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  1. I would suppose nanotech trackers in the ammo are a little on the expensive side, and may malfunction on impact. A liquid or powdered radioactive isotope either coating the round, or embedded/contained in the tip of the round, is cheaper and will never malfunction. Just follow the radiation afterwards:P
  2. I tend to use the "classical" punk most of the time, but I have several different groups I GM, and they are following slightly different timelines (some are in 2019, some in 2028, and, on request, I plan to convert one of my groups to v3 and 203X just to see how that works. So the style and setting changes from group to group, and I always try to draw a clear line between the different settings and what kind of tech is available to the player characters.
  3. It's a good idea, but I wouldn't bet my life on it You do not always have time to pull a gun, but I guess it's better than some girls here in Norway who get their army buddies to supply them with CS gas grenades. Sure as hell to incapacitate that rapist.
  4. Hey, I really like this idea. I've used the concept a few times, but not exactly like this. Thanks for supplying more omnious ways to creep out my players.
  5. I thought up my own little set of PSI rules for my home made CP Starcraft conversion, so if you're interested I could send it to you. It's really pretty simple and I've created a fine little group of psychic powers as well.
  6. Probably buses and trains going from city to city. Check out Home of The Brave for blimp routes across the States. Probably som flights going too, Night city does have an airport. As for design etc, I would guess that buses and stuff look a lot like buses do today. Long, big with 4+ wheels and lots of seats. Possibly corporate owned transport service does trips between states?
  7. Hmmm... Teletubbies South Park (the players knocked Eric Cartman out the window of a ten story building) Some Elvis gang, but there are so many of those
  8. Aha... so that's what happened... I'm not really laughing either More like crying silent tears of despair... "sigh" Maybe something better will come up...
  9. I guess the last cd I bought must've been Probot. Various quality... Other than that... Some older stuff: Pantera - Live 101 proof CoF - Cruelty and the Beast CoF - Midian Dimmu Borgir - Godless Savage Garden Lacuna Coil - Unleashed Memories Korn - Take a Look in the Mirror Dream Evil - Dragonslayer Matrix Revolutions Soundtrack Resident Evil Soundtrack Fear Factory - Digimortal
  10. I've had lots of fun playing rockers in the past. One player group where they all played different parts of the band and the assisting personnel (techs, bodyguards etc) trying to make a living for themselves in a new city. They had to earn the friendship of a gang "The Partysmashers" to avoid having their gigs trashed, and encountered several kinds of trouble when they started to speak up for some gangs and talk/sing sh*t about others. They ended up doing propaganda in a minor gang war as they threw the coolest parties and events for those on their side, while excluding anyone from the opposin
  11. See if you can find the music vid for Dead or Alive's "you spin me round" Whoa! Thou shalt seek for nigh unto eternity to find worse.
  12. You could try to use the step by step descriptive/narrative method. Start by telling him something like this: Just close your eyes, listen to what I say (etc mumbo jumbo) and participate. Imagine a street. A filthy street. Trash lines the sidewalk, emerging like great garbage monsters from the dark alleyways. Brown rain pours down from a bleak sky above, running down the street in shallow, murky rivers of filth. Somewhere in the distance, the screams of a dying man emerge from the darkness, overhead a helicopter crosses the sky, drowning out all sound momentarily. It is Los Angeles. The y
  13. Is that Mel Gibsons newest movie? The one in hebrew and latin only? With no subtitles or dubbing?
  14. Usually ban on a story to story basis. Some stories need heavy restrictions on weapons, while others do not. Usually my players don't need the big guns, but a couple of players I run through the Fourth Corporate War on Militech side have access to a good deal of gear and guns. But normally, I don't even allow characters to have anything bigger than a submachinegun. Some have rifles, but not usually the heavy ones. And all big guns they get from the parent corp have to be given back after an op. So it all works out fine.
  15. Considering martial arts, most people who train martial arts add a certain 'personal touch' to the style. Whether this touch is a roundhouse kick or a three-phase-back-leg-and-neck-breaker, the point is that no fighting style is set in stone. People improvise. Without improvisation, no martial art would work, 'cause the world out there is a lot different from the dojo. As a ref, think more out of what is logical for the character to have added of these personal touches, get some basic info on the martial art used as a 'base' and create something of your own that fits the character perfectly
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