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  1. i've been following cp2020 for about 12 years now, haven't played a game in god knows how many years... but the thing that really gets me revved up about this gaming system is the distinct parallel between this gaming world and our own every day lives... wander around a major city at 4am (or drive if that suits you a bit better) and you can see what i'm getting at... when i was younger and playing a lot of cp2020, we always used HEAPS of 5mm graph paper, loads of computer printouts and the like, but i never found miniatures really helped when it came to trying to translate what i was seeing in my head to what was happening. the biggest problem with this was that its very difficult to get the scope correct and problems develope early when you bring in various heights... but now i'm beginning to rant... given that you are an anime fan, to get a nice feel for how gritty the world is, watch some of these (they help me to visualise the world): - ghost in the shell - akira (the first 1/2, 3/4ers) - cybercity oedo 808 - the crow (not so much for plot detail, just the whole dark, gritty street scenes) that should get you started at the very least. have a look around the forum and there are HEAPS of people with a few good places to start if you are fairly new to the genre.
  2. i know someone has already said high end computer processors, but what about NEXT-GEN processors? take the capabilities of your standard chip from CP2020 and triple its capacity. that should be enough to start a brawl between 2 corporations, a crime ring and a government... but i like some of the ideas these guys are throwing around. we have some people here with far too much time on their hands...
  3. i've got a HEAP of stuff that i've off the net at one time or another (over the last 6-8 years) which if i get a hold of a copy of clarisworks i can make available for your archive. i'll see what i can do and get back to you on that one... plus i have quite a few essays that i have found but most of them are probably still up on the net somewhere...
  4. thanks for that - i was wondering about those as well. good work lolad and snowtiger.
  5. ok, so here's where im at: i have no gaming group, and the only reason i am doing this is so that the next time my brother comes to town and says "let's play cyberpunk, like we used to when we were younger" i can say "Sure! i got everything right here..." that and i have too much spare time on my hands. mind you though, why wouldnt you put a lot of time and effort into your npc's? if you sit down and make up, say, 5 differing versions of each role, all at differing power levels, you get a pretty good cross section of the community right? besides, once you have your base stats for each power level, you can always just come up with names and lifepath for another 10 and you're got HEAPS of npcs right? you're players arent going to know that in effect Terry and Thomo have the same stats. unless one of them reads through all of your files... and with the amount of stuff that i have on my computer (just for CP2020), they would be sitting here a LONG time... Half of the reason i am doing this is because i figure i might as well try and define the ideas that i have for CP floating around my head, get them down on paper/PC so that i dont delete them during a night of frenzied drinking and partying.
  6. on the topic of watching PC's turn their regular, daily business into an adventure, i have done this personally both In Real Life and while Reffing a game recently. I'd decided to ref a game with my bro to kill around 7 hours one night. He'd JUST come out of the military, so he got off the plane, and all he had was what he had with him in the marines. so he decided he wanted to buy a leather trenchcoat. We spent the next 2 and a half hours with his character roaming around the Strip looking for somewhere to buy this jacket. in the end he got into a firefight with a street merchant who had followed him around for about half an hour trying to sell him a watch... it was great watching him get more and more frustrated with this guy. in the end he pulled his piece and turned around and capped the guy. this then kicked off a 4 hour police pursuit... was fun and kept us entertained all night... Have you ever woken up one day and thought "what the heck am i going to do today?". Have you ever called a friend and wandered around where you live "just to see what happens"? Try this with your characters. Also, the random encounters table in the back of the rulebook is a good place to start, although you may want to change it a little bit so that you have 5 or 6 different tables then roll on a table every 5 minutes or so... Players love random events, more so if you can make it seem as though you just pulled it out of your head... Spicing things up is the name of the game. I love random events. on the flip side, do you ever notice that your most random nights out partying where you just go with the flow turn into the most enjoyable? So, here's golgotha's top tip: #1: Do plenty of research/work before you start playing, and since the plan never survives first contact with the enemy, have a couple of random events tables drawn up to cover any contingencies. And my Backup tip *rolls D100 #05: Sometimes let the dice tell the story. Sometimes just run with it. Sometimes you just need to stop for 5min so you can get your head back together and reflect on events... But by the same token releasing the pressure can kill a scene. In short, go with yout gut.
  7. i have just one thing to add. D-Roc has had FAR too much time on his/her hands... cos that is one HUGE list. and to think that i thought that the list in Pacific Rim was big enough...
