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  1. Quote (Joe Q. Public @ Oct. 16 2002,03:42) Hey folks idea, let's just sh!tcan the BTM, it's the #1 problem that most folks have w/ the stat to begin w/ If it's a problem, and it serves no purpose but making munchkins that much harder to kill, well then get rid of it It's an idea, but it's a BAD idea unless you're going to totally redo the damage system. If you get rid of it completely without replacing the system somehow, then it means a 90 year old woman with osteoperosis can take as much physical damage as a Royal Marine Commando with titanium laced bones. i.e. WRONG Someth
  2. Quote (marsbiolabs @ Oct. 15 2002,15:27) Another idea: MA is now the governing STAT for swimming, atheltics, endurance and any other skills that might fit the "fitness" category. BTM is based on MA + BODY / 2 instead of just BODY. BODY still governs Damage Bonus, Lift Carry etc... Making MA more attractive means that players have to spend character points in it as well as BODY. I know that most players save character points by having a low MA stat. Of course then we would need to alter the cheesy MA boosting cyberlegs. And as for players boosting their BODY with cyberwear you co
  3. MonSTeR

    ET 2020

    And now, back to "Climbing for Dollars"
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    ET 2020

    Quote (Thunderbird @ Oct. 15 2002,13:16) One show that is a must is "Hard-core News". Remember the beginning of "Predator II" ? The big shoot-out with the columbians made it live on TV. That was a brilliant bit, of that film, I've always thought Predator 2 was incredibly Cyberpunk, a black ops team, opressive city back drop, uber-violent streetgangs. hell the only thing that's not cyberpunk about that film is the predator itself But yes, HardCore news (live with Tony Pope) is definately something that'd be on, maybe also the "streaming freedom broadcast" idea seen in the TV show "Dark
  5. MonSTeR

