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  1. Thanks guys! Never would have found it otherwise.
  2. Many moons ago I remember reading an article about creating believable organisations that the players were opposing. The article had you treat the organisation effectively as a character, with a head/brain (the top), arms (major NPC's) and a body (vital areas of the organisation that it needs to function). You then fleshed out each section and worked out how it ticked, so that depending on what areas of the organiation the PC's interacted with woudl depend the level and type of response they got. I remember the example was some smallish biotech company, and the arms were the head of security and the head of R&D, who had very different agendas and reactions (unsurprinsly). What I can't remember is where I read it. I originally thought it was in Listen Up, but haven't found it there. I am trying to show the article to a few friends, but can't remember where i saw it for the life of me, anyone here remember anything like it?
  3. I'm not saying you should, hey I loved reading this discussion and followed your logic as to why you did certain things perfectly. Once you leave out the SDP bits (because you already have that sorteD) the rest is mostly sugaring - where the brain goes etc... Spinal cord, now someone enlighten me since I stopped biologoy at GCSE and took physics (hence my rant about materials that is coming below). As I understood it most of the spinal column is basically just a great big connection between the body and the brain, sort of like the way the internet runs now with a few high bandwidth backbones which the smaller pipes connect to. Obviously in a fleshy body the sudden serving of this causes paralysis as well as frequent death due to neural shock. But in a borg body is it really necessary to have most of the spinal column? Granted I know the top portion has a lot to due with reflex arcs but the rest of it? As said someone feel free to correct my ignorance. Orbital materials..... Right thinking back 2-3 years to A level physics.... Something was discovered when physcists starting doing really detailed tests on metals - they withstood much less force than they should do. Everyone knew from several centuries of using the metals that a steel girder would survive a force of say (for simplicity) 1000N but the scientists with calculators worked out that it should survive 10000N and couldn't account for the discrepancy. It turns out the reason for this is the structure of the metal. The modecules form structured crystaline shapes. Now when the geeks did their calculations they assumed that the metal was monocrystaline - aka all the crystaline shapes were the same size and shape so they all interlock perfectly and are very strong. What actually happens in reality due to the way its manufactured, how the metal cools, impurities, gravity etc... is they form multiple different sized crystals - polycrystaline. These done't fit together so well obviously, so when the metal is put under force things give along the boundaries between the crystals explaining the much lower "real" to "theorical" values of strength. Monocrystaline metals of any quantitiy are practically impossible to make on earth, what happens now is better understanding and manufacturing techniques produce a smaller number of different crystaline shapes in the metal which leads to better fiting together. Thats why even back in the middle ages blacksmith annealed the metal they were working into swords. The Annealing process moves forces the crystals to move alignst each other and align better making the metal stronger. The blacksmiths of course didn't know this, but they knew it worked. In orbit, in theory at least they can produce monocrystaline metals in greater quantity, but the process will still be difficult and prone to failure, explaining orbital metals much higher pricetag. right we're in luck, I still have my AS physics CD with its pictures using a layer of ball barings between perspex to illusatrate the metal crystals. This is a picture of a monocrystaline metal: everything is aligned together Here is a polycrystaline metal for you. See the boundary between the 2 crystalls and guess what is going to give when actual force is applied. {edit note - no piccies anymore - change of webhost and lost the images} Well theres the physics for you anyway. Hence me being pissed off when the books talk about orbital crystal as a material..... they got SOOO close to being accurate only to give you completely the wrong impression.
  4. Darn. I didn't see a post "thanks all it's off" so hoped. Oh well. *sends you a pm with my email address* As i said those numbers were literally plucked straight off the top of my head as rough guides of the sort of effects it had.... PlasSteel. Sorry this is my bad...... I've played/read up on so many sci-fi RPGs/stories I sometimes get comfused... Thinking about it that probably came from necromunder. My applogies that was ment to be whatever the standard material is. grr at crystaline metals that is my pet hate with CP2020 how they have munged that bit of physics. But I will save that rant for another time. Ok so drop the last material and keep orbital titianium.
  5. Wow...... this'll teach me never to stop reading this board because CP has died down a lot in my area. Borgs are one of the areas I am personally intereested in and I would have loved to contribute a bit more to this discussion but oh well. Right some 2p from me: Bipods and where they go: If the user does not elect for an interchangeable model they can elect to have it in either the chest or head, if they have it in the head then it is like someone specified earlier - brain in the head while spinal column and the life support systems in the torso. If they have an interchangable bipod its got to be in the chest, no ifs or buts. Everything has to be packed together in 1 easy to remove package and the only place there is space for that is the chest cavity. Also I play that longevity modules are quite obviously built into the bipod and as such if you have an interchangable one apply to whichever body you have moved it too at the time. (self explanitory really but never explicity stated and saving you mega £££ if your body becomes a writeoff for whatever reason and you have to buy a new one) If the brain is in the torso and the head gets blown off as I think snowtiger said thats fine except the borg is blind, deaf etc.... a reason why many borgs expecting combat elect for at least 1 chest mounted sensor - say razer scanner/sonar/milimitre range radar. if the location the brain is in takes significant SDP damage/a critical hit players roll for a hit to the bipod, while it would be more realistic to have specififc effects for speed it is ruled that a bipod hit is considered the same as a head hit for a normal human aka double damage. I find this is usually significant enough. ---- MA, REF and BOD/STR, this was an interesting discussion, in general I feel that BOD and STR (if you have STR in your games) are related to how strong the muscle is, MA & REF are all related to how fast the muscle can move, just like biologoical systems cyberlimbs can be made to either be slow and pwoerful or weaker and faster or if you have mega £££ powerful and fast. But what do other people think. As for ref I agree with the nerve speed discussion - the electronic nerves may be a lot faster but at the end of the day in your meat body there were about 5 synapses taking the signal from a sensory organ and then back to a muscle (if i remember my GCSE biology) and 50 billion in your brain - so where is the major slowdown going to be? Also because the major slowdown in the nervous system is not the energy travelling down the nerve, but the chamical triggering of the next nerve that the signal jumps to, making distance far less relervant than the number of nerves in the chain (which as i stated somewhat unclear above is a few in the body and a shedload in the brain) ----- SDP issues: sort of combining bits from all of the earlier disccusions give people a choice of materials to suit all budgets: e.g Sovwear steel: -50% cost, +50% SDP +100% weight, you look like a walking scrpyard CheappAss Plastic: -80% cost, -50% SDP -50% Weight, you can look however you want and also have a much lower profile on Xrays, metal detectors etc.... But would provide much less shielding from emp. Plasteel.... The standard limb Titianium, used in the gemini and much euro-cyber, you can either go for weight or strength so either: +50% cost, same SDP, -20% weight or +50% cost, +30% SDP, same weight I can't remember the exact properties of titianium compared to nromal steel except that its lighter and stronger. (ok so plasteel is stronger and lighter than normal steel too - this is 2020 titianium, maybe plastitianium ) Orbital titianium: +100% cost, +100% SDP, same weight Advanced composite: basically ExpensiveAss Plastic +70% cost, same SDP, -30% weight low scanner profile so used for infiltration borgs. Orbital crystal - this facinated me the orbital crystal limbs in CB 1 or 2 (sorry my copy is packed away in the guarage atm). Imagine having your entire borg frame made out of these, be more a fashion statement than anything else due to the price but would look quite... interesting. +200% cost, +100% SDP, -10% weight people get a nice look at your bipod so its probably for rockstars only. Ok those numbers were just pulled from the top of my head so please feel free to give better balenced versions. humanity cost I will stay out of since I am a shameless borg wannabe
  6. Draconas


