourcebook") and then again, where i can get ACPA rules (all, including customisation)? (no, dont tell me to get maximum metal book, its impossible to get:) Zomeone
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