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  1. I've thrown a few figures around on spreadsheets this afternoon and had a little play around withe the number and the like, and I reckon having a cumulative -3 penalty to both the initiative and the action's success might work, so that the second action occurs 3 phases after the first and is at a -3 penalty, the third action occurs 6 phases after the first at a penalty of -6, the fourth action (if there's time for that and unless you're quick there won't be) 9 phases after the first and at a -3 penalty. If you're maxed out and roll 30 for initiative you'd get to act 4 times in 3 seconds i
  2. Quote (Night_Flyer @ Sep. 19 2002,12:16) Im curious, whats wrong with the multi classing/new career thats allowed in the books already? Well that's like saying "What's wrong with the Model T Ford?" It works, but maybe not all that well. Like the humanity loss rules "work", like a lot of the rules "work" They just could be better. And as if by magic someone said "If you think you can do better, go ahead!!!" Well we're going ahead:D We're not sure quite WHERE we're going yet, but hey !!!
  3. Quote (Joe Q. Public @ Sep. 19 2002,01:00) Multirole characters, as in devloping skills in more than one Sp A skill at once I think should be a given. It creates more diveristy in play and allows a smaller group (3 players) to run successfully easier than normal. If you use the skill and want to dump your IP there, let it happen. Heck, this Medtech (Me) should have a good Streetdeal score IRL. For example I'll also say that I'm in favour or the ability to "gain" second and even third special abilities to a certain extent. But I'm against multi "class" characters. Ok this is hard t
  4. Quote Well folks, as far as the "second action in the turn" thing goes, well if you need to do that extra action at the given neg modifier, I usually make it after the first full run of first actions, and then it can happen. What I don't want to see is: Munchkin player, wired to the shaking point unloading a Desert Eagle .50cal (1 shot per action) in one round. If you wire up fast enough and roll well, and use the one action per 3 numbers cascade rule, I've seen it happen. Don't want it, don't need it. (gets off soapbox) Anything can suffer from munchkinism though. The 3x3 rule works
  5. I don't know if I'm the right guy for the job, but I'd like to take a shot at clarifying the combat rules using. Mainly a focusing on initiative order and phases. Really I guess answering the question "when does a second action occur?" and so on, what happens when you try to leave a brawl/melee stuff like that. Also rounding up some of the rules that are in obscure places to find, like shots at point blank range do max damage, head shots do double damage etc. Not so much a rewrite as putting the existing rules into the English language and in the right place This is of course assumin
  6. Quote (Night_Flyer @ Sep. 18 2002,13:19) Quote Revision of the character generation system: make classes more open with fewer forced categories and make them optional. I think we need to keep a class system of some kind to help out new players and GM's there is nothing rigid about the roles, dont like one, change it! it says so in the book. all a role consists of is 10 related skills that you distribute 40 point on. in interface alone there were like 10 different versions of solo. "The don't like it - then change it" rule is a great one, but it's very hard for a lot of folks
  7. Quote I'd like to take this opportunity to plug the idea of separating Ref into Reflexes and Agility. Being a world-class sniper does not make you a world-class gymnast. At this point in time with so much floating around, I'd almost suggest that skills be seperated form any Stat to start with and use the more interlocking components of interlock. Sometimes being an excellent gymnast, doesn't require your "reflexes" sometimes perhaps it'd depend on purely your physical "body" stat. Sometimes "Driving" can be about your reflexes, sometimes it can be about forethought and intelligence.
  8. I agree entirely about having initiative as a huge problem with it being able to be cranked up by munchkin players (I knew there was a use for randomly determining stats ) But I find that's the case with so many stats. Munchkins will still max out the REF to gain the "to hit" bonus, the initiative bonus and the "pickup skill bonus, like they max out empathy to gain not a smooth-talking charismatic scoundrel of a character, but a stable base onto which they can load 79 points worth of humanity losing cybernetics, like they max out body to not only lift more stuff, but inflict more damage
  9. Quote (psychophipps @ Sep. 15 2002,01:10) 2) make the sequencing equal to the multiple action penalty like you "Rule of three" but a bit more directly spoken. Example: The first extra action happens at -3 to skill and initiative. The problem with this is that players could catch on and start setting up strategies to maximize the bonuses from Reflex boosters and the like when they roll well but don't do extra actions when it might hurt them. This could get ridiculous after a while when they go off and do 3 actions one round but only do one the next because they didn't roll as well. Mark(
  10. Well Chrys said I should make a list of the area's I'd like to elp in, so first of all I made a list of what I think is wrong with the game and some little pointers for what I'd consider the right direction. I'm still not sure where I'd best be employed though Big list of things that are wrong with CP2020. 1) It’s no longer 1988. 2) Incredibly static “roles”, introduction of “approved” flexibility within and around roles/archetypes etc. 3) Linear cost of character point distribution. Would a slight biasing be an option? 4) Statistics, several points here, i) separation of
  11. Oh, and I know I'm posting a lot on this thread, but I'm not taking over in any way, shape or from, I'm just a bit player with a big mouth;)
  12. Yeah so what I was saying about the Tech levels and the technology tree idea you came up with. It's like you'd need to include certain advancements in technology to make others even theoretically possible, But by assigning things a level, you could say, Weapons are evolved to "this" level, but cyberware is only "this" level, but make sure that you had all your bases covered from a realism point of view. So you know that you need DNA sequencing before you get genetic engineering and so on, but you don't need anything to do with that to make uber-weapons, because the technologies are comple
  13. Oh right sorry my bad The tech level sort of sets out things throughout history/future by assigning them a "Tech-Level" or TL. Things like revolvers and single action rifles might be TL6, whereas an automatic pistol, or a machinegun might be TL7 and a Laser Pistol might be TL8 where as a "Deathsolo Class handheld planetary eliminator" (a Deathstar type weapon complete with cold fusion generator, in the frame of a Walther PPK) might be TL20 or something. Spears and clubs and rocks and animal skin loinclothes might be TL1 "The Definitve Guide to Operational Rules" It's starting sound
  14. /me sticks the "dunce-hat" on and goes and stands in the Stupid-Corner.