    Quote Best Joke: When they turn on the CD-Player in Scotts car... Superheros shouldn't be allowed to listen to Pop music I still like jsut before when they get in the car and wolverines is rummaging for the keys. "This is cyclops car..." "really....?" instantly abandons looking for keys and gets things running the old fashioned way
  7. Quote Do not try and run too many games (my own sin). Your not alone in that. I run 1 game and play in several others and I find that really you have to tailor the game speed to your players. And in my case I have to tailor the plots to the players: e.g people that post with the same speed tend to end up together. That way I can keep the faster posters going without worrying about alienating the slower ones. Tactical maps is a big one. Almost every fight scene i end up whacking out PSP and drawing a quick and dirty diagram of the area. nothing facny just some lines and coloured blobs with labels so the players can actually see everything in relation to everything else. Because mine is a cybergeneration game and thus doesn't have the player base I have had to provide an awful lot of background stuff written directly from the gamebook. This isn't too bad despite its quantity because its broken up into smaller files on different bits and put in a folder labelled background. The most important thing is to be more flexable. I have the players do full character sheets as I use as a guide but most of the stuff is totally freeform - the player says what they want and if their description is good and I think that character should be able to do it then it happens. If it think tis important to add some random chance, or it is only jsut within their abilities it break out Draco's digital dice and roll the numbers. I also stick strictly to the numbers for player Vs player as its the only way to keep a sensible balence.
  8. Draconas

