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  1. This is a good cyberpunk timeline. But CP 2020 events go down because its a alternate history from the day they lay out their timeline(1990). What we need is a catalyst or series of events that can bring about the world of CP 2020. This would be like the expansion of war in the middle east to include Iran, Jordan, Israel, Sadi Arabia, and probably Lebanon and Egypt. This war expansion is sparked by tactical nukes or suit case nukes going off in Iraq, Sadi Arabia, and Israel. And about 1-5 in western nations. This is either good old terrorism or is the first act of the, shadow government(t
  2. CyberPunk is a divergent timeline. And one from the perspective of the 80's. But a there are so many things that can happen is a different timeline that its not fair to say that they got this thing wrong or that. Their could be perfectly good reasons that cellphones still cost more money. Such as the phone companies not falling into a contract-subsidized racket but instead use a pay as you go plan were you buy unlocked full price phones. The planet is different as plagues have lowered the world population reducing some of the over crowding problem, and the SouthAms Vietnam esq war that mea
  3. The legal aspect was always the weakest part of my understanding of the cp 2020 world. But this brings up some very, very good points. I have stated that due to economic problems, and social/health problems the Federal government collapsed(as I stated in my thread about the socio economics of cp 2020 thread). This weakened state is what forced the Feds to lean on the megacorps for support. Their must of been a balance struck for some time as the gang of four conducted is south am/new cold war during the collapse/martial law period. This very much explains some of the volunteer "zeros" that
  4. If I had to pick one picture as the worst in CP2020, it'd be the cop, near the beginning of the original 2020 book - it looks like, after the original artist finished, someone thought that it needed improvements, and scribbled them on with crayon. Gotta love transparent fingers as big as sausages, with a limp, unrealistic grip on the shotgun... Touche MoRocca
  5. CyberPunk 2013, 2020 and the few following years in supplements all are set in a dystopia of a futuristic world laced with fear, paranoia, and technology run amok. In the CP RPG the writers have done a good job taking the best elements of the genre and laying them out with a timeline and settings that habe been fleshed out with a number very good source books and supplements.(i.e. Night City Sourcebook, Home of the Brave, ect.) I am going to focus on the U.S. Socio Economic state to illustrate what life is like in a way that I hope will make it easier to understand why the CP 2020 RPG wo
  6. CyberPunk 2013 and 2020 are alternate history every since Mike started the first date on the timeline. A world that spiraled down into Cyberpunk genre, were events pushed technology into different direction. The Net is used in a very different way then we developed it. And so are other technologies. Very little lacking with the possible exception of the 1000eb cell phone.... But even that I could probably argue away. Such as a good smart phone not subsidized by a cell phone carrier does cost about 800-1200 $US. But the cell carriers would rather tack you on a plan that over the c
  7. The Feds do try to get some money from groups like Edgerunners by using sales tax on things like bullets for example. but this still doesn't count for much. And its probably pretty muddy as to who gets the money anyway, the state or the feds? MoRocca
  8. From my reading of the CP 2020 sourcebooks the condition of the United States Government is that, 60% percent of the population is disenfranchised. To the point of being whats called a "zero", meaning that they pay no taxes and work no job with taxable income. Nomads, Edgerunners, Homeless, ect. This was the result of the collapse, a combination of ill advised creative money evaluating(Enron) and steep war deficit, with a touch or terrorism and a firestorm in the breadbasket. To top it all off their was the plaque, the name eludes me right now. But when all was said and done the U.S. popula
  9. I feel stupid, but if I choose full edit or quick edit neither gives me the option to change the subject text. I may not be seeing something or am doing something wrong. But going to the top of the thread to the first post I made and hitting option as I presume to meant in your instruction is not revealing the solution. MoRocca
  10. No that makes perfect sense. I didn't make the distinction at the time. Don't know if I can edit the thread title at this point or not? MoRocca
  11. I have more on the way. But little time to work on it. But with interest out there I'll take the time. Thanks for checking it out and I hope you all enjoy it. MoRocca
  12. Glad to hear it. Let me know if you have any questions. Or have any suggestions. MoRocca
  13. I had discussed a couple of times with peter about publishing my supplement for 2020. Very brief emails and of course they went no were. I am willing to believe he never had any real authority to publish any material. But Lisa Pondsmith never said anything on that subject. She only stated that events between 2020 and V3 were handled in the first few chapters of V3 and that RTG would not look at any material I had on the subject. She even asked that I not release it as fanfiction for fear of confusing people. There is no way im sitting on such a large project or letting the events between 2020
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