  15. Quote I think the book should work through R. Talsorian, since we are technically working on a Cyberpunk project as a way of showing support to R. Talsorian. Our first problem is getting a page long description highlighting the major points that we want to focus on. I'll send this off to Lisa to have a look at and to review. If Lisa says no then we can create our own system and write it up like that. However! creating a new system is in my own experience real work and means that real work will have to done to make it work. Yep, the submission of the initial synopsis for the project would be
  16. Quote (malek77 @ Sep. 12 2002,06:31) What is the GURPS system? I have an order to put in for something here - no btm. Damage resolution simply has to be faster, with as little calculating as possible. Even if the end result isn't perfectly real, but is kinda cinematic, I don't mind. Just keep the extra additions, subtractions and divisions away from me! Also - FNFF2 could include the combat suggestions Chrys is working up in that other thread! Detail as little articles the general way a gangfight develops - and how best to get out.(JoeQ? ) Detail a raid on a secured office, may
  17. Quote (Blood @ Sep. 12 2002,11:28) On a more constructive note. Cyberpunk house rules source book. The definitive guide to optional rules (!). Most cyberpunk games these days are run with house rules, and it wouldn't get in the way of plans to release V3. Since just about every part of the cyberpunk rules has (or even needs) house rules, the whole thing could use the same layout as a main rulebook. That's probably the best idea yet imho It could be done in exactly the same way as LUYPS, with everyonetaking a section and putting thier ideas down, and then swapping sections and the lik
  18. Wow Malek, I never knew it had gotten so detailed But yeah that's a good place to start forming the "technology tree" It seems like it's heading towards GURPS' "tech-level" system though. Whether that's a good thing or a bad thing, I don't know. It'd need to get organisedinto levels though and prerequisites for OTHER levels etc first. The other thing I wonder is what this should be based on? What is the defining "'punk" thing the game would be suggesting?
  19. Well first I'd like to add my support to this little endeavour. If it's an actual game fix type book we're going for, then I think anyone interested should go read these 2 threads... The Perfect Cyberpunk?, What would it be like? and... Character Classes, Yea or Nea? Apart from overhauling the Rules themselves, the equipment and guns and cyberware that have been published might benefit from an overhaul in a more detailed Shadowrun type affair? There's been a big technology shift in the 15 years since the game was originally written too. Maybe going more BioPunk rather
  20. Quote (TandemSpoony @ June 18 2002,22:44) I have no interest in joining a play-by-post game. I find it's extremely slow and hardly in the spirit of session-by-session gaming on which I was weaned. Sorry guys. I would like DMing a Cyberpunk game for you here, but first I think I would like to join one of yours. Sort of a way to establish my credibility and get my own feel for the street here, before diving head-first into unfamiliar gaming turf. If you'd like to have me in your game, drop me a line and I'd love to learn more about it. As far as I know all of the games played here a
  21. I'm so tempted by this, I just don't know if I'd have the time to play I'll DEFINATELY be following the story of this baby
  22. Quote (Joe Q. Public @ May 15 2002,01:12) I am adding the Stat PSY: much like the Ianus games Power stat it deals w/ who the various things from the other side deal w/ you and such of how you deal w/ them. around 85 pts for stats. 65 points for skills, Only 2 at +6 and the rest none over +4, the idea is to diversify your characters abilities, considering that you never know just what will come in handy when facing a foe you have no base ability with. I'm looking for character ages between 19-34, As with all character generation I ask for a good basis of your charcters history and just
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