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  1. GM Note - You can take your comm gear if you like, you can say it's to keep in touch with dispatch. It's probably no-one will think anything other than that. They'll see a courier with a parcel, not a professional mercenary dressed as a courier with a parcel, unless...
  2. I've tried all sorts of ways to determine starting cash. From complex formula using minimum and maximum skill levels and modal averages and stuff, to letting players just have what fits the characters. I reckon that the best way is something along the lines of what Thumper was suggesting. What do people take to work everyday, and then look at how the game characters fit into that sort of thing. For example if you're playing a gutterpunk type of game, the characters shouldn't even have a change of clothes. However if you're playing a corporate/mediastar sort of game, the characters shouldn't have to wear the same shoes ever again if they don't want to This is age independent though, a young media star will have just as much in the way of gear as an old one, they might not have the same capital, but they'll all have the same type, a flashy sports car, a cool apartment and a ultraviolet lever creditcard or whatever, whereas a young homeles person will have a half drunk bottle of meths and an old homeless person will have... a half drunk bottle of meths, at least that sort of idea. The other sort of thing is it's not just what the character does now that should cover his starting cash and total assets, it's what's he done in the past. If a guy's done 5 years in prison, he's going to have a huge chunk cut out of his life, whereas if he's a corp who's just got fired and is now acting as a media star (say an author) he'll have a lot more capital behind him than if he was a street poet just starting out... I think the archetype by archetype (note careful avoidance of the word role there ) breakdown by power level is the best way to determine what a character has.
  3. I think we all have times when real life intrudes on us just hanging out here in cyberspace like we want. Hell I'm not the most reliable of posters either It'd be good to see you posting again
  4. Quote (psychophipps @ Jan. 26 2003,11:31) I make it a rule to never strike the upper head because it's hard. The safer your strikes, the better off you tend to be at the end of the fight. Besides, that's what the neck is for! *evil grin* Mark(psycho)Phipps( HAHAHA! ) Naaaah, that's what claw hammers are for
  5. One of the things I use it for is when folks lose attributes/character points as a part of their character creation, I add the lost points to thier luck stat. It's like they've lived through a hideous event that by all rights should have killed them, "they must be lucky". Like Archangel, I know the trouble of short gaming sessions, with a lot of narrative and not much rolling. So 10 points per session here is a LOT. I tried having the NPCs use thier luck in those situations too which made things exciting, but not particularly satisfying. And I use it on damage totals too, to make a "Lucky shot" far more effective.
  6. I think part of the trouble is the munchkinisation that's so easy with Interlock. Folks know that they're going to use their reflexes stat a lot, and boost it accordingly. I agree with Phipps and Thumper, skill plays a lot more of a part in real life than it usually seems to in the game in my experience. But then I also know some very unco-ordinated people, who with ten years in the marine sniper school at quantico still wouldn't be able to shoot fish in a barrell. I think that the mechanics of the game are built around the idea that someone with average reflexes should only rarely be able to hit anything other than a big static target 50 yards away with a rifle on anything other than a REALLY good day. which is fine until you look at "statistical average" which should be 5 points and "game average" which is probably more like 9 point s for Ref. It can vary by up to 5 points, so that the difference between the theoretical average and the usual game value is a whole difficulty category! Not a fault with the rules for shooting so much as the rules for creating characters. Howabout if you want a grittier game, cut down on the character points or at least cap the attributes to levels other than 10 at the start of the game and boost the skill points to indicate the fact that in real life it's skill that's most important?
  7. Rat hangs up the call on his cell phone and stuffs it into the correct pocket. His attention is drawn to the bright pink shirt held in front of him by a small asian boy. In the office of "Hassan's Speedy Parcels" the rest of the crew are shrugging into similar garments. Bloodbath grins "How do I look?" The shirt is stretched over his huge form, obviously a couple of sizes to small, "Very good" says Hassan, or at least one of the many Hassans Rat does business with, quoting George Peppard in the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and hands the fixer a set of car keys, Hassan stands about 5'4" tall and is incredibly slight. he wears the same pink shirt everyone else in the room is wearing and a pair of black slacks with well shined black shoes. He scratches his bald head and then gestures to the back of the office still holding his thin cigar, "I'll walk you guys out," Hassan leads the team through the back of the office, through a makeshift despatch area, which is just a few tables and shelves staffed by a sea of Hassan family members to the car park at the rear of the office. There stands a 20 year old delivery van, in a very fetching pink and white livery. He grins at everyone then catches Bloodbath's arm as Rat hands him the keys. "Just don't scratch her!"
  8. MonSTeR


