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  1. I've been watching a few "GITS: Stand Alone Complex" episodes recently and was wondering if it's possible for a full conversion borg to fall unconscious? Now my reasoning behind this is the fact that borgs still need sensory feedback in order to function properly. If you can't get a sense of touch then you'll just crush everything you hold etc. Given this sensory feedback it surely must make them vulnerable to stun. What do you all think? I was thinking in game terms; a borg that dampens their sensory function should be at about -3 to actions. If they take this penalty they're effectively kicking in a pain editor. Another thing I've noticed from manga like GITS is that borgs tend to drop down from great heights without taking any damage. Anybody have any quick and dirty rule for handling this? Massdark
  2. I know this has been discussed a few times before, but I thought I'd resurrect the topic again. Given that you can stack armour to give protection of 30SP+ how do you stop the players becoming literally 'bullet proof'? I've seen the alternative rules in the new printing of 2020 but these just don't seem to be right to me. I've been mulling over a number of options and was thinking of throwing out the stacking rule. Does anyone use any other options for fixing the broken armour rules?
  3. I’ve just been to watch “Cypher” at my local art house cinema and was blown away at how this was perfect cyberpunk material. I won’t go into to many details here -- as I don’t want to spoil the experience – but if it’s playing at you local cinema; go and see it straight away.
  4. Umm -- this has been a bugbear of mine for quite a few years. I was thinking of creating a second save; one for physical damage and one for trauma damage. The physical save would be equal to body, the second save, trauma, would be double the body statistic. If the damage taken in the attack is less than armour, but greater than the second save, then a stun roll must be made. This will make even the most heavily armoured character vulnerable to falling unconscious. e.g. Street mook kicks MiliTech security in knee for twelve damage; kick (4) + str (2) + martial arts (6). The guard is wearing MetalGear (SP 25) so he takes no damage. He's only average build, body (5), which gives him a trauma save of (10). This isn’t below twelve dmg, so he takes one point of dmg and has to make a stun roll. On a roll of six he falls unconscious and drops like a tin man:) Depending on how you want to play these rules you could use the higher save for trauma and lower save for physical damage. If you do use the lower save then consider applying one box of damage for bruising. This makes getting hit by a full auto in rather unpleasant – even if you get hit with 12mm SMG rounds (3d6, average 9 dmg) you’ll take one damage box for each round that that hits your armour. It makes a booster with a TEC-9 rather more scary to the average edgerunner. It's not a perfect system but it’s quick and makes the metal heads think a little before running into a firefight.
  5. Looking at the main Cyberpunk book streetdeal is very similar in description to streetwise. Do you think it's necessary for a fixer to have both skills, given they are virtualy identical? One of my players bought up this point last game -- he has a fixer with streetdeal 8 and streetwise 6 and always use the former for any deals & info. Massdark
  6. Quote (Black_Night @ Feb. 09 2003,02:30) Any of you guys got any ideas on an easy way of having secondary roles used? In my house rules I just increase the multiplier for the second special ability. If you want to play a SWAT team member then the character would take Authority & Combat Sense both with a x2 modifier. If you want to be a 'jack-of-all-trades', say a hacker who makes his own software and decks for sale on the 'black market'. Then this character would have; Interface, Jury Rig & Streetdeal all with a x3 modifier. This is really easy to book-keep and seems to work without any major changes to the game balance.
  7. Quote (Monk @ Jan. 28 2003,09:12) I had to very quickly develop my "3 points to re-roll a critical fumble" rule at that point or they would have been rolling up new characters after their first attack. This was about 15 minutes into the game! I think this is the main point of using luck as a 'get out of trouble card'. How many times have people lost characters because luck wasn't on their side! It can be very frustrating for a referee to write up a detailed campaign only for the players to die in the first 30 minutes of gaming. This gives you a choice, you can either fudge the rolls and let the players live or give them some way of rectifying the situation. Luck is the only viable option I can think of at the moment for fixing unlucky dice rolls.
  8. Has anyone expanded the use of luck in their campaign? At the moment you can use the value of the statistic to influence the outcome of a critical event. At the end of the session these points are restored for use in the next game. I was thinking of using the statistic more like force points from ‘Star Wars’. You can sacrifice a permanent luck point to affect the outcome of a critical event. The point could be traded to: - double your dice roll on skill checks - half your dice roll on saves - increase damage from your attack (up to weapons maximum) - absorb damage from an attack (reduce damage by 50%) This would allow players to manipulate bad dice rolls in critical game situations. I know from experience how frustrating it can be to lose a character from bad luck. If these rules are adopted then referee’s can award good role-playing with an additional luck point every once in a while. I look forward to your comments and expansion of these rules.
