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  1. It's good to have Mike back in the mood to do something with RTG biggrin.gif


    I agree that character creation CAN be a burden in a game, especially for new players and perhaps be a little daunting. More experienced players will change the rules anyway. They'll write upthe backgrounds and add more detail.


    New players will just want to get going as soon as possible. I think most new players these days have a PC or a console anyway, so their introduction to "oldschool gaming" will be through console games. Perhaps to make this industry popular again we need to have their transition made as familiar ad easy as possible?


    I'm not in favour of cardboard cutouts for characters, but something that lets folks get up and ready a bit quicker and make a system more playable than spending 45 minutes deciding whether to put 3 skill points into electronic security or regular security would be a good idea?

  2. I agree Companero, I think it was a bit strong, some of my friends, doctors lawyers, scientists all love clubbing. I'm not into it at all and would much rather either surf the net or hit the gym.


    Some of my friends think the net is for "people who are incapable of making any kind of productive life for themselves otherwise"




    live and let live I say.

  3. I'm gonna go the other way on this. Yes perhaps I do feel superior to the average D+D player.


    But, only because, in my experience, you get less experienced roleplayers playinf D+D because it's accessible.


    If you talk to a casual roleplayer at the moment they're likely to play D+D because that's what's available in stores they haven't gained in experience of roleplaying like most folks who play cyberpunk seem to.


    D+D is a new system (ie this version has only just been published and new stuff is being written all the time) CP goes back what, 10-15 years now? Hands up if you've got the black box CP2013 hanging around. See my point? You've got 15 years more experience than the average guy you can talk to.


    If you play CP2020 with a bunch of new players they're going to tend to still lust after a +5really really smart gun firing apdsabcit'seasyas123 ammo. Just like if you play D+D with a bunch of new players they'll lust after a +5 sword of infinite impaling.


    If you play either game with a more experienced older rpg group, either system can be a mature well acted roleplaying experience.


    Which is why 30 something adult CP2020 players tend to be superior rpgers than your average teenage D+D player.

  4. In the last game I was running I saw fighting skills like that as more the overall result of a round's combat than an actual individual blow or kick. You can spend a couple of seconds finding an opening or squaring off in a fight, so I don't think it's unreasonable to treat it as an overall result.


    Multiple actions could be thought of as trying to throw as many hits as possible and hoping at least some hit even if the punches thrown aren't as accurate.


    I'd be interested to see Phipps' take on the situation,

  5. QUOTE (Psiberzerker @ Jul 19 2004, 02:24 PM)
    In cyberpunk, you can't get much better than the "Random Sniper". Every time he's an ass, take a pot shot at him, and run away. They can give chase, find a shell casing, but never catch the guy. Eventually, the PC should be bright enough to figure out what's "Summoning" (I adapted this from the vengance monster I used to keep my D&Ders in line) him.

    In cyberpunk, you can't get much WORSE than the "Random Sniper". Every time he's an ass, sink to his level and therefore encourage the exact type of behaviour you're trying to do away with.


    My advice is along the line of Joe's advice, talk to theplayer. Ask why he feels the need to disrupt the game, ask what it'll acheive in terms of the game, and examine his character's motivations with him to figure out why. Is it just a stupid character, or more likely poor role playing. (bet the guy wants to play a Solo right? wink.gif )


    I always maintain that the key to keeping this sort of thing under control is get both the players and the characters on the same side from the very start. The easiest way to do this is in the stages of character creation. Don't let them create characters individually, work as a group, GM included to create a team, with unbreakable emotional ties, longstanding loyalties and common goals.




    However, if you can't keep the rogue player under control, have the other players do it. Have all the characters go out for coffee, have another memberof the group spike the drink of the character who keeps putting the spanner in the works, then when he's drugged up, they take him out to the parking lot and shoot him in the face.


    This way, the ations of the annoying PC have real and direct consequence which is a lot more effective than figuring out the vengeancemonster Psiberzerker came up with.



  6. I've got a fair few scars. I think most folks find a story makes a scar sexy, not a scar in itself.


    A scar obtained saving small children from a burning car is far sexier than knocking a deep fat fryer over on yourself when you decided to make french fries in a drunken stupor one night.



  7. QUOTE (Chrysalis @ Jun 15 2004, 08:23 AM)
    I would prefer it to be a whole new system, with an updated 2020 game world.

    Yes I like Interloc, but there are better systems out there.


    Personally I've not found a published system that's better, but if there are better systems out there, which are they? and what games are they in.

  8. In Deus Ex if you got to the subway station, and evaded Anna Navarre and got onto the train, you got to the Castle Clinton Subway Station where you were met by one of those ED-209 Military Bots, and Gunther and loads of Troops. Could anyone ever manage to get away from Gunther at this point?



  9. Vampire, I'm not trying to criticise your ideas, but it's just the fact that to get the most out of Cyberpunk a good underlying story is the most important thing.


    Like a good movie, special effects are great, but you need some sort of a story. Even the most basic action movies have a story. Lets look at the movie Predator starring Schwarzenegger.


    The team of heroes gets sent into the jungle to rescue the hostages from a crashed helicopter (now you see why I've chosen this film) Then it turns out that Dutch's best friend has double crossed them, he's used them to find the terrorists' secret base, the hostages are actually CIA agents and not politicians.


    For cyberpunk, you need to go a little further, something needs to re-occur later on in the next mission, like say the subject of the secret files crops up again, or the PCs decide they've been set up and need to switch sides to do what's "right" or...


    If you're not at least trying to tell a story other than "the heroes must rescue the hostages" you're not getting all that you can from the game and that's a shame, for you and your players.


