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  1. Quote (Joe Q. Public @ Feb. 08 2003,04:04) 40 points leves Johnny a little, um how doI say it, FLAT. I agree completely. I think that more skills round out a character more, and that there's a need to encourage folks to realise that most folks can do stuff like drive a car, or maybe swim, and so on. I think there should be some way of encouraging lots of silly little +1 and +2 skills, just to round out characters a bit more.
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    The Solo

    Quote (psychophipps @ Dec. 16 2002,12:35) What separates the solos form everyone else is that they have the insticts and drive to make the possibly most hazardous job in the world a career. Anyone who has the commitment and personality to have the JOB of hurting people very badly for money is a very special individual indeed. This basically 100% sums up "Solo" to me, instincts AND drive. not just the ability to use any weapon, the unrelenting uncaring ability to. Hence they have a better chance of going first. They know exactly what they need to do, and they have no qualms, conscious, sub conscious or unconscious about doing it.
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    The Solo

    I still think that there has to be some bonus to the combat awareness and the immediacy that combat entails. It's all well and good knowing exactly how to use a weapon, but it's imperative that you have the "intent" as Phipps says, to put it into immediate action. The other thing is it's also about combat awareness. Realising when combat is gonna happen, spotting the signs that you might just be walking into an ambush. "Awareness/Notice" shouldn't cover those things, it's a completely different skill, used for spotting "crime-clues" like different brands of cigarette butts and the same car sitting round the corner, not the fact that the 2 big guys from the bar have circled behind you.
  4. Roswell seems slightly stunned, by the request and is suddenly in no frame of mind to argue. Unfortunately though... "Sure," he says "Jane, could you sort this guy out with one of my cards?" "Certainly" says the receptionist who start to pick over her desk for two seconds until she finds a few of her boss's business cards. "Here you go!" she smiles as she holds out the card to Thumper Roswell nods and smiles to the two couriers and takes the package back to his office. Any more disuption to a standard courier routine is probably going to get folks killed and Thumper and, a by now slightly annoyed, Shrap know it.
  5. I reckon if you fancy making one up then go for it the other guys often contribute to the story with great locations and characters, and seem to have really enjoyed it so have a ball It also gives us all a chance to look at how Nightcrawler sees the net
  6. The Suit turns round with disinterest, he probably gets this routine 5 times a day, and fishes to his belt. Up comes a plastic laminate with a bad photo. It reads "James Roswell Recruitment Consultant" "That OK with you?" He's not asking a question really, he knows it will suffice for a courier. Shrap can get a decent enough look at the ID though, there's nothing of any real significance, but the guy is who he says he is. At least in the eyes of the people he works for.
  7. GM Note - I presume the guy in question is James Roswell It'll flow and be a none dangerous encounter, folks see the pink shirt, not the face wearing it I've just started a new job so I'm way out of it too, and I'm doing my best to be a corporate brown-noser so I'm a little restricted timewise I'll try not to hash things up completely though Jane looks at the pad, "Oh right," she smiles, "I'll just buzz him for you." She hold the mic of her headset to her lips and presses a button on the phone. "I've got a package here for you that needs a signature," There's a pause. "no he says he needs you t... ok" Turning to Thumper she offers her best corporate smile, "he'll be right with you." to the left of the desk as you face it is a short corridor with probably 4 doors off it, 2 to the left and 2 to the right, from one of the doors on the right hand side comes a fairly non-descript thirty something man in a slightly above average suit. He smiles a false smile and then looks at the datapad picks up the pen and scrawls a big "J.Ros^^&&" or similar on the pad. He looks up briefly and without making eye contact utters a simple "... Thanks" and then walks back down the corridor. From the brief look around Shrap and Thumper get, they'd reckon that there are offices on the right hand side of the corridor, behind the reception area, the doors to the left probably lead into the main area of the warehouse building, what one might anticipate being an AV hanger.
  8. As Thumper and Shrap enter the office they notice that the outer set of doors close before the interior ones open, standard practice but still never that reassuring in case the need for a quick getaway occurs. Jane, a pretty blonde with a choppy, bobbed hair style sits behind the grey desk and smiles as the two pink clad men approach her desk, whether she's smiling out of corporate politeness or amusement, she hides well. "Hi," she says in a lighthearted native californian accent, she pauses, waiting for Shrap the delivery "supervisor" to give her the standard delivery pitch.
  9. Quote (wilphe @ Feb. 25 2003,00:05) Quote I honestly get the impression that the real edgerunners are using their skills, specialties and what not for more than just making money (though that does enter in) they are out there trying to make a real difference in the world. I get the impression that was the way the game was designed, it's just that not many people play it that way... I've always looked at it the other way. Edgerunners are the folks who have the skills and specialities for those things that we see in the game. Cyberpunks are the ones who choose to stand against the system, rather than just make money off it
  10. Quote (Snowguard @ Feb. 24 2003,18:25) This idea has been floating around my head all weekend, and felt the need to cast another bone to the crowd. Have any GMs or players out there had involvement in a campaign where all the characters had a certain link to each other beyond knowing the same Fixer or Corp? While a Nomad Pack could work, I was think more along shared national/ethnic/linguistic lines. In the MonSTeRPunK campaign some of the characters have played out as actually being firm friends, not just colleagues, but actual friends. They're chasing around not really for money but partly for duty and partly for pride/reputation. I've found that as games get more players involved it's hard to tie them together by means other than employment or immediate objective.
