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  1. Gonna throw my 2cents a little late, but who cares. New Rose Hotel = shite Johnny Mnemonic = shite I don't understand why they want to do feature films from short stories. Short stories are just that. SHORT! Novels are longer, but that doesn't mean that the movie is gonna be good (d'uh). Your favorite books might be excellent books, with nuances to feed Africa and layers and whatnot, but if it's a story of someones soul search and is located to somebodys thoughts it's gonna be hell of a work to transform that into a script (and the script to a storyboard) and to a movie. And lets say the books is 500 pages long. In script, one page means one minute. 500 pages = 500 minutes? Ain't gonna happen, sugar. So you have to cut off some loose little here and there. So of course you are going to loose some of your favorite scenes. And books usually have several sub-plots. Movies have those too, but like I said one page is one minute. Movies are usually done on film. And film costs a LOT. Not to mention everybodys salaries, equipment rent etc etc. It's not a wonder producers want the movie to pay off. So that usually means big stars and "cool" CGI. And a plot your average simpleton can understand. Many directors are not in the lucky position of David Lynch or David Cronenberg (or Aki Kaurismäki) who can pull almost anything off. And unfortunately Hollywood has one typewriter and thousand of copymachines. And apparently only few good scriptwriters, who understand how to cut off the loose scenes and play with viewers imagination (watch Gladiator's beginning and think about what you learn about the main character during those few clips). Ok, enough of this ranting.
  2. Rest in Peace, punk-dude
  3. Bullet


    The only good thing that was born out of this horrid puke that is called Matrix. I like almost everyone of them, greatest being the one with the cat and that house and those kids. Reminds me of Hayao Miyazaki's tales. I also like the detective's tale and the World Record. And Kid's story. In fact the only ones I didn't like were that samurai story and Final Flight to Osiris (it isn't bad, I like the style, but it's just so basic Matrix)
  4. Danny.Carey.of. Tool.Dammit. And to John Bonham's defence...err...other great drummers have choked on their own vomit? Nah...not good...Dave Williams died in that way...almost...(OK, rise your hand if you know who Dave Williams is. And rise the other if you care.) Can't really defend Roger Waters. I think he did a decent job, singing in Pink Floyd. I've heard better and I've heard worse. Have you ever heard Liquid Tension Experiment? In that project you can listen to Mike Portnoy without the frigging annoying screaming and hero-guitars. (not a big fan of Dream Theater. Could give their new album a chance,tho)
  5. Truly a great movie. I just disagree on that storytelling part. And I totally agree on those action parts.
  6. Moby Dick's drum solo is the greatest. Ever. The Man (Bonham) ditches his drum-sticks at some point and uses his frigging hands (he even hits a gong at some point...). You can witness all this on the DVD. I put it on for relaxation. I'm sucker for prog-rock. Pink Floyd does NOT suck. Dammit. The greates prog-rock band ever is King Crimson, and the fool (being mostly me) forgot "the Power to believe" CD he bought. I bought it as a birthday gift to myself (the "other" birthday gift was spending waaaay too much money...) I also got The Doors "Greatest Hits" (or something like that...The Doors have more greatest hits CDs than actual studio-albums...) and Maj Karman Kauniit Kuvat - Kaakao (MKKK is Finnish art-rock band...almost equal to Tool, but not.) Right. Exhausted.
  7. I want that Slayer box-set too...damn this life. Last things: Portishead DVD (*****************...enough?) Portishead live CD (*************...and so on...) Don Johnson Big Band - Breaking Daylight (very goood. Me likee) Quintessence - (can't remember) (nice. Good. Liked their live performance) Maj Karman Kauniit Kuvat - Musta Paraati-ep (excellent) Led Zeppelin - How the West was Won (Unbelievable...15 minutes long drum solo on Moby Dick and 25 minutes long medleys. Gotta love it) Deftones live (Not that good. Well, I payed 2.5€, so I don't mind) Ummm...that's about it. I ordered I Mother Earths "Scenery and the Fish", but it hasn't arrived yet. Good thing because I don't have any money.
  8. Bullet


    Oh yeah, at this point I could eat my words. Punk doesn't suck. Not all punk suck. Hardcore doesn't suck. But skate-punk still sucks (that being said I think Travis (from Blink-whaddever) is pretty good drummer). Hmm...haven't decided if emo sucks or not.
  9. Bullet