    The List

    I posted this list inthe original "offshoot" thread, here it is again in pecial edition format hi-fi stereo sound 1) It’s no longer 1988. 2) Incredibly static “roles”, introduction of “approved” flexibility within and around roles/archetypes etc. 3) Linear cost of character point distribution. Would a slight biasing be an option? 4) Statistics, several points here, i) separation of Body into “fitness and build” stats ala Phipps’ system, averaging of Strength feat with Body to get final “Strength Attribute” as in my system. ii) Introduction of “mechanical” type stat. iii) Introduction
  6. Quote Quote ) instead of figuring new ways not to get shot. Quote I like this idea, but it would make things a LOT more lethal. Um - with it being more lethal, sh/wouldn't that encourage the players to be me more careful? ...Wouldn't it? Quote Weight - Somewhere in the Body stat is also weight. anecdote time : A friend had a character with a movement allowance of 4. He had to run flat out to keep up with the rest of the PC's walking, and spent a large part of the game running toward a piano...which he never quite reached... The only logical explanati
  7. Even though the "Guns... Lots of guns" thread seems very chaotic, there's really only been one point discussed in any detail, "initiative" which I think many folks would agree is the crux of the combat sequence with regards to the need for a re-write. I have a little list already and would gladly post it up as to what happens as far as combat goes as to when Joe Q. Public's area would take over, but I'd also like to know the framework we're working under, as to whether thisis a re-write of the interlock system, the creation of a NEW system, or something in between. I have to say I t
  8. I dont think anyone is in charge The decision I'd make is to include it with the disclaimer that some folks prefer to exclude it's use as they feel it is overpowering and detracts from the realism whereas others feel it's inclusion is beneficial and that it adds to the game's realism. I like bookwyrm's idea, but I'm afraid I'd make that an additional bonus of combat sense rather than an alternate one
  9. Quote (psychophipps @ Oct. 02 2002,20:46) *getting the feeling that he's talking to walls that speak* Yes, all of that can indeed be explained by Combat Sense. Hell, I can explain how some Hindu tech geeks are great with their stuff from worshipping sacred gawdamn cows, if I really wanted to. The point i'm making is that they don't need Combat Sense. You can make a Deathsolo™ without giving them a huge bonus to initiative and combat-related awareness based on a skill that is iffy at best in terms of play balance. Yes, they should kick ass but it should be a factor of actual skill and st
  10. Quote (psychophipps @ Oct. 01 2002,00:51) Of course, by keeping them separate you create situations were the character has CS-equivalent 10 and no combat skills at all, which is a far from optimal solution. Let's take that paralympic shooter and compare him to a U.S. Marine sniper. Sure he can put a round in the 10-ring at 800+ meters...when he's relaxed, at the range, and has all bloody day to shoot. That jarhead can do the same with his every action being the difference between life and death for him, his spoter and rear security, while he's sweaty, hungry, and being eaten alive by bugs
  11. Quote No, what i'm saying that the more skilled combatant goes first much more often than not. Example #1: My sensei is a 4th degree blackbelt in Kajukembo and at least a blackbelt in 4 other styles. I go to kick him and he can blow me out before i've even finished chambering my punch or kick. He has the skill and the SITUATIONAL AWARENESS to get the jump on me. Example #2: Some crackhead gangbanger who's never even spent a day at the range tries to get the jump on Deathsolo. Now, the gangbanger is tore up form the floor up but he was kinda quick before he started kicking his own ass w
  12. Quote (psychophipps @ Sep. 30 2002,11:52) What if I were to tell you that even in the rewrite of CP they don't have "Roles" or "Special Abilities"? The fact remains that it's simply an outdated, ill-conceived part of a game that, if they ever manage to get a new edition out, will be phased out in favor of a more "open" and "realistic" approach. Everything that you guys have mentioned can easily be attributed to a good tactics skill and/or awareness ability. The fact remains that all of this stuff is really based on the characters level of previous training and professionalism. If you were
  13. I think that sort "tech-clothing" may well be invented but it'll only find acceptance amoungst a certain crowd, be it techies/teens/whoevers. Style moves incredibly slowly, I think that in 20 years time we're still going to see business men in suits, teenagers in t-shirts with their favourite bands/whoever the media tells them to like's, logo on them and so on. Yes the brands may well be different (or ficticious to save on a load of copyright ) But I still think a well tailored suit will be the thing for the gentleman on his way up. Here's my little take on the corporate's alternat
  14. Quote ...but I still cannot see giving anyone more than 2-3 actions in a 3 second turn, scoff if you will. So what you all think? Under the rules I've proposed a character is going to need a roll of 31 to get more than 3 actions in a turn. That's quite difficult unless the character is a solo with at least average combat abilities. That means that even if they have a weapon skill of 10, a Reflexes of 10 and a cyberware reflex boost of +3, with no encumberance penalty from any armour, they're still going to need to roll an 8 or above to cram that 4th action into that round. Even
  15. I think there are grounds for ditching the "Combat Sense" skill but then there are definately more grounds for keeping it too. To me Combat Sense represents as much as anything the ability to know what's going on in combat, and what to do about it. It's very different from target shooting, or clay pigeon shooting or what have you. And maybe it is exactly as Phipps said "Tactics or Awareness skill" but all rolled into one. Maybe it should be called "combat awareness" or something but it's a very different skill to being able to "shoot guns accurately". It seems to me very much like the
  16. And for God's sake don't let me discourage anyone else from posting up thier suggestions and their sets of rules.
  17. Oh and yeah I know what you mean about the 102 year old, LOL, but I figure if you don't keep your skills up to scratch you'd lose them some what, there are rules for that in a couple of places I can't recall off hand right now. If you think about it a 102 year old with Lou Gehrig's disease is probably going to be one of those character's that's undergone a dual role/role change thing with a new Special ability of "Sitting Quietly" rather than "Combat Sense"
  18. Quote (Hanns @ Sep. 26 2002,20:25) Monster, Have you ever trained with people like this? They don't necessarily react faster than everyone else but they do tend to notice things better (high Awareness skill) and when they do act they do things more effeciently because it's an ingrained reaction. I spent a fair amount of time with my old First Sgt. who was a 17 year US Special Forces veteran. I can honestly tell you he wasn't a "pre-natural psychic death dealer" when it came to reactions. If he was then myself as 19 year old Joe Snuffy with no combat experience wouldn't have a chance to sne
  19. Quote (Agamemnon @ Sep. 26 2002,14:21) Why bother to roll? Unless two solos are sparring, the accumulated initiative bonuses will be so different that it makes no bloody difference anyway. I'm just not buying the "super-reflex" crap that is the Combat Sense skill. That's probably because you've never been in combat or seen how trained professionals react. If you served in Bosnia or Northern Ireland, or another similar warzone, or just went through military training either in the regular forces or the reserves, you get to "feel" what's going on more than someone who spends their time
  20. Oh and of course I failed to mention that the phases count down from the highest initiative downwards towards 0. It played out that familiarity with a weapon type really enhanced your chances of going first, but also that Combat Sense meant that an experienced combat veteran/gifted warrior, also retained some of their edge even when using weapons other than their favoured type. Suck it and see
  21. Here's some stuff I tried out last weekend, it actually worked surprisingly well, read it through and play out a couple of firefights yourselves BEFORE you tear it to shreds;) Initiative to be determined as a total of the following :- Reflexes Stat Relevant Skill Level Combat Sense Reflex boosting cyberware (speedware) Miscellaneous modifiers 1d10 This should yield a result between approximately 2 and 50. Which seems a huge difference, but also takes into account seemingly most of the relevant factors that would determine initiative in combat. I think it's important
  22. Well I playtested a set of rules based on lots of the suggestions here over the weekend. Adding the weapon skill, taking a cumulative -3 penalty to each successive action, and having one action every 10 "phases". I'll write up the results more fully over the course of either this evening or tomorrow But I'll say it was pretty damn effective, NOT complicated, flowed well and still seemed fairly real!!!
  23. Quote (psychophipps @ Sep. 20 2002,20:20) I still think that a skill-based initiative is the way to go. If you're a professional tactical pistoleer and you yard out a lopped-off buck-it that you've used 10 times in your life, you're not going to be blasting off the shots with as much accuracy or swinging the weapon to bear on the next target as quickly as you could otherwise. Just increase the phasing numbers by 5 and go from there. I'd also make the phasing numbers flat 5s to make things easier, Mark(psycho)Phipps( HAHAHA! ) I think it's quite a good idea the skill modifier, but I a
  24. Well I think 3 actions a combat round isn't out of the ordinary simply because you've got 3 seconds to cram them into and I don't think that's unreasonable, saying it averages out at 1 action per second. With the system I'm proposing to get 4 actions a round you've got to get an initiative roll of 18 or more which even with a Reflexes stat of 10 (the unmodified human maximum) is only going to 30% of the time. An average character with a Ref of 7 or less is only going to get that 4th action when they roll a 10, assuming the GM lets them have a "critical success" and roll a bonus D10.
  25. See that's the EXACT sort of thing that needs to go into this project. I "lost" my 2013 box set a long time ago, and no longer have access to that sort of info, it's not in the 2020 rulebook.
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