    Quote (Thumper @ Jan. 14 2003,23:18) Since we are really going towards edges I would like to suggest 4 skills that an achetype pick froma list of professional skills that type would have such as Mosters list near the top of the page here. The problem I forsee with not having a limit of you must take one of these edges is that, well you are just not that archetype in any way shape form or fashion then. The problem of just showing them to new GM's is that they are unlikely to get the message and will most likely get confused and think and ask questions of the game. Do they take all three, do they take two how many are required. I think there needs to be some limits if just to keep new GM's and Players interested and not frustrated with the concept of character development. I am thinking since this is mostly a done deal on character development that when time permits I will make a preliminary writeup of this section. I envision a short description for each type with the three edges that work into that type and the list of professional skills used by that type. With the only limiting factor being if you plan to play this type of stylized achetype you must pick at least one of the three edges for you total of three edge choices and four of these skills from the list of professional skills. really other than that the description should include a rundown off most if not all subtypes of that character archetype and profession so players can get a good idea on what skill they would want. Of course a master skill list and a master edges list should also be included. go ahead an keep discussing and trimming, making remarks and presenting oppinions so I can get some idea of where everyone stands as I take a stab at it. I agree with the problem of giving the new GMs a big enough helping hand vs, ramming things down people's throats. It's a tricky one, but I'm sure you can get the balance right I'd like to suggest that we leave out the word "must" and use things like "should probably" instead. It might even work better if we turned it around completely. Instead of saying... "Archetype X must take Edge Y" we turn it around to become something along the lines of... "Characters with Edge Y aquire certain aspects of Archetype X" This way would let the character define the role he plays, rather than the role defining the character.
  9. Out of the hanger and in the safety of the van Shrap glances at the address on the printout before handing it to Rat James Roswell Recruitment Consultant Drake Recruitment Gate 1 Cable Plaza Industrial Park Night City
  10. MonSTeR


    Mephostophilis - I think everyone has pretty much agreed that we're running with roles now. Personally I think that it's because a role is helpful and a truly free skill system is the biggest way for munchkins to abuse any system, there's nothing to stop any character from taking something like "Combat Sense +10", Your idea of "Justificatioon Through Character Background" works well in theory in a utopian RPG group, but I think most folks would agree wouldn't last 2 seconds in the real world Archangel - Looks like you agreed nigh on completely with my first post on the subject
  11. MonSTeR


    Quote Er. Isn't that just encouraging players to come up with explanations for their character's capabilities using a good selection of examples? Yes. It is. But don’t forget learning by example is one of the best ways to learn things RIGHT… Quote If some people are utterly determined for lifepath to be included then why not adapt Monster's idea into a modular form? A list of suggested little chunklets of life written into neat paragraphs for what a punk might have done or had done to them over their life so far. e.g. "Went to university. Did a degree [tech skills, art skills, etc], did drugs [a bit of pharmacuiticals and perhaps resist drugs/torture], slept around a lot [seduction, personal grooming]." or "Went to jail. Found out the hard way how to fight [brawling or a bit of martial arts, intimidate], learned to avoid getting gang-raped [hide/evade, stealth] OR became someone's bitch [seduction, etc]." or "Did a tour of duty. Got military training [guns, stealth, solo stuff blah blah], lost an arm/leg/eye/other member of your choice [cyberware], learned to play the guitar or write pad poetry [expression]." Obviously fleshed out, and perhaps written in a more serious frame of mind than I am in at the moment. A little list of chunklets for first time, nervous or rushed players could look at and pick ideas from. Lifepath really is only for the beginners, the rushed and the nervous anyway. Don’t forget that there are still people playing CP type games, even if they’re just ‘D20 modern’, that start off the game “you all meet in a bar”. Their characters are just “the hitman, the computer guy, the streetdealer. There’s no mention of the why’s who’s and when’s. If you read the MonSTeRpunk game, ages ago, Bookwyrm posted up a story his character told to one of the others, it had a location a time and a bearing on his PC’s very soul. If all characters were as detailed as this we’d have no problem. But in a game where one of the player’s main concerns is “how big a gun can I have?” then a rewrite should contain the information to spark the idea off in even that player’s mind as to where did he get the Rifle +10 skill from? That’s when we know we’re doing something right Yes they’d need to be fleshed out, and/or dressed up into “future speak” and slotted in with the background, but I think it has promise. Quote Yes. I could be swayed by a lifepath in that form. Could even break them into categories like Street, Corporate, Military, Education, etc. Those with a hankering for tables could even pencil numbers in the margin and roll away until their heart's content. Everyone's a winner. I like the idea of modular, like I like the modular way that “Edges” work. Modular is flexible and also disgardable for folks who don’t need or want to deal with something they’d find limiting Quote 'Chunklets.' Doesn't it have a nice ring? yes
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    Are we going with Edges insead of Special Abilities then guys? OR should we get Archangel to work on his V4.0 of them? I like the idea of them, especially considering how MUCH hassle we've had over the SAs and how LITTLE hassle we've had concerning these.
  13. MonSTeR


