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  1. is on youtube now. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOx84Mfj80g Previous games (its annual if you don't follow it) had Wil Wheaton as one of the celebs. He missed the PAX convention this year.
  2. I played a sorta paranoid technie who then turned into one of the group's gun nuts...well after awhile all the PCs were going over the top on guns, but the campaign was getting very high class at that stage, we'd been running the same characters for over a year. But as I recall, he started out pretty low in the gun skill department. But he had a thing for on one hand, really reliable guns and the other end, unreliable high ROF things...
  3. I'm sure I told this tale before but bad rolls when intelligence gathering by the team led to us trying to hijack a shipment of what we thought was plastic explosives that we needed for a job. Forcing the armored car to a stop it ended up pinned to the guardrail of the night city bridge, two wheels up in the air cocked at an angle with the front bumper leaning over the edge. Guards in the van started firing thru the gun ports and we didn't of course have anything strong enough to shoot thru the armor on the front/back or sides anyway so I had the clever idea to crawl my PC under the van and try and shoot thru the underside with AP rounds in a handgun figuring the armor would be weak enough there I might get lucky and spall some fragments into the crew compartment. I also recall saying to the GM as to my reasoning that plastic explosive isn't going to be set off by a bullet... of course this is where the bad intel came in... it wasn't plastique, it was binary liquid propellants destined for a munitions company and guess what happens when a bullet cracks both compound containers in an enclosed space filled with a ton of the stuff. A very very BIG bang... which resulted in rolling up about 2000 points of damage which after I pointed out the armored truck likely would have blast panels in the roof to direct any explosion upwards went from my character setting the new playgroup record for most damage taken ever, to taking second best but also making it look like terroriists had nuked the bridge from the mushroom cloud forming out the top and the armored truck rocketing downwards thru my PC and taking us and a hundred feet long by 2 lanes wide section of bridge span into the bay. The other two PC's survived... I hapilly went to thinking about what to do for my next character. The GM wasn't out to deliberately abuse us, we just collectively were historically stupid and not picking up obvious clues including the biggest one of them all... what would a munitions company that makes binary propellant ammunitions and weapons NEED with a ton of plastique. I had an idea tonight randomly come to me though about a way to reverse mental mess with a group. When they go to some "tough" reputation club, and go thru a weapons check, make it so they CANNOT get into the club unless they're sufficiently armed to seem to belong there. If anyone is under armed, make them pay the weapons check fee and have the club issue them something appropriate... for their own personal "safety" as it were. Apply the Han Solo method of dealing with arguments... shoot first, shoot often, tip the bartender after to apologise for the mess.
  4. Actually the origin of the sport was of all things...rich white guys in the US northeast... a banker, a lawyer, not your typical outdoorsy folks... http://www.ody.ca/~cwells/history.htm The gun and paint balls themselves started with the forestry industry needing a way to mark trees from a distance (ie, across a creek) without having to cross over to them to be close to paint them for clearing with a spray gun or paint brush. Cattle marking was seen as a "secondary" market for the guns at the time. That's why the paint was originally oil based and the balls were made from gelatin (current paint is water based and non-toxic - but still doesn't taste that great). As to what you can fire from them...the standard caliber is .68" though in practice the balls vary somewhat, but the barrels are smoothbore for the most part so it hardly matters to accuracy in the slightest. Most barrels are made over the designed caliber to take into account the paint is rarely made to that size either. An 11/16th (0.6875) ball bearing shoots out of most any paintball gun barrel as a result and they come in several much harder materials up to solid stainless steel. A standard paintball weighs around 6 grams and leaves the muzzle of a commercially sold gun around 300fps... but the police have guns tuned into the mid 450s for crowd control and no restrictions on what they can load. There are definitely ways to turn them into as the BATF classifies things... "destructive devices" by firing out stuff that will go thru car windows and doors.
  5. Just an FYI, paintball guns don't HAVE to use a hopper feed system. The original splatmaster and the grand-daddy of them all, the nelspots had tubular magazines above the barrel, and you rock & cock when firing (tilt the gun while actuating the bolt to chamber the next ball). Some have used spring loaded magazines (either fixed to the gun or more often fitted slid into the gripframe like an oversized automatic pistol) or in revolver format. Many employ blow-back or blow-forward mechanisms and fire semi or fully automatic, and are so soft on the balls that in-gun breaks are virtually unheard of unless there's something wrong with the paint. Also the balls themselves work perfectly well from slingshots... and any redneck who can make a spud gun can build a paintball shotgun/cannon that'll fire a few dozen balls in one cluster shot.
  6. You don't need to upgrade the turret to things off T-55s... light turrets can handle firing stresses of larger calibers fine if the guns themselves are designed for it. They do make high-velocity/low-recoil tank guns now, with longer recoil strokes and extra dampers. Look at the Strikers with the external 105mm guns, or the CV40-105 and 120 Close Combat Vehicles. Hell the russians have an update to the PT-76 that uses their standard 125mm caliber on it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2S25_Sprut-SD
  7. The silly thing is, for the amount of muzzle velocity and energy of one of those tiny cartridges that won't over-stress such a polymer printed gun upon firing, you might as well just use a slingshot with a steel ball bearing. Or build a potato gun with a tiny barrel and fire nails out of it. There are cheaper ways to mess someone up than a $4,000 3D printer gun. Most airport metal detectors will not bleep with a small amount of change in your pocket... which is why they've gone to body scanners. The amount of ferrous metals in that change could easily be used to make a short barrel with a spring, a cap, and a single shell zip gun, and again look like nothing more than a cigar case on the scanner, or register higher on the detector than a few quarters. Clever people will find ways to do things like that, and non-clever folks will just blog about it about the evil clever people.
