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  1. I am so glad you are not my ref Sith. My PLAYERS are weapon-illiterate,not their CHARACTERS. A slight difference,eh? And...Lets say,you`re takeing a leak (you are not probably carrying a gun then) When you come out from the frigging toilet you notice a man, standing ten, maybe fifteen meters away from you. Pointig a gun at you. The choices you have 1)run or dodge or something. 2) Grab a polymeter-oneshot-cheap-fuckoff which is known sometimes to blow up. That is like on desk which is right next to you or 3) reach for your magnifisent Sternmeyer Type 35 (with excellent accuracy and large clip and shit) which is 10 meters away from you. Or 4) go to the nearest pawn shop for frigging bazooka? What is it going to be? This doesn`t go right to the topic, but... And weapon-illiterated solo isn`t dead one. S/He just knows better ways to kill people. Like melee or martial arts. And that means that the solo is GOOD at what s/he is doing.Now I am going to chill... -Bullecks>
  2. Hey mates, we are going to do it. CJ, if you could borrow us some space for a moment. We could move those thingies to another place (humm...how much do you have files on your hard-drive? CJ? Hound? Is 50 MB enough?) And if Dementi could do graphic design and stuff (and I try to do something... Did I forget to mention that I am not good at anything? Oops... ) I can speak to my friend about that server (if it`s up again.) And stuff...there goes my webpage space...I am exited (like George "Dublaee" Bush would say it.) Well... -Bullecks>
  3. ...and now I have to celebrate my rating. I am a official cyberpunk (I think most of you don`t make a fuzz about this kind of things,eh?) ...it is kind of weird to miss two new messages...CJ, we could use that forum. I don`t know...Gee... (Edited by Bullet at 6:59 am on Aug. 14, 2001)
  4. Oh cool, you liked my idea..Thumper, I checked your sites. Cool. I could use yer Bozos. I really liked those hand-drawn maps. Really cute. I think we need more people than 3 or 4, espesially when I don`t have solid connection. I think I can have 50 Mb free homepage space (and the domain doesn`t sound stupid and there is no banners...my friends server.) And stuff like that. We just need people to submit stuff. Then (my opinion) we should zip `em all (I really hate to copy/paste stuff.) Well. If there is willing people then I am ready.Are you? -Bulleck>
  5. How about?Lets do a world or a city. It would be deeper than our little cities `cause it`d have many creators. Bars, clubs, hotels, Corp-buildings, flats, everything. Tales from the streets. People. Combat zones. Everything. Nut-her thing...Homepages for corps. That you can show on your computer screen. Datafortress`s. Password secured. Beep. Going down (with those frackin` fox banners...grumble...) ...Uh...That idea doesn`t look so good when on "paper"...dull... There is lots of stuff in the `net, so why don`t we gather `em to one tight packet, add some look that would unite `em and edit that packet to readible condition. Then zip it to few zips or rars. That would rock. Spank you, back to work. (Edited by Bullet at 10:05 am on Aug. 13, 2001)
  6. Bullet

    Real Lifers!

    Handle:Bullet, Peenis (yes,that is what you think it is), Phe Guelvara Name:Pekka ( I guess...) Occupation: Student of audiovisual communication (there was a fancier term for this,but I forgot it).<p>Int:6 (moo?) Ref: 6 or 7 I guess... MA: -10...I am slow runner...Look at the BOD Body:8 (I`d say. Little extra round the stomach...it is not all fat...I do have muscles) Attr: Eeeh...4?5? Cool:6 or 7. Tech: Ummm...lets say 3 or 4...I've been studying things that need some technical skills... p>Martial Arts: Tai Shin Mun-kun fu:2 Brawl:5 (with locks and chokes) Bows:3 Melee:5 (with swords..not fencing) Acting:5 or 6 ...I have done this quite long...<p>Weapons: Throwing knife Dangerous pair of wooden sticks Bad breathe Soft air-weapon My hands and feets...<p> Oh Jesus...edited my last munch-version of me...damn I am annoying...
  7. When in real situation you`ll grab any weapon that you`ll find. I think you can`t go any smaller that Glock 18 or Ingram Mac-11 are. And they are small, tough full auto. I am not going to take SMGs away. It would be too confusing. My players are somewhat weapon-illiterate and they don`t care too much about weapons stopping power or accuracy or recoil. Like most of the weapon-illirate Punks don`t care. It is just a weapon. It kills. when target has armor then use AP ammos or shoot to head or use melee or go back to bed. Don`t wake up.
  8. Leave the rules alone and roleplay it. You need only know how good you are with your MArts. I agree with the Psyco-dude . Kick is still a kick you do it with Taekwon-do style or Karate style (altough Taekwon-do has more powerful kicks than Karate.) When you know how good you are then you kick or punch. If you hit, thats goo.Then maybe countermoves bla bla. With little logic you can define what really happens. Kick in the head is kick in the head is messy. Braindamage!
  9. I use Slipknot and nu-metal. Fits fine. Coal Chamber, Deftones, KoRn, Nick Cave(!) , Guano Apes and random Mp3s. And silence. Some times that works. Maybe some classic or choir music. Background music gives mood and the silence works better if there was noise before. I hope you don`t run in to Mo-Do. Terrible music. *gag*
  10. Uh...Russia doesn`t have a "mafia". Just random criminals, sometimes co-operating. Yakuza does very little killing (in fact they kill only those who screw up or something. Theyr own people, that is) Triads tend to do lots of killing. The Mafia...well I think concrete shoes and Cuban tie...that kind of things. Yakuza will protect its honor. Beep.
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