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    Mirrirshades: Nightmare Asylum...<br>Live Roleplaying in a Darker Future.
  1. Virgil

    SINergy Cyberpunk LARP

    Thanks Chrysalis It's appreciated! T-Minus 2 weeks! Eek
  2. Virgil

    SINergy Cyberpunk LARP

    Hiya Pictures can be found at this link depending on which session you want to look at: http://www.sinergylarp.com/session_photos.htm The relaunch session takes place in the ZONE nightclub under the Palais in Nottingham. The new venue has to be seen to believed...it's so very punk! www.SINergyLARP.com - Pure Cyberpunk
  3. SINergy the UK cyberpunk LARP has just re-launched on the NET check out www.SINergyLARP.com for all the latest news and don't forget to take a look at the IC pictures and leave your mark on the forum. Our re-launch session is on the 6th October with an expected turn out of over a hundered players in the ZONE nightlcub, Nottingham. So feel free to come down and emmerse youself in the cyberpunk city of Nova Roma. Both new and experienced players welcome. Virgil Wylde
  4. Virgil

    Cyberpunk LARP

    Hi I'm actually on the ref team for the SINergy Cyberpunk LARP Our Re-launch session ison the Oct 6th and we were previously held in critical aclaim with a dedicated player base and web presence until the venue changed management. With a new venue confirmed and contracted, timeline and rules system under construction we are back in business in true Nova Roma style. Check the site for details www.SINergylarp.com for more details, we hope to have around 100 people for the first session which will allow for the most cyberpunk atmosphere possible. Drop me aline at Archangel_Virgil@yahoo.com hope to see you there Virgil Wylde
  5. Well if you want ot get on the cyberpunk larp scene coem on down (or up) for a session and see if ya likes it If you need a place to stay we can definatley sort you guys out and trust me it's a great night out. If money's a problem (I think it's a tad expensive to get up to notts from essex) then we can waver your first session price (do NOT tell the other refs I said that). I know it's not much but if it helps at all... Other than that I thikn there's only one other cp larp I really know of and that's run by Cardiff uniy larp peeps and I don't even know if their running anymore. If there are more LARPS out there PLEASE LEAVE POSTS SO THAT WE KNOW WERE NOT ALONE OUT THERE!!! Chris Virgil_Wylde@nightmare.co.uk Nightmare Asylum online : www.mirrorshades.co.uk
  6. #### straight those guys were great it's fantasti cto have a club where everybody is totally IC and even the barstaff and DJ's are active players. Once we shut those doors it BECOMES the Nightmare Asylum. Sorry to hear you can't make it spud hope to see you around for future sessions, your totally welcome it was nice meeting you after all this time... antiChris(T)
  7. Virgil


    Occupy My brain? Oh yeah
  8. Hi guys I've just gotta say that I havn't posted here much as times been a bit spare but I have to say thank you for the reviews guys, I'm really gald you liked it, i hope to see both of you for the Nightmare ASylum battle of the bands on August the 5th and Annie don'worry your chars not dead if you wanna play er next session we'll work something out Hope to see a few more reviews Chris
  9. Virgil


    Hey Annie Had a good time last week with the gang ... thanks I have to say Annie that being as you've just started playing you may not hav noticed that 95 percent of teh plot in that room is player led...we just help it along. The mutant stuff was stated by players and all teh tsuff you've seen so far was brought together by a colaboration of us and the players. Trust me it's not the same structure as the chesterfield system. I think you'll see this coming session By the way we have players from scotland and wales as well as london and all over the bloody country... Come along people next sesion is on the 1st of July Chris
  10. Virgil


    Hmmm 70-80 people are because (and I ain't ego tripping) is that the role players I hae ever had the pleasure of gaming with in my life. the idea of shades is kinda roleplay based rather than ruleplay based... ICE if you want to start one in Canada I'll see if we can allow the release of our rule system to you guys, it'd be cool to spread the MIRRORSAHDES over the big blue wet thing if your interested. Thorn, the interest we have was generated by making contact with the right people and generating enough entusiasm to keep them. Also as a ref listen to everything they have to say, it's really important to make sure they all have an equal voive in both the plot and story arcs as well as the game engine and other inner workings. Finally advertise over the are your in, not just the city but all over. After our advertiseing is complete were looking at a player attnedance of around 100, not bad for a monthly LARP. On the plot side, don't limit yourself to save the world garbage that really turns off players. They wanna play low down dirty punks, street scumb solos having to do the ccrappy jobs for cash and deckers selling their soul for the newest version of tehir hardware. It's cool and the atmosphere is incredible, if you don't believe me check out the Nightmare Asylum forum on the offical site... www.mirrorshades.co.uk Is annie around she's one of our players Chrsi
  11. Virgil


    Hi everybody Sorry it's been a while since I posted (think it was the William Gibson discussion) anyway this is just to say HI!!! I'm back and also to kinda start a discussion on cyberpunk LARP. I know allot of you are not interested by the prospect in the slightest...However we ere at shades know that there is only one other cuberpunk LARP in Britain (wales it still counts) and were pulling 70-80 players a monthly session so I know there are fans out there!!!!! What I want to know is where your all hiding! Also the pros and cons of LARP cyberpunk, have any of you experienced it before...did you enjoy it, what problems did you have etc etc. I'm hoping for a good response cause I know that even if you havn't larped everybody who punks wants to BE their chars for at least a few hours... So every punk on the site please give me some feedback, I'd love to know what you think. Thanks Virgil Wylde - NIGHTMARE ASYLUM www.mirrorsahdes.co.uk
  12. Hi Once again www.mirrorshades.co.uk has been updated. There is now a Forum and Chat rooms so flex those fingers and enjoy.
  13. Virgil


    Hi Everyone Right Session 2:0 was a great hit with a total of 49 players 5 refs making an interactive group of 54 people! Session 3:0 is on the first of April 5-11pm session price 3 pounds (subject to change) We are also considering a change of venue as even more players are expected next session. We have access to a night club but at the mo it's undergoing a refit so STAY POSTED! Any quires get in touch Chris (Virgil Wylde) Hayes
  14. www.mirrorshades.co.uk Has recently been updated. It now houses the offical MIRRORSHADES : Nightmare Asylum site which contains all you need to know to start LARPing in the Cyberpunk World of New Rome city 2034. It also contains the photos of sessions 1:0 and the incredibly successful session 1:1 and an updated version of the timeline. Chris Hayes (Virgil Wylde)
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