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    Yeah, Nightcrawler rocked (I like the finnish version of his name better...Painajainen aka Nightmare) And I believe it the answer is yes. I don't know about the thought-provoking,tho... It was a good movie, very entertaining (even from 2nd row...my neck...ouch...)
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    Revenge Inc

    I wish my english was better. Then I could offer you some quality. Well, I edited that, added some stuff...hope it's good. And this more like an idea to GM to work on. GM can decide if they success on their job, or this can be a different adventure factory. Duuh duuh..Lets see if I can come up with something to add..
  3. Bullet

    Revenge Inc

    Heh...seems like I forgot something...
  4. Bullet

    Revenge Inc

    Yeah, I know it is still a bit mess...I look what I can do later...I need my English-chip repaired.When I wrote that my head was humming from emptyness.Better luck later (and I mean later in 5-7 hours, not days or months) Thankee for yer feedback
  5. "Well, they mentioned it...Should've prepared properly...but f*ck, there is the little I can do. They expect us to off a military replicant with these f*cking slings?" Pat looks at his service-weapon "I'll rather use this mean muther-f*cker" then raises his shotgun a bit.
  6. Bullet

    Revenge Inc

    Some one murdered Phil "The Lemon" Cornell, well-known fixer. The problem was, that The Lemon didn't die. Instead he was handicapped, forced to live in a wheelchair for the rest of his life, and his face was badly cut. After many cosmetic-surgery he wanted revenge. He knew those bastards, and he was starting to know what to do... The Lemon noticed that he was pretty good at revenging. He started gathering like-minded people and soon opened his bisnes to public. Revenge Inc offers revenges. It offers greater satisfaction than plain killing. It can destroy lifes, ruin bisnes or hurt physically. It rarely kills. Revenge Inc has no official front due its illegal activity, so if you need to contact them, you should use net (usually hidden links and false fronts...Mike's Laundry-web pages might be Revenge Inc's ) After the job you'll get documents of the victims suffering. Vid-tapes, photographs and literal documents. Their work is based on favors and contacts. If you are one of their clients they ask one favor and certain amount of money for payment. The favor may be as small as delivering a letter to your work-buddy, or as big as stealing your boss' creditcard. Revenge Inc has 8 private investigators, 4 netrunners, 5 techies, 4 solos and 2 lawyers working beside their day job plus various people who own Revenge Inc a favor. Revenge Inc also has a large web of contacts (lots of them are The Lemons old contacts), so you can be pretty sure that you'll get your revenge. The payment depends of the revenge. If you want to ruin some street-punks life then it will cost something like 100€ to 150€. If you want to cripple Saburo...well,that you can forget. So it depends. From 100€ to 1.000.000€ and more. And even if your revenge costed 100€ the favor they ask may be big. And you better do it or you'll be on the hit list. Of course it may be, that you'll never get the call. Dealing with Revenge Inc is like selling your soul to Satan. Are you willing to take the risk?
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    Oh...I am trying to write something smart about lyrics when the Bloodhound Gang is playing in the background...BS! "...lets do it like they do it on discovery channel.." can't beat,now can you? Exactly what I hate in lyrics. But then there is bands like Tool and CMX, who has lyrics that make you think. I like to think. My own head is the best place to be. Of course sometimes I just leave the lyrics alone... But party-metal is out of the question...BS!
  8. I somehow felt an urgent need to join. Damn Kult-things. I hope you don't follow blindly your leader of some sort. I read that Sean Kennedy is no longer part of the Kult? What happened?
  9. Bullet


    Suit-pants (not too thin fabric), prolly black, stylish collar-shirt, a tie to match (if the shirt is black, then I suggest you take red tie...not too broad), loose jacket, and army boots. Keep 'em shiny (unlike me). Stylish, yet it works. I use that kind of look in real life and I can run, brawl and look "good"* at the same time (well, the running and brawling might be hard...) And those boots in the beginning. They looked all right, but they really need certain type of clothes to match. I can use my boots with anything (exept sports clothes) and look good* *no, I don't look good. Look at my picture.
  10. Looked interesting, yet like organized cult (d'ouh) or religion. And seems like its biiiiiig online RPG. I might join...or try. Do they care if I give a big "f*ck you" to almost everything?
  11. Bullet