  8. demonstration the US Navy was announcing, where they shot down a drone with a laser mounted a warship which cost $30 million to develop. Nice colour video, close up zoom, shows a flame start under the left side of the delta wing drone, no audio to speak of though. Now you might think due to the current north korea flap that the timing of this has to do with saying "hey, we have lasers now that can shoot down planes" or it could be seen as a way to say to congress to sort their budget shit out because the slashing of the military budget, including R&D will rob funding from things like this. I'm inclined to think the later, because.... THIS is not a new laser... the original footage was put up on youtube TWO years ago. Here's the original black & white video shot from a long distance, longer running time to the shootdown part also since its just that, its not edited for broadcast to the media and spliced in with fancy animation to show how a future system might be employed. The "drone" that is shot down, is tiny... its a design meant to test manpad SAMs and AA Guns... its got a propeller in front (you can see it when the drone spirals down in several frames) called the FQM-117A. http://www.designation-systems.net/dusrm/m-117.html The newer colour video... Gentlemen... we're now safe from RC planes you can buy at a hobby store, flying below clouds, in clear weather, during the daytime, if they fly in a straight line and let the laser track the wing for 8 to 12 seconds.
  9. Change the stun saves to cool rolls instead of body rolls and you alter the dynamics of getting hurt... "hey, I think that guy shot me... i have blood spurting out of my chest... how does seeing my own blood make me feel....<faint>"
  10. Yeah they might learn to fly planes into buildin...oh wait... too late. I do love the blanket american mentality that especially seems to exist in armed forces circles that because they make do without indoor plumbing and can live happy lives without twitter, facebook, or bad reality tv, that this somehow makes people of a certain region less educated and/or idiots. Osama Bin Laden was college educated in business and economics, studied the writings and military history of montgommery and De Gaulle and he belongied to one of the largest and wealthiest families in saudi arabia, who controlled one of the largest construction firms in the middle-east. The "RPG blanket" you guys keep repeating I suspect you got from watching blackhawk down too often. It does not take rocket science to figure out that unguided rockets designed to kill tanks can also kill hovering / slow moving helicopters if they happen to be within the effective range of the user of the launcher. Hell the "idiot" soviet soldiers you guys were alluding to earlier and their weak training tank corps and so forth, are who's grandparents figured out... on their own, in the second world war that putting bed springs on the outside of their tanks would prevent the warheads of the german panzerfausts from detonating against their tank hulls. And that is where the modern birdcage armor you see on strykers got its inspiration from. Somehow when someone in the west thinks of something its innovative and intelligent, but in the east they're idiots ? Methinks you don't know the development history to a great number of pieces of US military equipment outside the small arms world and the recent all-over-the-media F-35 debacle. Look into the development of the Bradley for example, which was done by well educated folks who started with trying to do a scout vehicle to replace the M114, and a new APC to replace the M113, and what you got instead was something that didn't do either task well, was a decade late, and was vastly over-budget. Unfortunetly its a rare thing that a US politician will actually cancels a project once its reached the point of being a lemon and starts over rather than letting it continue just for jobs in some congressional district or another. I'm sure even with the latest flop on the F-35s they won't cancel the thing, because they've spent soooo much on what was supposed to be a less expensive plane than the F-22s, burdening it with too many tasks, too much unproven technology, and too rushed a delivery timeframe.
  11. Oh Haveblue did it. I hadn't really paid attention to the article at the time it made the media rounds last month but yeah that makes sense. He's a paintballer as well. I've exchanged messages with him over the past decade.
  12. Its rumoured the latest presidential limo has glass so strong as to stop 12.7mm API rounds. Its also several inches thick and a laminated multi-pane structure with composite films in between the glass designed to not just capture spalling of glass (as car windshields for example behave) but also fragments of the projectile. I would not be surprised if the film is something like a see-thru version of the truck bed liner product that has proven so successfully in testing to be blast resistent.
  13. Yup. I've got a 20mm DPU round (case+projo) sitting next to my monitor on my computer desk at home. Isn't DPU still somewhat radioactive ? Its DEPLETED not inert uranium afterall. The blackhammer games way to handle DPU was +50% damage and AP. Tungsten Carbide penetrator rounds were AP but treated armor as 1/3 not 1/2. Effectively if not dealing with vehicles & ACPA the difference was neglible, but since penetration values are calculated from the average dice damage, adding 50% to that ups the Pen Value.
  14. Part of the problem in the game is how simplistic they handled AP ammo (the whole halve the SP of the armor nonsense). This might have made the math simpler, but it doesn't really apply to real life thinking or physics. If you look at real world areas where AP ammo has existed, it just isn't THAT good as doubling the penetration.
  15. That's clever but pointless. A better way to go is to get rid of archaic regulations governing headlights that exist in many countries (especially Canada and the USA). Over a decade ago, headlights that produced UV light as well as visible light were being tested in some countries. If you ever went to a nightclub that had UV lights you'll know that many fabrics will glow under black light. The advantage to drivers with this is that neon paints on things like fire hydrants, and a lot of clothes that might be worn by pedestrians, will be visible at far greater distances than could be picked out by the driver with just ordinary headlights, and without causing excessive glare to oncoming drivers. Here's an article on one of the tests going on in virginia, in 1998... http://www.research.vt.edu/resmag/sciencec...ghtlight98.html
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