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  1. Apparently there is new guy in town and he's very cyberpunkish on sight Game is currently in beta, just started it and looks promising. You can download beta from here: http://www.irontowerstudio.com/forum/index...pic,3281.0.html More info here: http://www.roguemoonstudios.com/systemcrash/index.html
  2. http://rosamovie.blogspot.com/ Enjoy.
  3. Good morning/afternoon/evening (depending on time zone) folks. I assume most of you recognize Strange Days. Aside from the movie itself, I like the soundtrack (most o it). One of bands that perform on this soundtrack called "Strange Fruit", apparently is difficult to find (at least for me). No fanpage, no official site, nothing at all. Did anyone tracked down some info about that band? I did basic research way back when i first time saw that movie, I've done this today again, still nothing. Thought that maybe someone here had more luck. Cheers
  4. Both links lead (among other things) to readers reviews. Reception of book described there is mostly similiar to my afterthoughts (perhaps with exception to favorite story, my personal no.1 is Pocketful of Dharma - most cyberpunkish to me). For lazy bastards - generally speaking this is biopunk (except for Softer, which is kind of horror). Stories have wide range of timeline (from near future to rather distant times), while novel is set "around the corner", just like CP2020. WIKIPEDIA sums it up nicely: Also these stories have (IMHO) much more impact on reader (especially when you ha
  5. Morning folks. I have bought recently Paolo Bacigalupi's omnibus (polish edition) with Pump stories and Girl novel. And the verdict is:
  6. Clicky Enjoy. Foud it some time ago when Gone with the Blastweave was temporarily down. Haven't seen any of those comics here on vfte before (suprisingly).
  7. Nice collection of cyberpunk images, but where's the sound Wisdom? Where's collection of Top Ten cyberpunk albums? P.S. If you dare to not include Fear Factory's "Obsolete", then rather don't make that list P.S.S. Never heard about Natural City before - thanks for tip.
  8. Robert Adler is illustrator of STATUS 7 series, probably the best polish cyberpunk comics. Unfortunatelly it was never published in english (besides it's full of pure polish references so may be difficult to translate), yet you can taste his style: on his blog or by checking sample pages of STATUS 7: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th I really look forward to see "Dust to Dust". Cyberpunk + Robert Adler = win.
  9. Not so long ago i had an oportunity to read almost whole Sleeper by Ed Brubaker (except for Point Blank part). I must admit it was enjoyable and somehow refreshing experience (it was a while since i read whole comics serie ). Definetly worth of reading. For more info check above link (do not read Wiki - massive spoiler there).
  10. Have few boxes, play few times, same conclusions - calculator required. At least at low cost you can have source of inspiration for few CP2020 games.
  11. danrakh


    Clicky I''ve just find info about that anime, sounds interesting. On Cyberpunk Movie Meme Topic few of you folks state that seen it already. Well? 22 episodes x 24 min each makes whole lot of time to waste Is it worth?
  12. Hmm... hard to tell why exactly i love that game. There is passage in "Snow Crash" (don't remember exact text), where Hiro describes how teens used to virtually kill their families and then takes a bloody revenge ripping off those bastards who harm their beloved ones. All in mind of course. Well i was there when CP2020 polish edition hit the shelves. I've started my rpg experience with Warhammer Fantasy Role Play, it's grim and muddy world was looking very real then. Still it was fantasy. Even before polish publishing of CP2020 i was already in love with genre. "Blade Runne
  13. Not sure where's the problem? You need deck/comp to operate in Net. You can do it (basically) in three ways you've already point out (plugs/cables, gloves/goggles, keyboard/monitor). So depending on method you need two things - your gateway to Net (deck/comp) and connection between you and gateway (cables/gloves&goggles/keayboard&screen). Am i missing something here? Perhaps keyboard/screen should limit number of actions to max 1 action per round, gloves/goggles perhaps max 2 actions, while plugs/cables should have full spectrum (1-10). Direct connection is incomparable to standa
  14. Netrunner CCG is still living although it's hard to get it for faire price (on ebay it's mostly overpriced). Anyway - game itself is very enjoyable, both in graphical and mechanical aspects. Got myself about 1.500 cards and play with my bro from time to time. It's duel-like game - for 2 people. One takes role of netrunner and his opponent plays corporation. As you can imagine for runner goal is to steal and reveal corporate secret agendas, when corp like to see that punk dead and/or execute agendas whitout any problems. If you looking for something for entire group then try Cyberpunk CCG
  15. Got a thought about printing this topic. So i've checked how many pages it will be in MS Word. 277-and-half so far. CyberBear - you sir, are completely insane. Keep it up
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