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  1. Probability chart of results with 3d6 Lumps in the output will tend to cancel each other out, as you're using the same rules for players and NPCs, I'd guess. I prefer the 3d6 as opposed to d6x3 for predictability - if my health plus armor will allow me to withstand 11 points of damage, I have a bit better than a 50% chance of surviving a 3d6 or d6x3, but if health+armor will allow me to survive 15 points, I have either 35/120 (120 possible die results, counting 6,5,4 as a different result from 6,4,5) with the 3d6, while I have 1/3 chances with d6x3. Not a huge difference, but statistic
  2. I can see the appeal of simplifying - but as your chart shows, 3d6 does not give a linear set of results. Rolling three dice, you have a 1 in 54 of getting a specific combination. But there's only ONE combination (6,6,6) that gives you 18, and ONE combination (1,1,1) that gives you 3 as a result. 10, OTOH, has six different combinations (6,3,1),(6,2,2),(5,4,1),(5,3,2),(4,4.2),(4,3,3). If you don't mind changing probabilities, then simplifying would work. But it will make 18 as common as 9 or 12. (Don't make me get into the factorials behind this, college and discrete ma
  3. IMHO, if you have the choose between using anything related to Cybergenerations, or making it up yourself, you're MUCH better off with your own work. I was seriously unimpressed with CG.
  4. It always sucks to pour your heart and effort into a game, then to have your players flake. While it's tempting to find ways to pay back the would-be players, better to find a group that takes the game seriously enough. Video games and all the various trading-card games are draining the life out of roleplaying, as they cater to ever-shorter spans of attention. GMs are a dying breed, in part due to this. Keep your enthusiasm if you can - your ideas have provoked a lot of thought and debate (and some outright arguments) over the years, regardless of flaky players. If I lived close e
  5. The reason I stopped playing CP2020 was that dystopia seems less and less fictional as time passes. It's like roleplaying a 40 hour work week at a McJob.
  6. A lot of the answers depend on how dangerous the road is - and what the dangers are. I've lived on the road, though only as an individual - where I slept depended on the area, and sometimes involved finding a quiet place far from lights or highways. As an individual, I was making 5-600 miles a day in a slow van, but a convoy is much slower. Water - keeping in mind that this is a small town that changes address every night, they aren't just going to be consuming water and leaving waste behind - there MUST be infrastructure. Each truck will generate its own electricity, and as an ag fami
  7. 3-400 people, ten semi trucks - I would expect dozens of motorcycles (mostly small ratty dirtbike types, but able to go highway speed) and at least a dozen cars/pickup trucks/vans. The mechanic(s) would probably have a van with tools, so they can go to the broken down vehicles - of the family is well organized, the mechanics may even have a tow truck or at least a flatbed trailer with ramps. The doctor might have an older ambulance, or might simply have another innocuous vehicle - the Geneva Convention doesn't protect medics in the post-apo wasteland, and the doc may not want to advertise th
  8. Transport: 6. Fast food (pizza, tacos, etc) - these would likely be the most commonly seen transport drones. 7. Tow truck (why risk an expensive human driver?) 8. Hazmat transporter (fuel, or liquid nitrogen, or crated carboys of hydrochloric acid, etc) 9. Trash/recycling pickup (either small litter-grabbers or larger transporters) 10. Mail/UPS/FedEx/Amazon/BlackBall Express or other low-security package delivery service Construction/Maintenance: 1. Graffiti removers (mobile pressure washers, mostly) 2. Sweepers/auto-mops 3. Wall-climbing window cleaners 4. Ver
  9. America is not one homogenized, identical culture. Gun laws are too complicated for a soundbyte solution - and our incompetent power-hungry government is too nonfunctional to pass even simple, non-controversial laws. The various states aren't going to cede that much power to DC and the angry orange clown. Besides - legality of weapons has as little effect on their availability as it does on meth, which is illegal everywhere and yet is an epidemic. If you take the five cities in America that have the strictest gun laws, you'll find that they have the highest crime rates... and usually
  10. Van Atta is right - MM is for military hardware, both in cost and in size. Drones today are already far from that concept - I have a drone the size of a slice of toast, that cost me less than dinner at a sushi bar. Too small to weponize, but it could serve for scouting, perhaps even forward observation for artillery. Drones may follow some similar development patterns to aircraft, but there are differences that are fundamental - drones don't need to carry 150 lbs of fragile meat, for example. Drones are cheap enough to sacrifice as many as needed to accomplish a mission, and one drone
  11. Fanny pack pistol concealment holsters are widely available - while they'd probably count as a penalty to wardrobe/style, they do hold a full frame handgun. Off-body concealment is a different skill, IMHO. I've seen modified briefcases, for example, that were made to hold an MP-5 with a remote trigger - no means of aiming, but for spray and pray, it's a lot of firepower. It's a little alarming how large an SMG will fit into a laptop bag without leaving a hint, and laptop bags are often padded enough that it's not suspicious. At gutterpunk levels, you might be making wardrobe/sty
  12. I don't see much of anything dealing with the level of criminality - which would modify a lot of different aspects of an NPC. Not simply the three sorts of job skills (which I do like!) but the motivations, the aggression level, etc. If an administrator punches a customer, he's likely to lose his job. If a mugger punches a "customer", it's business as usual. Motivations - shouldn't they include drug addiction, revenge, religious reasons, psychosis (cyber or the garden-variety sort), and fear? I've seen people do some fairly extreme things in pursuit of those five. For cyberware -
  13. Part of what makes CP2020 different from most other games, is the fact that ethics are involved. If you're playing AD&D, chopping up orcs and goblins, you're not thinking about ethics - they're monsters, you're the good guy. But when the "monsters" are other humans who work for the corporation you're going to hit? Is it okay to kill armed guards but not janitors and office drones? How about unarmed guards? Is secrecy worth more to you than the lives of any witnesses? Several years ago, I ran a modified version of "Thicker Than Blood" with my usual party. I dropped hints alon
  14. StrayCatalyst


    The video is short on dialog, and I can't read Vietnamese, so I don't have much info yet - but it looks like a jetpack with simpler controls and much longer flights than the previous silver/hydrogen peroxide ones. https://youtu.be/BX3QDa2tx2g From the video, this appears to have at least several minutes of flight time, and speeds that I'd estimate are around 40 mph. One larger jet motor in the backpack, and two smaller motors on either each arm or all four smaller motors in a foot platform. In game terms, the only way to get one of these is if the GM feels like making it avai
  15. 106 lbs, not including ammunition, for the lighter version. That's Metalhead portable, but not man portable.
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