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  1. There's a slight hesitation to the two mens' movements. Not any sign of rebellion, just a shared bemusement as to what the hell is going on. They slowly and silently move away from the airframe and towards the wall one then the other raising they're hands in an unsure fashion as they do so.
  2. Like Archangel said I've found sucessful GMing easiest when the PCs have a common goal. I personally believe that the firstsession or two should be spent not just creating characters, but creating a team and then talking with the GM and each other about what exactly folks are after. If some folks are after mass murder and bloodshed whilst others are after political intrigue, then compromises are to going to need to be made on all parts. Another part of creating the team is creating a"group background" where folks know each other from and what ties the PCs together. Some folks feel that the uneasy truce works best for cyberpunk with all characters a little paranoid, I prefer the trust between PCs to be implicit, as it makes the whole common goal thing play out a lot more easily
  3. The music is stopped by the snap of a bullet. In the now half lit hanger the 2 mechanics working on the aircraft shuffle to their feet, one's cursing stopped by the other, more observant one. A quick gesture from Thumper makes the larger, older of the two, the foul mouthed one, drops the wrench he was carrying with no fuss at all. Whatever impuses he had to fight are quelled. Big spanner vs. submachinegun is not a title fight he's eager to see. The sound of the gunshot was easily heard in the office, the now ever so helpful mechanic, who's name badge reads 'Stuart' indicates towards the computer sitting on the desk, pulls on a data glove and, in Shrap's full view, begins to sort through customer records to find out some information on "Drake Recruitment" the firm in question. Stuart seems to be a very helpful gentleman and responds well to some gentle motivation. The file he's after comes up after a few twists of his hands the lowdown on Drake Recruitment. An address in South Night City, not too far from the airport and perhaps more importantly a name. James Roswell. Stuart is already reaching for the hardcopy icon.
  4. MonSTeR


    I think it has some promise:) I'll comment on each group in turn as I see it. The cop ones look good at first glance, but they're mutally dependant and that needs fudging to get rid of. E.g. badge means the character is a cop, but you've also stated you need requisition at level one to actuall physically get a badge... that sort of thing needs ironing out. Descernment seems a good "investigative" skill which would be useful in those types of game, but, and I reckon Phipps will agree here, there are already skills for this and I'm not sure if it's necessary/playable in practice? The media star and superstar ones I think are inappropriate to the game of Cyberpunk and need changing or simply discarding It seems like you're trying to represent rockerboys as rock stars, which they're not, not at all, and the "edges" you've presented seem to be more appropriate for folks who want to be pop stars rather than those who want to change the world. The Solo ones seem the "logical" not necessarily realistic (they'll do for me, but maybe not for the ultra-realism freaks) ways to break down combat sense into smaller chunks. It also makes the vehicle zen, ones easy to extrapolate too. Mediastar ones, again just a big no from me it seems like they're unnecessary in the grand scheme of the game, Ratings as a direct equivalent to credibility might be the exception. For the nomad ones, they look quite good. not sure if "the road" isn't a bit overbalancing in "nomad" campaigns and a little useless in straight urban ones? not saying it's bad though... I can't comment on the netrunner ones though I don't think any of us know anything about how netrunning is going to be handled? I don't like the Techie edges. Kludge is jury rig... BOTH are broken rules and need to go the techie role has been discussed in a seperate thread and I don't think Jury Rig was popular there either. Science is again just wrong you don't get to be good at biology by learning engineering. you might pick up a little chemistry. Engineeering is like the "advanced tech" skill I proposed to replace Jury rig as the techies' SA, so I like it. I actually quite like all the ones for both fixers and corps. Well done Archangel, I think the interchangable nature suggests this system could completely do away with names for the roles but the limit of 3 edges means that roles will be apparent
  5. Quote (Joe Q. Public @ Dec. 31 2002,01:48) Hey folks On making solos fun to play w/o making them impossible to fight against, Well, I'll bring out my Combat Sense Bat again. I have, to much thanks from my characters playing, solos included, have made CS a SA that only effects the COMBAT SKILLS: in other words, you are a walking deathmachine at you combat skills (i.e. you various weapon and unarmed skills having the CS score to add to your rolls to hit) BUT, you are not the fastest thing on two legs, in other words, no initiative bonus. Everyone has equal rights to get the first shot off, but like stated earlier, it's not the first shot, it's the one that hits that matters. Yes, players still miss. It just gives them a little something extra when the chips are down, not when they're looking allthe time (REALLY, bonus to Awareness/Notice?How could something Be More Broken? Considering that Aware/Note is the #1 most used skill by EVERYONE!!!) If you doubt it, and I'm sure most of you do, Please, try it. I can bet dollars to doughnuts that you will like it in real use... The Public Tried it. Hated it. It might work for a skill/special ability called "target range sense" but when a rule means that a netrunner who's not left the office since starting college can recognise the signs of when a situation is turning bad, better than someone who's spent the last 5 years with his wellbeing depending on it... I'll pass.