    I think a "lifepath" would be a good idea, like Chrys said, it's hoped that folks from outside VftE will read Apo-Stasis Howabout cutting it down from a year by year table to provide chapters of a character's life. Thumper has already pointed out that a the year by year random nature of the current system means that you can get totally conflicting results, wilphe and freakboy noted that some characters can get bent out of shape to the point where they're nothing like the original character concept, or worse unplayable. What I might suggest is that we look at it the OTHER way to how the CP2020 book looks at it. Rather than simply assigning a random lifepath to a character and affording him the designated bonuses and penalties... howabout we take some way of describing what "can" happen to an edgerunner, prior to the game, sort of detail the different aspects be it time served in prison, or a tour in the central america war or 3 years in college, and have the player choose those to make up the background of the character? It wouldn't give them any MORE skills, but could provide information that the player and GM can work on together to account for the skills and attributes that the character has from the basic creation process? That way it can't really be abused to get +9 in Muay Thai, but it might be able to explain why the character already has that skill. sort of like the new PC has a lot of combat skills, so go to the list of "life events" that could result in the character having high SMG, rifle and handgun skills, and that list of events might have things like... 1) tour of duty in some foreign hell-hole 2) gang violence on the rough streets 3) corporate hit team OR if we're looking at why the character has a low Attr stat the list might say something like 1) horribly scarred in an op gone wrong 2) gang violence on the rough streets 3) wounded in a duel with personal nemesis If you notice, "2" in both is the same, and I think that some "chapters" in the characters lives could account for one or more different aspects of the character. Also, reading through the different "chapters" list in the book, might just help to inspire some players as to think up new characters... by realising that our versions of chapter suck and there's are much better. This way would also mean that experienced players needen't look at this section, they can just write up their own background story. Or if they need a bit of inspiration just glance through a description of some things that help to shape the soul of an edge runner.
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    The Net

    I'd like to say that this is going to NEED to be useable by folks who think a PS2 is a computer Like the mistake we made of having guys who've served in the forces or are martial arts experts trying to do the combat rules, we should remember that not everyone is going to understand the technical concepts of ports and the like from the get-go. I like Thumper's idea... Quote I belive it came out something like the following. Role to see if you fool the defenses, if not make a roll to fight off the defenses, if successful a roll is made to find the needed info or to take control of a controller, if you are successful then you get what you need or gain control of a automated item for a short period before having to fight for control again. These few rolls would make for rather simplistic action but it allows for all the players to keep up and not slow down play much. The other thing I want to ask is if people see this being done by keyboard, by VR headsets and goggles or by direct interface (the only true cyberpunk away), or all 3 And then, what is it going to look like? is it gonna be likethe movie "Tron" where it's all neon and grids? OR is it like "The Matrix"/"snowcrash" where we've gotten to the point of perfect/near perfect avatars OR is going to be like the Matrix in "The Matrix"? with the real hackers just reading lines of greenscreen code?
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    A Movie lost