    If you only want to play a futuristic wargame/RPG, that's fine. Interlock's not a bad system to do that with. But if you want to truly play Cyberpunk, you eventually need more than just the orders of a superior officer sad.gif

  10. QUOTE (rockwolf66 @ May 16 2004, 05:37 PM)
    I do try to put some thought into my characters and I have alot of people i can mix together to make a realistic character.

    I'm not saying blokes can't play female characters, I'm just saying it's a little harder, and that at certain times in a game, most often in the more exciting tense parts, then some of the character's personality is sacrificed for a little more of the player's.


    It's a lot easier in literature as you can plan out the character's actions/thoughts etc, but on the fly, for most men, it can get a little unconvincing.


    If you can hold the role, more power to you smile.gif

  11. QUOTE (ChalkLine @ May 16 2004, 07:14 AM)
    It's the only way I can stop the PC being a girl-played-by-a-guy.

    That's actually a great point. When you're roleplaying, you've got to imagine yourself as an actor playng a role and creating a character as a cross between scriptwriting and casting...


    If you can't play the role, you shouldn't take the part.


    For a longtime I've tried to disuade male players from playing female characters, as they usually (ok invariably) lose the sight of the character at some point in the campaign.



  12. My vote for "best thing they could do" would go to


    "GTA - Night City"


    Take the freedom of the last GTA style games and set it in a Deus Ex/Syndicate cityscape.


    add a few cybermods, and away we go wink.gif

  13. What I'd suggest Vampire is that you need to link these missions up to one another with an overall story.


    Send them in after the important executive on the AV, but have a REALLY unbelievable story as to why he was there and have a real reason. Tell them the unbelievable story, (something like a humanitarian aid effort from a supplier of chemical weapns or something equally "wrong")


    Make them want to know the REAL story. Why was he REALLY there, what do the documents REALLY mean, what is "operation lightspeed" and why is the name of the PCs mentioned in the documents.


    Tie it all together with a story arc. Get the story worked out in your own head, but be ready to improvise.


  14. QUOTE (Joe Q. Public @ May 11 2004, 01:49 AM)
    Sorry V, but I gotta give you a bit of history way this may be a bad descison on your end as a new GM.

    Does it make sense to give the guys who are learning a ssytem characters that are already established, have oodles of resources, and have just about total immunity from the things that may do them in?

    If you wanna run a green game, don't start it with characters that own the horizon already.  Otherwise when you bring them back to reality (reality being not having the full backing of a major mercenary company) they are gonna be bored and whiney.

    Really, it's alot easyer to sell up than down the food chain. After all, first characters are supposed to die a horrible senseless death.

    That's why we play cyberpunk....


    Vampire, I think Joe's right, the shiny tech is a lot of fun. But there's even more shiny hi-tech in a game of Battletech or Warhammer 40000. It sounds like that might be what you'll actually be playing.


    The rules are great but it sounds like you're not playing with plenty of cyber but enough punk. The attitude is wrong for cyberpunk.


    I suggest you go rent some DVDs and watch them with your players. I always say you should watch Heat starring Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino, look at how the sides work, how the characters interact in the criminal underworld. Then rent The Matrix look at the style of the city, what the characters wear and where they go. The clubs, the skyscrapers. (ignore the "realworld" super high tech and lame-ass stories in the sequels)


    If you can give the characters some reason other than "because the Colonel says so" you are going to be doing better. But otherwise you're ruling out the whole "free will" issue, the internal conflict to do what is "right", that should be a part of cyberpunk.

  15. Like Isaid, it's nothing too fancy, just a Honda Type-R. But that still expensive (for me, anyway) on this side of the pond, with the options.


    The main thing is the restricted availability They're very in demand at the moment here, hence the waiting list.


    There's certainly nothing in production that I fancied more that would put up with my high milage...


    Pics when it arrives biggrin.gif

  16. QUOTE ([M8]-HARRY @ May 7 2004, 04:25 AM)
    well at least something is happening. Are they throwing in optional extras as a compensation package???

    That's the impression I'm under, I'm going to talk to the sales manager tomorrow about it as I wasn't able to take a call today.

  17. Thanks for the advice guys biggrin.gif I spoke with the dealer today, they've offered me the same car at the end of July with a compensation package for my inconvenience.


    It's not a particularly special car, just one that's in short supply, so as Joe said I'm screwed until they get another one in.


    More updates later in the summer. If this NEXT car fails to appear, I'll take things a step further, but for now I guess I'll just live with the wait.

  18. OK guys, here's a quicky. With my new job (the reason I'm not around all that much any more) I thought I'd treat myself to a new car. I've not ordered anything particularly stunning, but it's gonna cost me about $30000.


    I got a call from the dealer this morning to say that the car had been "irreparably damaged in transit" and he intimated that it'd had literally been written off while being loaded onto the transporter for delivery to the dealership.


    If anyone knows anything about this sort of thing, I'd like to know if there's any chance this guy's telling the truth (I doubt it) or if they've just sold me a car that they can't get hold of.


    I ordered the car (including a paying a deposit) a couple of months ago from a dealer who said he had one coming in on his books and who could shave a couple of months off the expected 5 month waiting list.


    the dealer's now saying the next batch are due at the end of summer and I can get one then. Like all the other dealers were saying 8 weeks ago.


    I take it, as the phrase goes..."I've been had"



  19. My advice would be for you or one of the other players who wasn't actually involved in the real arguement to run a one-shot unrelated game. If the argument was over magic items, run a game with no magic, or completely different magic or anything really lighthearted. Bring yourself together as friends again, then get back on with the campaign you were playing once the tiff is forgotten.



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