  6. Meanwhile, inside the hanger the two guys in similar blue overalls continue to work on their AV 4.
  7. The mechanic finishes with the rag and throws it gently on the counter before reaching over for a cookie himself. "And Jesus sent you about..?" He raises his eyebrows in a manner appropriate to his cagey and probably expected reply. He's giving nothing away other than the fact that this is something he'd rather not be talking about right now.
  8. Quote (The Duke @ Dec. 27 2002,14:29) On another note I have run campaigns where solos are incredibly scarce on the ground (e.g. soldiers, guards and in some cases even hitmen weren't actually solos). This led to far more interesting fights with nomads, mechanics, cops and boosters all running the same risk of getting plugged before they could get a shot in, whilst no-one would fight a solo, or even be alone with one as they are lethal. The other great trick this plays on the characters is over confidence in the solo on their side, which is a suddenly hung-up when the evil solo shows up... I have done this sort of thing for years, since I realised how unbalancing Combat Sense can be. The guards I use are still solos. They have the weapon skills and the cyberware but they also have A zero level SA. That's right, Combat Sense +0. that means all the other PCs are on an equal footing, and a PC solo with a combat sense of +4 is both reasonable in terms of background AND not something that unbalances the game.
  9. The team drive by unnoticed, the hustle and bustle of the airport means that yet another vehicle passing by is not at all out of place. A man in dark blue coveralls comes to the front desk wiping his hands on a rag, Shrap notes that they're not even that oiley, and that it's probably just an affected motion to keep the cutomers happy or a habit that the guy has gotten into prior to meeting folks in the office. "Morning," he says, "what can I do you for, other than the cookies?" The mechanic smirks to himself, pleased with his little joke. In the hanger itself, thumper gets into position easily enough, the music drowning out his already quiet footsteps, and the mechanics attention trained fully on their task. But if one of them was to turn around for something, like a different tool, or to stretch their legs, they'd see him straight away. Neko, is on full alert, if something is out of place here, he hasn't worked out what it is just yet.
  10. MonSTeR


    Quote (malek77 @ Dec. 27 2002,09:59) Would anyone second the motion that we make a musician's SA Perform? How about expert : instrument? Would you like to merge media and rocker into 'media personality?' I think you're WAY off track here. Musicians are not rockerboys, even though rockerboys may be able to play/sing/perform. Musicians' "special ability" should be "play instrument" but a rockerboy's shouldn't. Nor should a musician be able to to get a crowd going, that's not their job, their job is to lay down tracks in a studio, or behind the newest onstage bimbo.
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    Quote (malek77 @ Dec. 23 2002,07:35) What part do they have in CP? W-e-l-l...they crop up enough as characters who moonlight as something else. Probably if we make the skill packs modular - and you plug Media-Musician in with a heap of combat skills you'd get BGC's Priss... Thoughts? Well that's how I think we seem to be going along with the skills for the moment (I'm another BGC fan) But yes in general I've so far seen rockerboys played very much like cops, but worse. I've only GMed a couple of PC rockerboys, both were played by players who really just wanted a solo character who was a) famous and could play guitar better than they could. It seems that a lot of the angst and world changing idealism gets lost in the games I've played, which is technically the whole point for the rockerboy's existance and why they're different from a simple "rock star". Priss didn't cange the world through her tunes, she changed it through her hardsuit, so her charismatic leadership was useless so maybe Rockerboy, like cop should be a job, rather than a role?
  12. Quote The problem is that I'm specifically restricting these backgrounds to before you start rolling on the lifepath, so they don't get confused with roles/careers. These are supposed to be the skills you get as part of growing up. So why are you talking about basic training? How many people go through basic training before 16? If you want a background in the military rather than a military background (confusing, I know, I'll try and clear that up in a re-write sometime soon), you need to be thinking in terms of a career/role package. Just want to reiterate this for us all, cos we're off at a tangent. These "background skills" as Bookwyrm's presenting them represent the skills learned up to the age of 16 and not after it, so no military skills (unless we want to go silly/hyper detailed and add a military school background? or more seriously maybe it could be a varient of the corporate childhood substituting say rifle for play intsrtument?) just things like speaking whichever language(s), and being able to do basic school stuff etc... I do think that Joe has a point though that some of this should maybe be left to the players/GM, but I think it's something that needs to go in the rulebook in some form, either as an article on "how" to flesh out characters or some rules to enforce the fleshing out. Personally I'm in favour of some more "official" rules, Maybe 10 points spread between the total 10 background skills for each background.