    I really listen to the lyrics. I have terrible problems if the lyrics are stupid,shallow "party"-things. Grrr. Me hates. That's why I almost threw Chrys from the second floor for admitting she likes Limp Bizkf*ckwadkit And few new to my list: Nine Inch Nails Primus Portishead Radiohead Sinch Dog Fashion Disco Tori Amos Aphex Twin
  12. Revolver rocks! Too bad it's full of adds nowadays...plus it is starting to be more soft-porno/erotic magazine than music mag...Not an issue goes by without something about Jenna Jameson. And damn I am mad to myself for letting one issue with KoRn and Tool interviews slip away... Hey...Nobody's mentioned Edgerunner! Do you guys/gals read that?
  13. "And how this incident could have been avoided?! Maybe better equipment and younger men could do it! Or a f*cking C-SWAT team! Some f*cking genious decided to send two almost 50-years old farts here, where they knew might be heavily armed, heavily trained replicant! F*cking brilliant...Aren't they brilliant boys? Give'em an applause!"
  14. While Simms foams on to Luther-my-friend Pat gives the position where he saw the skin-job a closer look, then walks where he left Gaff die. All the time he has a weird smile. Partly sad, partly psychotic.
  15. More likely I am going to get some space for it and then abandon it completely There IS text! And I am not going to put anything 'clear' there...Like rules or stuff about me. They are my artsy pages... But if I get a king-idea how to improve them...Or if you get a king idea...Tell me.
  16. My list: Revolver (music magazine,US) Metal Hammer (music magazine,UK) Blistering.com (music-site) Soundi (music-magazine,Finnish) Pelit (Game-magazine, Finnish) randomly Pretty boring.
  17. Needs work? On what? Like...eh. That is...kinda...eh.
  18. Bullet


    I actually liked 'Darkside of the Spoon',but hey, that's just me...especially I liked the song 'Step'. I also bought Ministry's 'Spinchtour '96' CD. Nice sounding, but somehow it is not as crunchy as Animositisomina (could live conditions have something to do with it? You bet) Bullet the mix-master out.
  19. Pat gives Luther a freezing stare,but then starts to explain "Okay, I was in here, distracted for a second, because of a cat. A real f*cking cat. It had only one eye...and how do I know this?Because I was looking at it. In a blink of an eye that replicunt had shown up and shot at Gaff.Okay, Gaff goes down...I check him, but that old f*ck would have left me there and chased that little f*ck instead of calling an ambulance, so I started running...We end up to a roof top, I shoot few times, aparently I don't hit him...Then the f*cker jumps...just like f*cking that...I go and jump, but no f*cking way I can jump like that, so I end up hanging, and barely pull myself up. By that the f*ckface is already gone, and police and ambulance are own their way. I have no clue where to go, so I take it easier and walk this time." Pat stops...he's paced all the time, his eyes closed and his hands in pockets. "So I tried my f*cking best and if that's not good enough for you c*nts you can f*ck off." Come to think of it...who's stupid idea it was to put two senior BR on this kind of job? The other one was cripple and the other an alcoholist.
  20. I just had to bring my brainchild back to surface I want more comments (masturbation...say I've been a good boy... ) So...this could be somekind of update post...hmmm...lets see what I can kick out from this... There is those back-buttons, but I am not completely satisfied with them (no,you can't find them easily, and they get you to wrong page...index instead of page1...bummer.) There is text sections (3 of them...two of them are somewhat cyber,the last is just...me) and there is a picture of me Rather cool one, I think... And if you want to, you can go and see my father's paintings:Daddie's (he started painting last summer!) So please please please comment and send me e-mail (I'm getting desperate looking my empty in-box...."People hate me cuz I'm better than you, People hate me, that's a muthaf*cking truth.." Ok..enough of Murderdolls ) Umph. EDIT:...and of course it seems that my school's server is down at the moment...how embarassing...
  21. Bullet


    Oh yeah, I forgot one S.O.D ...Slaves on Dope And now I posted this, so ppl won't notice your post, and therefor never find that group. Bohahahahahaaa!
  22. Do you feel safer in a room where a)everybody has a gun or where nobody has a gun (or c) where only you have a gun)? But I think it is OK to have something to defend ones home. And Aga..Many Finns have even more powerful 'homedefenders' ...shotguns! Bohahahaaa! oops... Of course they use them as hunting tools, but as we have seen with these fox-girl-activist-thingies...
  23. Bullet


    S.O.D is also Stormtroopers of Death...humour-metal band. I heard about THEM yesterday...(didn't hear their music...only the name and some facts about them)
  24. Yes,I've been listening to Tool...I practically breathe Tool... Freakboy, there is more than that head thing. And Malek...did you find the text parts? I am going to add things today...like 'back' button, a picture of me and photographs of my fathers paintings (that is for him...and he wants my sister to see them...) ...and maybe something more...maybe few of my poems or something...(they are in Finnish..) And note that those links are hidden...some of them really well hidden, because even I had hard time finding them afterwards
  25. So this is what I have been doing: Malice in Wonderland "Enjoy" I hope you'll find thingies from there...not much yet, but definitely different kind of school project, aye?
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