    Did the girl in question have a motorcycle as part of her "robo-babe" gear and had to return to secret base now and then? Or...? Come on, we need more info
  16. Heat is my favourite cyberpunk movie, and I've always maintained that it's nearly all punk and very very little true cyber. Firstly, like Monk said, it's very definately a film about edgerunners. These characters are a team of edgerunners pure and simple, almost as if the game of cyberpunk (not the genre) was designed around these guys, there's a driver, a fixer, a technical guy and an electronics guy etc. that makes it easy to relate games to the film. There's a few reasons why it's cyberpunk though. Firstly is that it's a hi-tech movie, bordering on Cyberpunk. There's a lot of computer stuff, like Kelso's decrypting of the banks transaction statistics, then the hacking of the banks alarm systems. There's a lot of technical equipment, Neil McCauley buys a book entitled "Stress Fractures in Titanium" and that sort of thing. Then there's the social interactions firstly between the characters. Chris's stormy relationship with his wife, Neil's lonelyness etc. Not that this sort of turmoil is exclusive to cyberpunk, but it's often a very prevalent theme. Then there's the whole "man against machine" theme. In this moviethe machine in qestion is the society in which we all live and how ultimately fighting either for or against it brings about personal demise. Chris looses his wife and son, who he truly loves. Vincent looses his third marriage (probably not the first one he's lost to the edgerunner lifestyle) and the other characters loose their lives. Neil is determined that he won't go back to prison and so makes the ultimate decision not to. Yet he does this as a result of breaking his own code of not getting attached to anything in this case honour, an example of truly running the edge... I'll shut up now, you just go and watch the movie now... GO.
  17. My world tends to be fairly politically hidden, with all major parties setting out to screw over the common man and either give to the upper middle classes or the lower middle classes. Europe is very corporate, Germany IS corporate, the UK never lost it's royal family and King William is more popular than ever since he married Queen Britney Like GM2023, things stay very much behind the scenes in my world unless a corporate or political powerplay is made, and even then a cover sotry is all that the populace will ever here.
  18. Quote (Archangel @ Jan. 09 2003,01:29) Trademarks [tm] Firstly - a I think different name would be a good idea. Merits and Flaws are the terms used by White Wolf. I'll use the term Merits and Flaws if or when alternative tags are assigned. I'd suggest "Pros and Cons" it's what I've been using when I was toying with the idea and it, to me at least" sounds more "Cyberpunk" then "merits and flaws"
  19. Neko watches everyone's back as they move to the van, he feels there's definately something not right here, maybe he's just jumpy, Thumper doesn't show any sign of nerves, but the young solo is still not convinced. Maybe it's too many old films and the situation just being "quiet... too quiet!"...
  20. Everything seems incredibly quiet in the hanger, the mechanics against the wall seem mute, Stuart, in the office, seems to be just standing against the counter. Shrap moves into view from the office, As he does so the younger of the two mechanics agianst the wall starts muttering to the other, who promptly tries to silence him, Rat interjects and the youthful mechanic simply states, that, "the guy from Drake, he looked legit," he continues, "proper car, nice suit..."
  21. "Yeah the hanger, right..." Stuart says in a slightly confused way pointing towards the door. "D..d..damages, right..." The two mechanics in the hanger stand facing the wall, silently the younger of the two starts to turn round slightly but a glance from his older colleague changes his mind.
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    Quote (freakboy6117 @ Jan. 03 2003,23:57) Id pretty much allow people to have as many edges as they want o obviously your going to lose points from other skills by buying them up but it can be worth it want to be a cop with danger sense and trigger reflexes because your on a swat team your going to lose points from your skills also is there any idea how many skill points relates to one edge point? If its a straight swap then edges become seriously expensive on the other hand if they are a third the cost you can easily get more points of bonus for less skill points for instance you take 3 points in the vehicle Zen edge and 5 points in both motorcycle and operate heavy machinery Now if an edge cost a third of a point you basically get an extra 3 skill points for the price of 1 on the other hand if it costs a full skill point I’d want to have the SA because then I’d get all the skills plus the other bonuses for the same points. Archangel states in his first post that these would be totally seperate from both skills and stats.
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    Quote (psychophipps @ Jan. 03 2003,23:07) I say that you might try allowing any character to grab any "edge" and run with it. They want to mix and match three unrelated edges they should be able to. Mark(psycho)Phipps( HAHAHA! ) I'd agree here I think that listing these edges and perhaps any more non role-exclusive ones that might be needed should be de-lineated. and just "any 3" would be fine
  24. Quote MonSTeR - The prob is how much advantage you get from it. The original 'Add it to A/N' left no way of hiding from these guys Sure it did, it's called a modifier I apply modifiers for range, then for things like insufficient light, or the other characters kibbitzing around. So a character hiding 100 yards away at night, while his target walks through a crowded street might have a total +10 modifier to his chances to avoid detection. So even with a reasonably high combat sense a solo is going to need a pretty high awareness to spot a sniper. I don't care what training you've had, human physiology dictates that the further away you are, the harder you are to spot If you add another modifier for wearing appropriate camoflage, be it a ghillie suit, or the same concert T-shirt that everyone else in the stadium is wearing, that's another way to confuse anyone after you.
  25. MonSTeR


    Quote (Archangel @ Jan. 03 2003,00:25) Superstars and Mediastars Perhaps my takes on Superstars (aka Rockerboys) and Mediastars (aka Medias) are slightly too far from the original careers. My modifications are an attempt to make the roles broader and more relevant to CP2020 games. I do not believe that every Rockerboy or Media should be out on a zealous mission to Change The World or Expose The Truth, just as every Solo should not be a grizzled trenchcoat wearing gunslinger with bad designer stubble. When it comes to careers (and character creation in general) I prefer to lay out what elements a type of character has access to (e.g. Edges, suggested Skills lists, a range of style suggestions) and let the player choose the character's goals. If you start building in motives to careers or character classes then you end up with a very inflexible outline to work with and a lot of very samey characters. I know I have rarely seen or heard of any Rockerboys that are not simply Silverhand clones. Superstars and Mediastars are highly appropriate characters for the Cyberpunk genre IMO - media, television, simstim are as much a part of the world as guns, the Net, street life and so forth. This is not my project, of course, but I feel the genre is being done an injustice by discarding media-orientated characters if there is a way to make them relevant. Otherwise I fear the game risks becomes "Black-Ops Inc." I agree here, that mediastars and rock stars are appropriate to the genre But... I think that as far as the presentation of the role of "Rockerboy" goes, within Apo-Stasis there needs to be more of a distinction between the "change the world rockerboy and the glitz and glam rockstar if you see what I mean ?
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