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  1. If you haven't watched it you need to, there's some great animation and even better stories. Plenty of cyberpunk type action, farmers with mechs, werewolf soldiers, it was a fun ride for sure. Hoping there's a season 2.
  2. This is cyberpunk level tech, a few mm of aerogels would provide insulation and sound reduction enough to make the container comfortable and cozy. Would likely need air circulation, fresh air makeup and heating/cooling but those aren't too difficult with high capacity batteries. The whole idea would be a mobile base (or semi-mobile) that can be hidden in plain sight, you're not just dumping it in the middle of an overgrown field in the Combat Zone but hiding it amongst other such containers, it blends in with its surroundings. Maybe pay some low level gangers to keep snooping eyes out while yo
  3. A 20' Conex container could be a decent base for a group, especially if the outside was left stock looking, no doors or windows, concealed water hookups that can be purged/filled from a dedicated "honey wagon" type truck. Benefits are it could be hidden in plain site in an industrial yard, truck yard, freight complex etc. It's small enough that it can be easily winched onto the back of a vehicle and moved when needed, easier than a 40' container. 150 square feet inside is enough for a half dozen bunk beds, a shower/latrine area, kitchenette, armory and entertainment area. Tight, but livable fo
  4. I'm running a 1-4 illuminated reticle on one of my rifles for hunting, it's decent at 1x but doesn't have the eye relief flexibility that a true red dot has. The magnification is nice when I'm stretching out past 50 or 100m and want a closer view at the venison to be. I've shot both the red dot and variable magnification in classes, the red dot is far better for sub-optimal shooting positions such as a VTAC barricade or firing from under a vehicle. The variable power is better for longer shots or making more precise shots such as hostage targets. Everything is a trade off, it's the nature of t
  5. Any time I'm just out and about I've got my daily carry, a folding 3" blade, a bright LED flashlight and a minimal trauma kit consisting of an Israeli bandage and a CAT tourniquet. If I'm carrying a little "heavier" it'll be a spare mag or two on the belt, a more powerful LED flashlight (along with the other one I always carry) and additional first aid supplies. I've got a blow out kit that I carry when hunting or going to the range, have another minimal kit stashed in the truck along with my other get home gear. Plus I take refresher training at least once per year, that's the important part.
  6. https://dndwithpornstars.blogspot.com/2018/...n-and-more.html I dig Zak Smith's writing and artwork, he has a unique style, some of his art pieces are all out cyberpunk dystopia future. Dark, gritty, surreal, beautiful women in horrible surroundings, the calm of a calloused survivor enjoying a cigarette.
  7. Hanns


    Well, they're technically lights to illuminate the implants but I not going to argue semantics. The future is now and I'm not complaining any.
  8. Send you a picture of what? I've played that game too many times...
  9. I'd think the Wardrobe and Style check would be for the clothes, how well do they help or hinder the carry of a certain firearm but wouldn't need to be rolled every time. I know how well my Dickie's workshirt conceals my carry piece, that doesn't change day to day, only if I get new shirts that don't fit like the old ones did. Think inner city baggy clothes culture, or fat middle aged guys wearing "photographer" vests, those clothing choices are being worn for a reason. The W&S check would come into play if your characters aren't just wearing surplus BDUs, sweatshirts or the ubiquitous tre
  10. My fast and dirty rules for concealment holsters were for every point they added to concealment it was the same penalty for fast draw. Or the reverse, if there was a bonus to fast draw then there was a penalty to concealment. Using Wardrobe and Style is an interesting idea, gives more use to a skill that most players will pass over for more combat related skills. But could be a good role-playing experience, a bunch of hard-nosed, callus handed mercenaries hiring a glitterboi for his masterclass skills in WR&S as they need their fitted, armored suits to conceal well enough to bypass c
  11. Why not the best of both worlds? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GAU-19
  12. No, there's ever worse ideas. https://heizerdefense.com/category/products/guns/par1-guns/
  13. Psi, barrel erosion mostly isn't caused by the jacketing, it's from the extremely high pressures of the hot cartridge literally burning the throat out of the barrel. Not really a common issue in most pistols as they're running way lower pressure rounds but well, this isn't every other pistol and the round is a smoking hot little fireball.
  14. Lost my dad almost 2 years ago, it's tough, I definitely miss him. He taught me to shoot, to fix things, to stand up for people, to be a good person. Hugs man, it's still not easy even after time.
  15. That was hilarious, I've watched some of his other videos and have been entertained, this is by far the best so far.
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