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    The sights also do 20x magnification, which also provides a very nice edge in a long range firefight assuming the rifle itself is accurate enough.
  2. Gringoleader

    Stealth Tank

    The real truth of the situation is that if you don't have air superiority over the modern battlefield you won't have a tank for very long anyway and so you're best bet is to cheese it out of the tank corps at the first opportunity and finds a house with no aerials sticking out to live in for the duration.
  3. Gringoleader


    I don't think there are electronics in the grenades. There's a laser ranger built into the sight and once the target is lased you get an aimpoint on the sights HUD. You can adjust the range to modify when the grenade falls, then you point at the dot and the dumbfired grenade hits the target.
  4. They did the job, they left the city and have been working out of the company's Night City office ever since. They are three successful jobs down the line now. As far as relatives go there are a few, one has some close but kept-at-arms-length mob ties and a couple of the others have siblings and family. Two of the characters have spouses, and one has kids, but they have a great deal of security attached to them, even more than the character themselves. Since the players were very definite that they wanted such high security for their immediate family I would feel it a bit cheesy to have them whacked.
  5. For info on their company have a shuftie at the article in the cyber city compnay forum about Appleton Interventions. That's the corporation they work for. I was pondering with the idea of hitting employees and hitting family members of characters. Possibly taking hostages. The problem with this strategy is the players tend to get defensive if I ask about character's personal lives as they suspect something bad is imminent.
  6. Our group has encountered children before and the basic rule of thumb is they are small targets with a fixed BTM of 0. They also tend to have very low COOL and BOD stats.
  7. Well the team in question is that lovable, huggable bunch of Rastafarian Petrochem topboys the Water Leopards. The player's cell ran into them on an operation in London and they crossed swords as it were. Although the players took down a couple of the Leopards they stuffed up their mission in the process and had to get out of the country in a hurry. Now the problem is that the Leopards have twigged who it was that burned down two of their lads. Naturally they want payback. The problems facing them are that the player's cell have very good personal security, and they are pretty well protected from actions through their company. The Water Leopards cannot bring Petrochem to bear on the team, as they were acting on a cheeky aside for their boss that did not have the company rubber stamp on it.
  8. I don't think you really need anything that extreme, just take the current worst case scenarios from most environmental groups, add to them the worst case scenarios from a political standpoint (terrorist nukes etc), couple that with the resultant worst case from a civil liberties perspective (martial law, civilian informers etc), throw in an economic catastrophe and you've got a thoroughly unpleasant picture of the global mess in 2020.
  9. Let's be blunt here. Japanese Warrior culture was never tested against any foreign power. The only guys that came close were the mongol hordes, and they were cut off by the sea. Make no mistake had the mongols got their hands on the Samurai they would have slaughtered them. That said the Mongols also slaughtered pretty much everyone else that fought against them, but that's life, those guys were nasty, their composite bows were better than the English longbows and able to fire from the saddle, effectively unbeatable by usual means since infantry simply couldn't get close. Not to mention the fact that because each man took four horses on the campaign their army could cover something like fifty miles a day, which means you can bypass the enemy, kill his wife, kids, goats and line of supply, then chop up the what's left of the starving army on it's march home. When the mongols went up against the cream of European chivalry on their march to the Danube river they wiped out the army that opposed them to the last very man. As to the effectiveness of European armour take the example of the battle of Crecy. French have four to one numerical advantage. French heavy cavalry, consisting of fully armoured knights in close formation armed with lances, swords and shields supported by crossbowmen up against men at arms on foot and formations of English longbowmen (who also trained from childhood to use their weapons). The longbowmen could lay down a volume of accurate, long ranged fire that was without equal until the invention of the machinegun. They shot the crossbowmen before they got into range, they shot the horses out from under the knights, and when the knights got close their horses were hamstrung and they were killed on the ground. Overall casualties in the region of two thousand French dead, forty dead Englishmen. In short armour has always been over rated. In medieval warfare it was almost always the case that the army that could shoot better was the army that won. This can also be said to have been the case in Japan, where the arrival of volley fire musketry effectively killed the samurai way of war within one series of battles during the sengoku jidai.
  10. Wait for spidersilk for that I think. That stuff will be around by 2020 easily and is insanely tough.
  11. Could do that, unfortunately though our group travels so much that their cars are very rarely used, and they get through them a lot anyway. Although the car idea might be good, perhaps a Godfather style carbomb-kills-spouse while character looks on sort of arrangement might work. Hmm. Needs to motivate the whole gang though... Bah you'd think it would be easy to annoy a gang of solos wouldn't you?
  12. Okay here's the beef. The players have upset a certain internationally feared and reknown black ops group in an earlier scenario. Now what I need is a way for this group to revenge themselves on the players in such a way as the players are deeply damaged, but not rendered physically incapable of seeking brutal payback. I want to steer clear of things like simply peering at the lifepath and saying basically that whatever parent, teacher, sibling or spouse is dead. Mandatory executions are not the most fun. Also the group has just gone through a corporate betrayal, albeit a comparatively civilised one. Does anybody have any ideas as to a new way to incite a real vendetta in the players?
  13. None of my CP characters has ever died. The reason? I wish I could say that they were played smart or even played as cowards, but it's really just pure dumb luck. I've had one character survive having over a hundred rifle rounds fired at him in one turn of combat, that was as close to dying as any of my lads ever got, and he was a complete wreck afterwards, but he survived it.
  14. Gringoleader


    How about using a cyberform dolphin or shark to track targets? Hell why not strap a fat remote mine onto one. It's all about costs, if you can use a cheap weapon to destroy an expensive one then you've done well.
  15. One memorable line from a character in our current team as he burnt to death trapped in a car wreck was "For f*ck's sake help me!" Unfortunately nobody could be arsed to brave the potentially lethal enemy fire to reach him. Normally if one of the group tries to do something ludicrously heroic the others won't leave them alone to die, which is quite sickening when you think about it. Most of us at one time or another have pulled the old chestnut "Get out of here! I'll hold them as long as I can!", which is usually followed by the rest of the team grudgingly staying behind too.
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