  9. Quote (freakboy6117 @ Jan. 10 2003,04:56) well fisrt off youd get a situation where peopel woudl demand teh distruction of all back ups of someone if they where executed there brain tapes woudl be hunted by the turing police and off course you would have more recurring villains than a bad superhero comic In the book you had an interesting situation where criminals lost the rights to their own bodies. If you committed a crime then you were sentenced to virtual reality for a fixed period of time (I think 200 years was the max. sentence) This produced some rather interesting scenarios as people met up their released grandfather/mother and where placed in a different race/gender 'sleeve' i.e. Asian placed into body of a Caucasian or male into body of female In the case of villains you were never quite sure who they were. The ability to swap 'sleeve' was common and the main protagonists seemed to use it for obfuscation. Another interesting aspect of the book was that certain sleeves where designed for combat. These had wired reflexes etc. but where difficult to 'wear' for prolonged periods of time.
  10. Quote (freakboy6117 @ Jan. 08 2003,14:19) similar universe its eems but its more blade runner i think my favorite bit has to be when soem evil guys capture the lead charecter and subject him to torture after placing him in a womans body and he knows eventually he will break after all there going to torture him to death and then do it again until he cracks. Ahh, I'm glad to see a few other people have read this book. It's had major critical acclaim in the UK and even recieved the interest of Joel Silver (Matrix Producer) who has bought the screen rights. My reason for posting on the subject is that I was completly blown away with the concept of 'sleeves'. The tech that allows the creation of 'digital humans' and the concept of changing from one body to another. Something that's played on a lot in the book with plot multiple plot twists on the subject. Yep, the torture scene really was an edge of the knuckle ride and the culmination was very thought provoking. The mental power needed to stop your own heart must be extrodinary. I think my favourite section has to be the intrusion into the blimp -- a very well aucastrated corporate intrusion. The main reason for posting is what do people think of the tech in regard to the forthcoming 2030 version of Cyberpunk? It's already been established that 'SoulKiller' can download the mind and all the relevant tech seems to be available. Now how would society cope if certain people could never be killed!
  11. I was wondering if anyone has read 'Altered Carbon' by Richard Morgan?
  12. I was just wondering people's thoughts on the number of actions a character can undertake in the 3 second round? According to the rules you take a -3 modifier and can move, attack, dodge, parry, reload or change weapons. If you look at the basic rules then drawing a weapon and shooting would be two actions at a -3 penalty; this type of manouver works fine. Now where it seems to fall down is making more than one attack action. I can see a person making 2-3 punches in three seconds (you just have to watch a tape of Bruce Lee to see how this works), what I find hard is that you can make more than one attack at the weapons full rate of fire! The rules even seem to work on semi-auto; I have a 'house rule' where the maximum number of shots in a round is double the weapons semi-auto ROF. I think -- hey we don't have guns in the UK so I'm not exactly sure -- that a competant shooter could fire four controlled shots in 3 seconds. But where I kind of lose any sense of reality is when you fire a full auto burst. Now I know I know nothing about guns but doesn't it take 3 seconds for 20 rounds to leave the magazine; how then can 40 or even 60 rounds leave in only 3 seconds? I'd be interested in peoples opinions on this as in my last game a character with a smg shot one character with a single called shot, then moved target and declared a three round burst. Although I gave him a huge minus (he missed with both shots by the way) it just didn't seem right even in the cinematic reality of cyberpunk. How do other people handle this sort of problem? Massdark
  13. Quote (rockwolf66 @ Oct. 29 2002,23:03) i would like to know if or where there are rules to playing a kid or a teenager in cyberpunk? You should check on the following rules from Mockey's cyberpunk site:- MOMMY, I WANT TO BE A SOLO WHEN I GROW UP! It's quite a nice set of rules for playing younger characters by Gary Astleford.
  14. Quote (NiteWolf @ Oct. 28 2002,20:42) heres the current URL http://www.ambient.ca/cpunk/ Has this site has just been put back up in the last two days? Just want to make sure my ISP isn't blocking the URL
  15. I was wondering if the Blackhammer Cyberpunk project has changed URL?
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