    Lots of good bands and artist have come up. Like Aphex Twin,Dillinger Escape Plan with Mike Patton (I don't care about their lead singer) and Meshuggah. " I am anti-pop, running to the grave to the day I drop" -Primus- Nah, some pop I do like. Does Radiohead count as pop? Or The Cure? Ok, I have nothing to add to this topic.
  10. No Harry, I am bashing the second one because it was technically and otherwise crap. I've gone thru these reasons millions of times. Can't really bash,trash or otherwise mock the third one cause I haven't seen it. But if badly edited,boring kung fu and pseudo-philosophical cr@p is your cup of tea then... I do understand why people like those movies. I just don't (apart from Animatrix, which I liked). uuuuh well.
  11. I know the feeling when the martial arts look lame. I had a similar feeling when I watched Blade... Without those wire jumps I could have done most of what he did (back then...I doubt I could do a sh!t now...)
  12. I rather do something with my brain when watching a movie. Yes, I like no-brainers too, but I like movies that get me thinking more. And to someones movies are more than 'just movies' to me,for example, movies are my future job. So I am whiskers hard on these big budget movies. There is so much they could have done to save Matrix:Reblows...like a get a proper professionals to edit the cr@p. I have said this before,right?
  13. Gawd damn penny-philosofy. Nay, I haven't seen the movie yet. I'm going to see it, and I try to keep my mind open and possibly I even eat my bad words, but I doubt it. Wankzowsky brothers are still handless monkeys who shouldn't direct movies. And cgi sucks (gee...do I look like a troll?) Imagine if Ned, Neo's brother came. (Ned = end, you dimwit )
  14. Uu uu...the Finn would be Oiva Lohtander (from Raid) Okay, maybe he is little old, but his dry humour and minimalistic acting would be perfect.
  15. Bad taste is a taste too I love bad movies. American Ninja from 1 to 5 American Samurai (which, surprisingly, wasn't that bad) Ninja's Revenge 2 (this was truly bad) 80's movies with David Bradley. Oh and Steven Seagal flicks. They are bad (and oh, so enjoyable). And Jean Van-Damme (his flicks aren't so enjoyable) And Mortal Kombat 1&2..they were nice too...Conquest falls into cathegory "Yuck" And more newer movies...Rush Hour 2 got me too. I still don't like the first RH. It's just annoying. And I still don't like Matrix's. And I have to admit that Mummy and Mummy's Revenge were kinda entertaining. I could start listing horror flicks, but naaaah...they are just annoying (most of them... Few which I really liked: The Ring and Identity) And Italian Job was nice too (there was Pink Floyd's "Money" playing in background) But some bad flicks are just too bad that you can't even laugh at them. They don't have the naive vibe in 'em.
  16. Big list. I'll just put the newer stuff here.. Nick Cave Jane's Addiction Tomahawk And then two bands I have to promote.They are just awesome: Dog Fashion Disco Jasper And The Prodigal Suns And I can proudly say I make a difference. I like pop (britt-pop). And hopefully soon I'll get my own band started. It's going to be something like mr.Bungle. Ip.
  17. Pat was following, slowly, looking at the doors at the same time "No, I don't believe the f*cker was afraid...Maybe little surprised. That f*ck had it all figured out. He knew where he was going, that's for sure. And besides, he had the time. I was kissing the wall while he took some distance... I saw the little c*nt when he was reaching that door. So I ran after him. We ran up the stairs, across the roof top and then the f*cker jumped over the gap. Planned escape route... oh yeah...the f*cking cat...wait..." Pat ran to the staircase where Simms had gone and yelled "Simms..Ask about the cat!"
  18. The acting was stiff... there was no credibility there. Keanu couldn't act a #### (and maybe it was because of the stupid dialog) and was annoying as hell. They didn't bother to wake up any emotion towards these characters. And don't get me started on Morpheus' monologs...they really were mono in a monotonic way... Ok, Trinity was nice, calm and expressionless during the action...I kinda liked that. But watered down...she wasn't that smart, strong woman...rather dulled down, living in the shadow of the Bug, also known as Neo... This movie was clearly Morpheus' movie...too bad they didn't want to give him the spotlight.
  19. What can I say? It blows. Really. It blows monkey nuts (and I don't even know what that means...) The script blows...what the hell am I doing...I explained why it blows. Not my cup of tea. And I'll be damned if I have to watch it again... Personality,anyone? Originality, anyone? No?
  20. Hey, I have the freedom of speech, and freedom to have a differing opinion on this one, right? no? Well sorry, my bad... Matrix Reblows was a great *cough cough* "movie"...(stop poking me with that bayonet will ya?)
  21. I would, but you know the censorship of this board ...and there isn't enough insulting cursing words anyway
  22. Two words: Utter sh*t More words: Some should shoot the script-writer. And the Wankowsky-brothers (yes, I know I spelled it wrong... ) The dialog was sh*t. The pacing was sh*t (have they ever heard of "at the same time in a other place"-editing?...yes..there is a fancy word for that, just can't remember it), the monologs were sh*t. The actors were sh*t. There was no excitement. No tension built there. The fights were waaaaay too long (and totally purposless). There were hardly a plot to follow, and when there was one it was full of pseudo-biblical cr*p...they could have used some of their originality (or borrow some from the neighbour...) And then they decided to throw every single half-assed idea they had in, but then they didn't bother to give them the attention. Choked with clichés. Only good things were the Twins, some amusing one-liners, and the French-guy (although they managed to spoil that too...) Those aside it was entertaining Oh yeah, this time there was no camera-man reflections. This is what happens when bunch of w*nkers with no talent are given lots of money... Lots of "kewl" effects. Yahoo. Next time...please...give the money to the orpheans or to Darron Aronofsky... I give: big stinking cheese balls to this "masterpiece" At least I didn't have to eat my words.
  23. D20 Cyberpunk? Well, there is DigitalBurn, but it blows. You'll have to have The Basic WhateverBook (which costs like 50€ in here) AND the crappy DigitalBurn book (another 50€...) It is basicly a rewrite of Cyberpunk2020, but with less cyber, weapons or original ideas. It has photographs as art (the only original idea), but unfortunately they are rather bad. Even the paper is bad quality... I wouldn't be so harsh on this if I hadn't bought the damn book...fortunately it was cheaper (we ordered it from U.S). And no, I didn't buy the Wizards of Making Money's Basic Book of Obsolete rules.
  24. I've heard most of it, and I like what I've heard. Nice to hear Team Sleeps material (Deftones' singers,Chino Morenos, side-project FYI)... And of course there is MManson's "This Is the New ####" which rocks. I just hope they stop using RATMs music on these mega-commersial movies... they are raping RATMs imago
  25. Bullet


    Back-stabbing Cadillac Samurai wants a pimp suit too! Gonna deal some ho's,fool. Gonna smack ya back to tha stone-age,bro... Okay, my slang is bad...happy now?
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