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  1. It never exactly induced nipple twists for me, to be frank. I saw the City Gun(?) in Chromebook 2 (IIRC) and immediately saw what a steaming pile the concept was, let alone any gun that actually used the tround concept. The tround shape might prove interesting in a caseless weapon, however.
  2. Too bad the $59.99 Mosin Nagents are long gone unless they're so tore up from the floor up they're barely functional, eh? My friend got a nice one and I have to say that it's actually fun to shoot.
  3. That's some realio-dealio shit right there. Pretty much the same sort of thing is done with any gray/shadow economy. You need to be paid but you can't go busting people up right off the bat (no pun intended) because then they can't do the work to pay the debt. Cartels just south of me (as in 25-30 miles south) they can straight up pop someone off for any old thing because there is so much money in what they do. No matter how bad the individual hit, they make it back in a week or less (usually much less). The thing about here is the fact that eventually everything trickles down to th
  4. I love how he consistently shows that the impossible is certainly possible. He "started slow" and still got six into the target with an anti-material rifle in under a second.
  5. I love how he consistently shows that the impossible is certainly possible. He "started slow" and still got six into the target with an anti-material rifle in under a second.
  6. My fav was the target with a backstop of everyone's cars and a building. Yay for safety!
  7. We already have them, Rocky. I think it was Liberia, IIRC, that hired that semi-famous South African mercenary to help police their waters from being overfished by everyone else.
  8. My issue with your logic, Gomiville, is that Martin responded to the personal affront with what even trained police officers consider lethal force. There is a high likelihood of grave injury (concussion or even worse) when getting your head beat into concrete via your face so a lethal force response was indeed justified.
  9. It would have made an excellent claim of self defense if Zimmerman hadn't lost Martin, and Martin hadn't decided to head back from the safety of his porch to Zimmerman to take care of their "unfinished business". I can see where being followed by a random would piss someone off (I'm not one of them, but I can see it from another's perspective) but being pissed off isn't even approaching a valid legal, or moral, reason to double-back and assault someone. The store thing has zero bearing in this situation as well. If Santa Clause just came back from giving all the good boys and girls toys,
  10. You're absolutely correct, Gomiville. I messed up the timeline of the burglary tool and the stolen jewelry. My apologies. However, the paranoia caused by criminal behaviors doesn't dissipate immediately after you get home. If you get confronted later on, all of the sensations I described above are all to prevalent as you mentally wonder if they know, how much they know if they do know, and so forth. This is actually one of the main reasons why criminals are commonly described as standoffish to strangers but people that have known them for a while say that they're often great people to be
  11. It will finally become a problem when a Congressman is killed by a techoterrorist or some similar type of high-profile situation. Businesses are as reaction-based in their thinking about security as anyone else when it comes right down to it.
  12. To be honest, I'm confident enough in my position in this world that someone following me wouldn't freak me out. In fact, I would stop and ask the person following me if there was something I could help them with (a great way to initiate any contact with an unknown person as it's non-threatening and non-accusatory, btw). Having actually been "the guy in the hoodie" in the past, the contact went very well for both sides as I explained that I was on my way home after a long night at work. They thanked me after I thanked them for double-checking "because you never really know" and went back to th
  13. The issue, Gomiville, is that your argument doesn't hold up based upon the report from Zimmerman that he lost Martin. If you're following someone, and then lose sight of them, you're not following them anymore. If you purposefully turn your back on a person's previous verified location and walk away from it towards your vehicle, you're not following that person any longer. Furthermore, if you are at the safe location of your porch without someone effectively following you and then proceed to search for that person that was previously following you then you are initiating a fresh contact
  14. Last I checked one definition of "Professional" (see 2-C) is someone that is doing something for financial gain. Chances are Martin wasn't looking to add to his Random Stolen Jewelry scrapbook so...
  15. Excellent point, Gomiville. If we find someone with a scabbed lip, a lighter, a well-used pipe, and crack rocks in a baggy in their pocket it is obviously completely unreasonable to assume that this person is a crack user. Martin was found with a large screwdriver, a common burglary tool, and stolen property, a crime in and of itself whether he committed the burglary himself or not. What kinds of conclusions should we reaching other than the ones stated earlier?
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