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    I am currently going to school to get my second degree. I am a writer who writes mostly cyberpunk, some regular science fiction, goth, horror, and some mainstream. My favorite movies are Blade Runner, Tank Girl, Harold and Maude, Mame, and M*A*S*H.
  1. I recommend Richard Paul Russo. His Cyberpunkish books are Destroying Angel, Carlucci's Edge, and Carlucci's Heart. I know DA is out of print here in the U. S. but if it is in Austria you could get it through Amazon.com pretty cheap/ Welcome to the boards!
  2. Cool Malek, I always enjoy converting people to the way of Russo. The other books that you might like are- Carlucci's Edge Carlucci's Heart Subterranean Gallery You can get all four book on Amazon for pretty cheap. I hope you enjoy them.
  3. Oooh! I almost forgot! I love 80's new wave to get me in the mood to make some good old fashioned hard core old school Cyberpunk. Romeo Void's song Never Say Never is a perfect example. Love that song!
  4. Personally I always listen to Front 242 when I'm writing, I also think Aqualung by Jethro Tull is really cyberpunk sounding, and Pink Floyd is cyberpunkish. William Gibson Listened to The Velvet Underground the whole time he was writing Neuromancer, and I think the Old David Bowie, and Iggy Pop are very cyberpunk. I like NIN, and... wow, there are lots of different artists who can be considered cyberpunk, I think Some of Ice T's stuff can be cyberpunk, and he was is Johnny Mnemonic (cuz he's awesome like that). So who's to say what is or isn't? It's just how the music strikes you that says whether or not it's cyberpunk. And I think Shania Twain is gorgeous, maybe not as gorgeous as Angelina Jolie, but still she's gorgeous. I think Angelina's yummy, and she is usually the model I use for my main characters in my stories.
  5. Thanks Malc, Yeah, I had a hectic summer, lost my Internet service, blah-blah-blah. RPR is really great, I highly recommend his work, especially Destroying Angel, it's out of print but you can get a good copy on Amazon for only a couple of bucks, Carlucci's Edge, and Carlucci's Heart are both really good as well. It takes place in San Francisco sometime in the near future. He has a real Blade Runner feel to his books, and I love the imagery he uses. Here is the first bit from Destroying Angel by Richard Paul Russo- Tanner watched the children playing among the methane fires of the neighborhood dump. Overhead, a sick green and orange haze muted the late-afternoon sun, the green curdling through the orange. It was hot, and Tanner was sweating. The children chased one another, stumbling through the garbage, weaving in and out of the fires. Soot stained their faces, their tattered clothes. One of the girls periodically barked a patterned sequence of noises; each time she did, all the children abruptly changed direction. And it just gets better. Again I want to stress the above excerpt is from Richard Paul Russo's book Destroying Angel, published by Ace in 1992. Like I said I highly recommend it.
  6. I just founs out that Richard Paul Russo has written yet another Carlucci book. I am so happy! I thought Ship of Fools was good, but I prefer his cyberpunkish stuff.
  7. Rudy is awesome. I really like his work, and he is such a funny,and strange man. I met him in Atlanta in 1996 and he was reading excerpts from his new (at that time) novel. It was cool, cuz Bruce Sterling was sitting in the back of the room laughing hysterically at him the whole time. It was a cool experience, I must say.
  8. Oh yeah, and Freeplay, I like your story too. I like the translation, it gives it a grittier, edgier feel. I enjoyed it very much.
  9. I liked it very much. Lots of imagery. That what drew me to cyberpunk in the first place. I think you should do well with your writing. I look forward to more stories from you.
  10. I know most of these have been covered but too bad. LOL! They are- Blade Runner Nikita Robo Cop Hackers (yeah Angelina Jolie is so gorgeous, and sexy!!!) Escape From NY Max Headroom ( I like the US series, but I like the British movie better) Ghost In The Shell Metropolis Bubblegum Crisis
  11. I can't believe how good this show was. I had heard about it for a long time but never bothered to watch, but it was on the Action channel the other night and I watched. I loved it. Does anyone else like it?Is there any other anime out there even remotely like it? Besides Akira, and Ghost In The Shell.
  12. Um yeah, I'm a writer. I am currently working on a cyberpunk short story, that I'm having a bit of trouble thinking of an ending for. I have let several people read it, and they have said it's good, some have even said it's great. I love writing cyberpunk, and exploring the cyberpunk future in my head.
  13. I really like Richard Paul Russo's books- Destroying Angel (the best of the lot), Carlucci's Edge, and Carlucci's Heart. They are out of print but you can get all three on amazon.com used, for a fairly good price.They are very cp-ish, and have lots of vivid cyberpunk street scene description. I think from how you described it thats what you like, (as I do as well). Good luck finding more reading material.
  14. I met Rudy in Atlanta at a Dragon Con in 1996. He is really a strange but nice guy. I also met Bruce Sterling, and R. U. Sirius, also nice guys. Rudy read from his then new novel wetware (I think, it's the book about the moldies). It was a lot of fun.
  15. I have this GN and while I loved the setting illustrations I thought the people were hideous, especially Molly. Yeah, Jane is closer to how I thought Molly should look. I wish the people were drawn better but I still like the GN, it's pretty cool.
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