  13. MonSTeR


    Another vote for the dump/complete rewrite. Like the Public, I've never seen a well played copfit into the game nicely. I've had the obligatory traitor in the party who is an undercover cop, but that just resulted in a fixer who couldn't fix crossed with a solo who couldn't keep up with the rest... Like Malek, I think being a cop is a job, not who a character is. Like Phipps, I think authority can be replaced with Fast Talk and intimidate, with maybe an applicable bonus if the target of the skill roll both believes the character making the roll IS a cop AND has a reason to respect/fear the police.
  14. Rat chats briefly with the security guards at the gates, about the delivery for one of the other firms, based there, how there must have been a mix up, how it won't be his job that gets canned when the pig-headed security guard won't let him through, in truth the security guard isn't that bothered, there must be 10 or 15 of these screw ups every day and the this delivery isn't going anywhere near the corporate areas. As such the van and it's "special delivery" are on their way to the private hangers at the south or the airport. Whether by a cursory drive by under the pretence of finding the right place to park or by walking blatantly up to the front door the team can make out the following... Relativity Aeronautics is a small operation run out of the many private hangers at Night city international airport. The hanger is like any of the others, white painted steel skeleton and white painted internal walls. Daylight cascades in from the open hanger door bathing everything in bright sunshine. In the right hand corner at the front of the building stands a partitioned office, the door to which stands open. On the shop floor stand a couple of AV4s, their intakes blocked for safety purposes. A couple of mechanics working on one stripped down airframe, wiring looms and mechanical parts strewn everywhere as they breathe life into the dead machine. The mechanics both are wearing navy blue coveralls and some nameless, faceless 5 year old rock song blasts out from a boombox on top of their skeletal occupation...
  15. Quote A deadline needs to be set and everyone has already had more than there say on the matter and we all just seem to be arguing about the whole mess at this point. What new can anyone contribute that has not been beaten like a dead horse. IMO: no problems are ever going to get solved by the committee group by themselves, but we need many ideas on how to solve the problems because no one person can see all angles of everthing. Anyway I did not plan to come up with a solution just trying to present everthing in a easy to understand format so everyone can take one more look at it. ~OK~ it's now 9-30pm on monday night, I hope I'm not too late I apologise for the meann spirited comment above but thissubject is something I feel strongly about and I knew that it'd be tight as to whether I could state my case as required. I'll get a mail off as soon as possible. I'll just re-iterate though that many folks have families and responsibilities in real life and that a deadline 2 days before Christmas, is a pretty tough one
  16. OK everything that needs saying has been said here. I'll try to get something to you before then end of monday, with Christmas here and work and family stuff, setting a deadline like this, 2 days before Christmas, on a volunteer project is a little rough, If I don't get it mailed to you I'll just reopen the can of worms when I've had time to have my say, because frankly I think that just deciding to "solve the problem" by yourself like this is far from adequate.
  17. Quote (Thumper @ Dec. 16 2002,04:44) I am still suggesting the Military background Military Awareness Rifle Wilderness Survival Education endurance I'd have to say that I'd substitute "Strength Feat" instead of "Education" in the caseof your average infantryman. Maybe if this was for officers or similar, education might fit, but for a basic squadie I think education's a bit much.
