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  1. Because the Ministry review was such a smash hit (uh...) I thought I'd write a review about this sick puppy. Ok,here we go: DFD is a five piece band, from US/God knows where. Music style? Metal with weird mr.Bungle -esque circus twists. Anarchists starts with Leper Friend, morbid and very catchy song...about...umm...dying? Yes. Like almost every song on this album. Lots of dying there. Totally kick ass song. Otherwise heavy mood is lightened with synth, which brings something unique and slightly disturbing to this band, and to this song. The next one is "9 to 5 at the morgue" ...hilarious lyrics, heavy mood continues...then comes the weird prog-like flute section. Weird and entertaining. These little moments don't break the mood, they more like deepens the grotesque feel of the album. Next stand-up song is number 6, "Corpse is a corpse" ...just plain hilarious. And next stand-up is number 9 "Vertigo Motel" ...this is something totally different. The whole album is dark and heavy, but this...make no mistake, it is still dark, but...It starts with synth, has some touchy singing ("you got me hanging by my throat...now I swing in the three...swaying in the breeze" ...touchy ), but then the fun starts. Imagine Eiffel 65 (or whatever that POS was called) vocals to metal. The singer Todd changes his singing style frequently in this song, varying from growling to that europop-weird-sh!t to melodical singing. Nice. Then we have the track 12 (well, my europian edition has it) which is a punkish song about one night they met skinheads..."Albino Rhino" is that track. The album has it's dull moments (because a lot of them starts quite similary), but those stand-ups are worth it...and if you don't want to buy the thing then go to DFD-sites and download some mp3s...There is at least Leper Friend and 9 to 5 at the morgue... But come on...go and buy the damn thing! 8.5/10
  2. ...and why is that? Could you explain? (I can't comment on this subject, but that statement is just...provoking )
  3. Can I insert few important things from my WeedWolf characters eq? Thanks a bong called Kylie a octopus bong called W/-\nker Thank you. That describes the game (at least my part )
  4. Bullet


    They probably won't come to Finland anytime soon...or maybe to festivals, but the odds are that I am not going to see them... Too lazy to see anything live if it's not in Oulu or near (King Crimson in Helsinki...sigh...)
  5. That pink goes well with hair, but as a background.....don't think so So I am not doing Cyberpink yet... maybe on my own time...
  6. Hey, it is still possible! ..But there is no way in frigging hell that it is going to be THAT pink I am doing somekind of pages in school...maybe I'll do somekind of reincarnation of Cyberpink or something..
  7. Bullet


    Argh! Ba* (ba-star...get it? ) Lollipop Lust Kill are their warmers...I want to see both of them. *grumble grumble*
  8. Bullet


    I don't know about the reality, but in this case it's a good kind of kicking. I suppose they are somewhat good kickers (those thin legs must hurt!Ouch.Simple physics,dear Spock) Did you notice that used lots of 'kick' word in that review?
  9. *pant pant* ...that...was...krhm...an...experience.... ...Uh...need time to relax... Cool looking (although I think I AM going blind...slowly...because of that bgcolor ), but is there anything there? Little meat around the bones?
  10. Bought it today. Here's a review: The album starts with the title track. Good start, because it kicks you in the balls...you know, good kind of kicking. The sound is similar to Dark Side of the Spoon, drilling guitars, pounding drums and Al's effect filled vocals. Also includes weird guitar sounding singing. High pitched. Ouch. The next song 'Unsung' goes by, kicking like a reindeer. Really ear tearing...and fun. Then the show goes little numb, until the sixth song starts...Cover-song from Magazine 'The Light Pours Out Of Me' sounds like Fear Factory and stands out from the song-list. It almost sounds happy...almost. Leper ends the album. It is a 9 minute instrumental, almost prog-like. 10 songs, 54-minutes of in-your-face,HC/industrial/metal/Ministry-stuff. Good buy. I'll give it 8.5 or 9 from 10. And remember: The only way to listen to this is loud!
  11. Pat stared to the IA-agents eyes, cold as ice and dug out his badge. "I am Stanlez...Patric Stanlez,Bladerunner,5432, but I prefer mister Stanlez or detective Stanlez when you address me...Luther" Pat gave the man a cold, joyless smile.
  12. It is becoming reality. Damn...Soon we'll be playing historical games
  13. I like this idea...maybe I'll use it sometime..And I think this could work better in a mood-biased (mystery,thriller etc...vampire and so on) game, rather than combat-biased. Hmmm...in fact it is perfect for horror. key to good horror is to not tell the players they are playing Ctulhu or Vampire (which isn't much horror tho...) Hmmm...Me likee...gonna try it out.
  14. Bloody techie...I don't believe it...gotta take it again...NO!!! I am not techie! I know nothing about technics!How can I be a techie? Aaaaaaaaaarrrrgggh! Arrr!Errr! Murrr!!! I want to be something else! Maybe I have to lie. Lets take it again...With a cyberpunk attitude this time. And now I got Solo...Hmmm....More options there,Nytie old chap?
  15. Pat has been quiet all the time they have spent inside the motel. He looked away when Simms talked to the clerk, and climbed the stairs behind Simms and the clerk. 'F*cking IA here...guess they are looking for clues, just like we are, but instead of nailing a replic_u_nt they want to nail me...' Pat thought (OOC:Sorry the delay...Had a holiday)
  16. I try to give them their own voice...literally! And of course it depends of the style of the game... And too many times I end up hating my NPCs and my game and myself damnit.
  17. I seldomly play women, cause I don't want to rape them to something stereotypical (slut or Dark Angel), but few times I've tried. It doesn't make that much difference. Ever noticed that PCs tend to be quite goodlooking or at least they are in a very good shape? Some day I'll play fat and ugly looking man.Who whines...me! Just for the kicks
  18. Damn pissed that most of those cool comics never land to Finland...Like G.I.Joe (it once did, but not anymore ) or Dark Minds...what we have is Transformers' new...read the first episode and was...intrigued. I'd also like to see Athena.Inc and so on... And those w@nkers stopped to publish Preacher...they got two collections out (including episoded 1-8) and then quitted. Bastards.
  19. Bullet


    Just to that kukri thingie... Appropriate skill could be martial art too...something like Pentjak silat or something like that...can't remember India's martial arts proberly..
  20. Patric came in last, looking the decorations of the sh*t hole called Pink Flamingo, scanning for anything unusual, knowing that he wouldn't find anything...but hoping to see the cat.
  21. Yeah different font might do it.And maybe little sharpening. Otherwise it's cool.
  22. While Simms confronted Marc, Patric walked around the building, pretty sure that he wouldn't find anything crucial. After that he walked to the door, but stayed out, waiting for the f*cking Starsky&Hutch to come, smoking a cig and relaxing...Just another day...just another sh*thole...just another pair of eager kids, playing cops&robbers...
  23. Bullet


    Hey Snowie, it is still possible...they tend to go touring with their plays (I know it, I've done it), so it is possible they come somewhere near.
  24. Bullet


    I found that rap&hip hop are pretty good to cp background due the association created by movies. An idea struck me...I should borrow a frequence-machine from school and do live music to my game...bwahbwahbwahbwaaaah!
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