    Real Lifers!

    Name: Christian Bates Handle: Draconas Role: Netrunner Age: 19 Stats INT: 9 REF: 6 TECH: 8 COOL: 7 ATTR: 4 BODY: 6 EMP: 3 Skills: interface: 5 wardrobe and style: -10 athletics: 4 awareness: 2 Rifle: 3 MA: Jujistsu: 2 MA: Wrestling: 2 Education: 6 Lib search: 6 Programming: 6 Expert Cyberpunk: 6 Langauge German: 2 Accounting: 2 Useless Paperwork: 3 Intimidate: 4 Endurance: 3 Electronics: 2 Computer design: 4 Dodge: -5 Anything that requires interacting with people: -5 Height: 6'4" Hair: short, brown and greying Eyes: blue with brown sunburst. Tall, thin, pale and supsrisingly strong for what i appear and fit if you consider that i do no exercise Gear: The Big Tower o' Drac (includes expert skill: cult of the big Tower) Pointy object thats all I really need
  9. I run an online cgen one. My friend abe runs 2 cyberpunk ones. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/cgen2027 One CP is mid/high powered http://groups.yahoo.com/group/yidra The other left conventional cyberpunk behind sometime last year. Private group which we can't unset. We decided for player sanity that it's best that you join yidra first then after a while you get story sucked into cyberlife. you can however get some rather outdated information about it and up to date info about cgen on my website. (not that I'm plugging it or anything )
  10. Draconas


    Favorite Xmen - wolverine. I thoiught colloss was actually done well. When you looked at the scene as he startyed going forward you could see the way way the armour contored with the muscles. Anyway it was a test run, I think we will see a lot more detail if he returns in number 3. baddie: magneto as well. I would have like to have seen Lady Deathstrike with actual personality and her plotline rather than "generic evil bitch with claws" since it would have made her so much more interesting.
  11. Draconas


    So who do we vote as the coolest X-man/woman/unspecified then? Prof X not on the list diliberately 1. Cyclops 2. Jean 3. Wolverine 4. Storm 5. Iceman 6. Rogue 7. Nightcrawler 8. Colossus (ok it was only a 5 second apparence but it was cool) And while we're at it coolest evil mutant: 1. Magneto 2. Sabertooth 3. Toadie 4. Pyro 5. Mistique 6. Lady Deathstrike
  12. Draconas


    Once again has lots of little quotes that I enjoyed. Iceman: "this is cyclops' Car" Wolverine: Evilgrin, Snick, "going in!" Magneto: "you'd think they'd have learnt to fly by now" Iceman: "Hi mum, this is urrr professor Logan"
  13. Draconas


    I so wanted wolverine to remember who Lady Deathstrike was. There was a glimmer right at the end of the scene but had he actually realised it would have made such an interesting plot moment! Number of Lines spoken by Deathstrike in the entire movie: 1. To misique the janitor. I think that has to be a record for non mute major supporting characters. I thought Colossus effects were pretty good, especially as it was one tiny scene. I agree about the accent, hopefully we will see it properly russian. Magnetos escape was great though. you saw 3 BB's floating above his hand and knew that people were in ####.
  14. Draconas


    We get it on the 1st. Which is today and has been for about an hour.... we get a film before the yanks do!!! (they get it on the 2nd as well)
  15. Draconas

    The Matrix

    For those of us who have broadband it is your duty as cyberpunks to goto the matrix website and downlaod the ultra-large Matrix 2 trailer..... Then all you need to do is book tickets for the opening night
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