  18. Quote (psychophipps @ Dec. 15 2002,13:12) It is YOUR game after all No, That's not true... This is OUR game, which is a) why we're all so passionate about it and why we've got to try and reach either a compromise or an agreement. Joe is right, that a Stun save is important and that out is out. For immediate game play to see if an average character goes down in a firefight, it works perfectly. I use this method 90% of the time with NPCs in a firefight. But that doesn't take into effect the fact that big tough guys simply can take more damage than little weedy grandmas. BTM as it stands is far more important at LOW levels of damage than at high levels of damage when proportionately it gets absorbed by the high levels of damage a decent shot does. If I punch one of my mates fromthe gym on the arm, they won't take any damage, it might hurt a little but it won't really harm them. It might leave bruise, but that's it. If I punch the little old lady over the road with the same sort of punch it will break her arm. Same punch. Different target and, wait for it... different BTM... Or is that compound fracture supposed to be taken care of by a STUN roll? If you're going to deal with the mid -term effects of damage, like crippled limbs, BTM is essential. Hopefully over Christmas I'll get a chance to try Phipps' system in an actual game. But it seems by using BODY in place of BTM, it gets round the BTM issue, using an actual characteristic instead of a derived one but to a similar end, where a bigger guy is going to take more damage before he goes down. I might suggest that there could perhaps be modifiers to the roll depending on where a character gets hit? a shoulder/arm wound would seem a little less serious than a head or chest wound
  19. OK So it's Interlock based that's good. I know that I sound like I'm whining all the time, but I get the feelign folks are making assumptions about what it will be and writing for what it they've assumed it will be rather than having any idea about what the rest of the group and those supervising the project had in mind. My next question is... We have a LOT of seemingly unresolvable differences on certain key aspects. Are we going to be able to include sidebars and/or sections with the "other" ideas for the rules? OR are we just going to include Apo-Stasis' approved set in stone this way or the highway type rules as with most games? For example Joe thinks BTM is stupid I think it's crucial, and Phipps thinks we should change the damge system altogether. Are the three of us going to duke it out, or are we going to include all 3 versions? (I think we'll be abble to reach a compromise, but I'm just demonstrating the worst case scenario here)
  20. Well it seems that they're no longer playing Cyberpunk, just a game using the interlock system (assuming this is where the talk of munchkinism comes from). Set presumably in 2020 or so. This sort of thing regularly happened in games of Marvel Superheroes and some D+D style games. So it's nothing to worry about if everyone is happy. Munchkinism is only a problem when folks are unhappy or someone is upsetting the balance of the game.
  21. One of Rat's pockets starts to buzz quietly. He reaches and takes out his phone, there's no caller just a new message that's arrived.
  22. Ok just pottering around with an idea though. Going for weapon damage rather than BOD stat stuff and I think Phipps will probably agree, how about we look at damage points being upped from a good shot, ie rolling high on the "to-hit" roll. A high to hit roll would then represent a great shot through a vital area such as a joint, major blood vessel, the brain or the heart. Doing lots of damage and accordingly lots of POINTS of damage. A low roll, that still beats the difficulty number would represent a nick, or a fleshwound, still enough to force a shock roll, but maybe not enough to really physically damage someone A roll that didn't meet the difficulty number would mis. This would mean that with a BTM type thing still in effect, a "tough guy" character could take a couple of punches without taking any real physical damage, but those same punches would still criple an infant. But when anyone takes a solid slug to the chest, it's bye-bye?
  23. Quote If you guys look past this post and into the Shoulder bone connected... post you will see a system that has been given that will give not only the stark differnetiation of just how you got that bloody hole in ya, but just how you are gonna live to get onder that dumpster to survive long enough for TraumaTeam to patch up your sorry @ss. as far as BTM and all that stuff goes, I woud like to toss it, considering that the ability for a body10 character to withstand the wound w/o buying the farm vs a Body 2 character is easily shown through the fact that the higher the Body stat the more likely you will actually make the STUN roll and be able to carry on w/o falling and bleeding slowly, and stylishly I may add, into the gutter. well that's my 2 cents and still standing The Public I still maintain that on a non-graded system the capacity to cope with physical damage dependent on size is crucial. I'll state it again. 2" wide hole in 2" wide arm is a Sh!tload more serious than a 2" wide hole in a 10" wide arm. Remeber, wounds don't just come from bullets, they come from knives and teeth and fists as well (and of course monokatanas) I'll explain it very briefly this time... If I've got a 2" wide piece of meat and I cut 2" deep into it, how far have I cut through? Yes.. All (100%) of the way through that's right, very good. If I've got a 10" wide piece of meat and I cut 2" deep into it, how far have cut through? 20% of the way through!!! So which proportionately has been cut more, that's right the 2" wide piece. If you don't have BTM in a linear system with equal hit points like Interlock uses, the same physical ammount of damage does proportionately more damage to larger people. And bullets and knives don't increase in power just because they strike a bigger target, otherwise the army'd be using .22 rounds as the ultimate anti tank weapon. I'm warming to Phipps' system it's very similar to the old WEG d6 StarWars system. It seems to be body dependent to see if physical effects set in (crucial) and maybe also using cool to see if the psychological effects set in. I personally would like to keep to the interlock system of damage, but would rather go with Phipps' system that takes into account the physical side of damage as well, rather than simply rely on the "stun/shock" save to represent the physical effects of damage, which is clearly not realistic.
  24. I just worry that this will never come good if folks are shooting towards different goals If Joe and Chrys want it to be interlock based, Freakboy wants it to be Fuzion Based, Phipps wants it to be KISS based and I want it to be D20 based for example, it's not getting anywhere. EVER. I just think I'd like to see what it really is we're after spelled out here before we get any further down different roads.
  25. oh yeah and BTM is my favourite. But only because it's the only way to differentiate between huge people and tiny people in a system where everyone has the same number of hit points.
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