  8. ok, so i've just finished re-reading Wildside. Now i've spent every night for the last 5 nights after work writing up NPC contacts using the PC Character Creation system. I now have 5 fully decked out NPCs. I'm randomly rolling for their roles, so sooner or later i'm going to roll up a Fixer. that one will take a while to flesh out me thinks... Im thinking i might stop when i get to about 50 or so... QUESTION: Do You People Put This Much Effort Into Your NPCs Or Do I Need Something Else To Do With My Time... ?
  9. ^ that is gold... absolutely gold when it happens. those moments are THE cinematic moments that players will always remember from a game. sometimes you just HAVE to let the dice tell the story... fact is always stranger or funnier than fiction. my personal fave moment was when my bro and i were playing, for some reason we started fighting each other (in character). my character funbled with wolvers and got them stuck in the wall. bro's char starts pummeling me with blows, then makes an awareness check. hears 5 cops coming down the hallway. my char is still trying to pull wolvers out the wall when the cops burst in the room to find my bro standing there with an arasaka rapid 12 aimed at the door... very messy...
  10. for a start you can spin a D10 on the point opposite all of the even-numbered edges. therefore you never roll a one... mind you tho, that may come into a "cheating" or "munchkin" type of topic, which i am NOT going to touch on here. there are logical ways around all probelms. some people merely think far too laterally. another good method i found was throwing your dice at the ref, in such a way that they bounce off and land on the table. aiming for the head is always good, but incures a -4 penalty, however if you do it right you have the opportunity to change the result while the ref is stunned from being hit in the head with a D10...
  11. *sigh*. and there i was yesterday defending the inner common sense of human kind... do these people even BOTHER to read the whole "Cyberpunk 2020" banner at the top of virtually every page? do they even ask themselves "What The F*ck is Cyberpunk 2020?" $20 (Australian) says that half of these clowns are American...
  12. i got mine... got it a good 8 years ago (jeezus, has it been that long?). given that i'm a fan of the whole occult/technology thing, i love it. and from my own experience, it works best in a setting where you have 2 players. any more than that, and the group just gets too damn powerful. and things get out of hand. i've also used it in a gm+1PC game, where i was the player, and it's still one of the best games i've played. given that vampires are a great deal more powerful than your typical edgerunner, i've found that given the innate power scales provided by the setting allow the GM to be that much more sadistic... and it works. nothing like having a gm keep you running constantly when you can only step outside during the night hours... personally i don't know whether it would really work for an extensive campaign, but a weekend or week-long cram campaign using fledgling/young vampire characters is great fun. other than that it's worth a read
  13. sorry if someone has already mentioned this fairly obvious point of note, but i got lazy and didn't read the last 6 posts... given that PCs have a fairly major tendency to get into fairly major firefights, sooner or later someone is going to get shot. now, taking that factor into account, i'd be assuming that blood trails would be fairly easy to collect dna samples from (*smacks forehead* duh!). just pointing out the obvious so that people REMEMBER that damage equals bleeding, and unless you carry a can of amonia around with you, you're screwed. and as soon as one member of the group is nailed, using that lovely little "reputation" stat, it should be *fairly* easy to figure out who the guy/girl hangs out with. good old fashioned legwork. even a beat cop can do that...
  14. ok. you have more than enough inspiration here for the way to execute this. i'm not going to expand upon that section of the topic for the sake of repetition. (isn't it great when you realise that other people approach a problem in the same manner that you do?) as for the goons, grab a hold of your players character sheets. work out the average of each stat for your pc's party. then subtract 1 from each stat (unless the stat is already at 6). as for gear, you don't need any really fancy gadgets. the main rulebook provides plenty of options for firearms, just use the ones marked "arasaka". that should be a decent giveaway to the players who they are dealing with. And as long as you apply some lateral thought to any gear listed in the rulebook, you dont need any fancy stuff. with you knowing your players the way you do, use their own tactics against them. if your pc's are REALLY ruthless, give it back the same as they dish out. just don't go overboard. by the same token, how many of your players are what we like to term "heroes"? (don't be a hero son. it ain't worth dying for...) if you know your players are going to be itching to get into a firefight, use non-lethal ammo. or just adjust the calibres of the weapons the goons are using to "just" get through their armour (send a msg but not smack them down totally). this could be quite fun to play out. let us know how it goes down. i want to hear about this...
  15. my excuse for being off the board for so damn long has been my pc dying on me , moving from 2 different houses in 3 weeks, searching for a new place to live and the ever-present "work" that almost everyone seems to do that occupies my time. oh well. now that has been sorted, i can get back to trying to dry myself out after falling a little too deep into the pub/hospitality life. sigh. BUT now that my life seems to be getting in order, expect to see me rack up a few more hits on the board. maybe i should take up kickboxing like i always wanted too...
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