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  1. Not in this case. IIRC, one has to be aware of danger for dodge skill to apply. If you're not moving it's difficulty 14, and If you are, then it's your dex+dodge+d10. I believe it's not about dodging a bullet *after* the shot has been fired, but before! It's what soldiers train, combat movement. A trained soldier (with good dodge skill obviously) would know how to move from cover to cover under fire, and never pop up from the same place twice. But I admit that the sense of this is at least debatable, so maybe they should have stayed with the old system!* *although it also had crazy rules - in cp2020 your enemies get -3 penalty if your REF is higher than 10 and -4 if higher than 12... What is the sense in this, if REF 10 gives you no bonus, and REF 2 gives no penalty? =)
  2. I've been working on it for couple of hours now... It was propably unavailable when you first came. =) 2020 mode works now but it doesn't have all modifiers yet....
  3. Well, it changed _slightly_. Listed range for rifles in v3 and 2020 is 400m. Extreme is missing in v3, and your attack goes against opponent skill with range as modifier, as opposed to against range only in 2020 (not sure this is better than 2020, but at least not everyone is equal target now). Here's an example for rifles: 2020 touch, 2m: difficulty 10 short, 100m: difficulty 15 med, 200m: difficulty 20 long, 400m: difficulty 25 extreme, 800m: difficulty 30 v3 (which is mainly based on opponent skill, range is a modifier): touch, 2m: +5 short, 100m: -2 med, 200m: -4 long, 400m: -6
  4. Hi Wisdom000, I play in cp 2020 world with v3 game mechanics (char gen and combat, not much else), so that's why it's v3. But like said I can do a checkbox(or something) to tell it to use cp2020 rules! I was able to replicate that bug, the problem is that calculator expects _maximum_ range of a weapon, which is 400 in case of a rifle. I think you gave "quarter" range, which happens to be less than the target range you specified... So it should say "out of range", but instead got confused.. It's fixed now. But you're not supposed to use it that way. But thanks for input! =) Br Tero
  5. Hello, I've started working on a webpage, which helps to calculate difficulty values for ranged attacks, and damage. You can find it at http://www.porogrammer.org/~whm/cc/ Please note, I do this for myself, but anyone else is also free to use it when it's finished. It's currently for v3, but it should be pretty easy to do options for 2020, or some house rules. What do you think? Is this useful? Any recommendations? ps. it is propably buggy, and although damage resolution works, it outputs crap about always..
  6. Welcome! one: I personally go for no multipliers in character generation. I ask my players to keep their characters 'reasonable', and they mostly do, so we have no problems there. If you have too many power players, or want to keep your characters like ordinary people, then multipliers could be right choise for you. Edit: I was talking about exponential difficulty of gaining skill 'levels'. About the other 'skill difficulty' multipliers, I use them only for martial arts, because that's the only place where CP has several skills for exactly the same thing (flying skills are all for different kinds of aircraft, so I see no problem there). two: I usually did not round, or rounded mathematically(1.5 = 2). Generally, I think that kind of things should be decided by GM to fit the story...
  7. I like adjusting SP and Trauma because it's generic. Modifying each weapon individually is not. But I dislike all that dividing because it slows down the game. In my opinion just the usual AP, half SP, half Trauma slows GM down. It gets even more complicated when it's 1/3rd or 1/4th... That's the reason I usually don't encourage my players to use AP. Dunno.. Maybe just making each d6 a d6+1 and then halving trauma would work better. What do you think of this?
  8. Endurance indeed is the most useless (derived) stat in V3. It's just CON x2 AND there's a CON based skill called Endurance, i'm using that... =) Yes, it's there, but it's unclear. Different pages state different things. But it's worse in Trauma Team chapter, there one paragraph is different to next. Pick your favourite healing rate for example. =) Combat rules in v3 are good though.
  9. In v3.0, most of the time, Rec is calculated "STR + CON/2" and Luck is "INT+REF/2". However, in printed book (not pdf, it's different) in character generation Luck is (INT+REF)/2 and REC is STR + CON/2. I think they both should be with brackets.... Which way you think is better?
  10. I was just wondering.. I used to think that one shot should kill on incapacitate, even a small one. Yesterday I red a paper from fbi website which basically stated that one cannot guarantee a kill/incapacitation unless brain or upper spinal cord is hit. Even hit to heart will sometimes leave the opponent 10-15 seconds of time. Based on this paper (i can provide a link if needed) it seems that no matter what kind of a handgun, there is always a possibility that an individual can survive several hits to chest, even 7 or 8 and still move and act for up to a minute. As I see it, even a small wound can kill/stun, but that's mostly because of shock. Adrenaline / fear / drugs can easily remove the effects of shock and allow above mentioned "movie-like stunts". Anybody else thought of this? I think it should be possible to sometimes survive several hits from a large caliber handgun. And the other day a single small wound will incapacitate. Quickly thinking of a rule to simulate this.... Maybe using some kind of random modifier for every person hit, for example a d6, where 1 equals 1/4 trauma for that turn, 5 = -1 shock save, 6 = -5 shock save. What do you think of this? Yes I know, I'm hopeless rule tweaker... ; )
  11. My bad, I forgot that Mike didn't end up using the 3d6 hit location from core Fuzion - one of the major improvements over CPunk 2020's systems in my opinion. You can grab a copy of my 3d6 hit location chart on the old BlackHammer Project site: http://www.ambient.ca/cpunk/hitlocations.html HMM that's new I guess.. I've been checking your site from time to time, and it seems to be one of the best places around for extra rules and gear. Cheers for that! But I think I'll stick with d10 (or maybe d12 table from your site...), since I like fast and realistic combat*. If my player decides to shoot someone with his minami-10 and hits with 5 rounds, it's just easier to simultaneously drop 5 x d10 or d12 to see where they go. With 3d6 there's a need to throw 5 times 3d6 separately, and that's slow... (unless there is 3 of each colour, but i don't and don't bother buying a.t.m....). *fast combat is also realistic combat, imho. Pretty cool anyway. :-)
  12. That sounds great! I'm gonna try that with my players. But CP3 has d10, not 3d6, hit location table. Where did you get that 3d6...? In cp3 (standard rules, with the way we interpret them at least) using d10, 1 is critical, 2 is head, 3 is groin, 4-6 is general body and 7 thru 10 represent limbs (luckily one number per limb!). For criticals, we just throw again to see how much armor there is (that's one in ten throws, so most of the time rolling once is enough). Just my two cents. Or dice. Something...
  13. What do you mean by that? Every point over target number adds one to damage? Exactly that. Although it depends on the campaign - sometimes we go with +1 / 2 points above target. But again, v3 uses variable hit points instead of predefined hit points. Hmm that makes single shots capable of penetrating previously impenetrable armor, while keeping full auto as it is. I would like to see it other way around, full auto having better changes of penetrating (sometimes two bullets hit the same point, this basicly increases the changes to penetrate, right?). Though I like the idea of having a possibility to kill with a single small bullet. CP2020 without BTM would make characters more equal, no matter the BOD. Possibly even more lethal than v3. Makes everyone afraid of being shot, if thats what you want.
  14. I agree with Pockets. Rules are mostly better than the old one, and need way less tweaking. Universe on the other hand feels too impossible to happen in real life. 2020 somehow felt like an extension to what we have today (all the real problems and threats multiplied, and so on).
  15. D10 and D6 are the "usual" dice for cyberpunk. Prefer to keep it that way.
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