  11. Of the worlds here mine usually most resembles Phipps'. I've tried the superchromed version, I've tried the dustbowl version but I think the scariest one of all is the one that resembles a simple extrapolation of the here and now.
  12. Yes they are In the MonSTeRPunK game, Rat (Bookwyrm's superb Fixer character) did most of his internet based intelligence gathering until recently. We just used a couple of skill rolls and roleplayed most of it, relying on "searchbots" to gather most of what was needed. My favourite part of this was how normal and everyday it seemed, just like today we sit at home and type on our PCs' keyboards. These days I think a good comparison can be drawn between how CP's netrunning works and the film "The Matrix" most folks who use the net are boring everyday folks who log on to check the news or email, jus tlike the everyday folks in the "matrix world" the true "netrunners" are folks who use their "interface" SA which means that they'd be able to pull of stuff like the Agents or the Heroes from that movie, moving faster and striking harder and so on. The iconography might be very different, but I think the underlying idea is the same.
  13. I give NPCs as much detail as they need and as much detail as they present to the PCs. A waitress in a coffee shop might have nice hair or a pretty smile, but most PCs won't take any more notice of her than that. Someone that the players are going to consistently interact with should have almost as much detail as the PCs themselves. Give them a catchphrase and/or a style of speech. Give them a quirk of body language such as the way they shake hands or how they keep smoothing their hair and so on. For the really really important/interactive NPCs I treat them just as I would a PC, writing up a background story and motivations and so on. I keep my NPCs on files and adapt and add to the notes about them as the game progresses. That way the same waitress who just had great teeth can become an aquaintance of even a friend if the characters return to the same coffee house over and over.
  14. Speed bumps are dotted around the parking lot as Thumper expected, tire spikes are not obviously in place, probably too many dumb delivery drivers or executives in expensive cars, who feel that traffic laws don't apply to them, must visit the industrial park. The building itself is a prefab matal affair in typical light grey, probably 2 or 3 stories tall. The bottom right hand corner of it is converted to glass fronted offices, you can see right inside, the reception desk is fully visable. It's a fairly sturdy looking affiar, it's a "wraparound" style thing in a bland corporate grey, the girl sitting behing it is visible only from the waist up her legs hidden from view by the desk's solid front. The desk itself looks just like furniture, but whether there's 2 inches of steel behind it or not is another matter. The entrance consists of 2 sets of double doors, you'll have to pass though a small "airlock" style chamber to reach the second set, the doors don't look particularly airtight, especially from the exterior. Yes there are landing lights on teh corners of the building, blinking away quite happily, there's also an airsock. If Thumper jumps to any obvious conclusions he's more than likely going to be right Shrubbery seems to be at a minimum but, flanking the doors about 3 feet of to either side, there are a couple of connifers in large terracota planters that both would more than likely stop small arms fire, and be big enough to hide behind in a crouch.
  15. It might seem a little silly, but certainly no more silly than "Night City" is it? I think Thumper did a good job coming up with Cyber City, and like the name in the background story, the name really just has stuck
  16. Quote (Bookwyrm @ Feb. 26 2003,18:11) I think a large part of why I found the whole Sumer thing unconvincing is that language is basically a higher brain function, so there is no reason why it should be able to affect the lower brain in the way that he wants it to. Wasn't his premise though (remembering I have no idea where my copy is right now ) that Sumer wasn't a higher brain function and that that language was an instinctive one that was understandable by everyone regardless of learned patterns. Interestingly, Babies all make the same "baby sounds" when they're very very young and then grow out out that adopting and learning to copy the sounds of those adults around them. I think the idea was similar to that with Sumer being at that sort fo level.
  17. Quote (DragoonCav @ Feb. 25 2003,20:52) I, personally, thought it was funny as hell. But, hey, it takes all kinds to make a cyberworld. I decided to simply remember it the way I think of it, and that way it's an funny in joke of Hiro's to amuse himself... That makes the book just as cool as I remembered it
  18. Bloodbathpulls the van into the parking lot. Thumper points out the cameras overlooking the entrance as the van comes to a halt facing away from the doors to the building. The van's occupants will very likely have remained anonymous so far, and indeed their numbers concealed. Thumper and Shrap hop out carrying the parcel and begin the short walk over to the office doors. As they wait outside for a few seconds, their pink shirts give them away as couriers and the girl on the reception desk buzzes them in straight away. From the beautiful pink van's darkened (and that's darkened from dirt and grime not an upgraded vehicle spec) rear windows the rest of the team can make out their team mates... two 6 foot tall carnations, one carrying a box
  19. Quote (psychophipps @ Feb. 24 2003,23:07) The problem there, MonSTeR, is that the fact that Hiro's father had the last name of Protagonist and that all of the passports he lugged around had Hiro Protgagonist as his legal name. Whenever he was looked up on a computer that name came up and it was never, Ralph Wilson aka Hiro Protagonist as it would have been if it really was just a handle or nickname. Mark(psycho)Phipps( HAHAHA! ) I didn't remember that lol, I probably put it down to a sort of skew that was there over the whole world, it certainly didn't detract from the book for me. But yeha, now it just seems DUMB
  20. OK guys, I'm back, the "with a vengeance" bit will have to wait till tomorrow, but I'm back and reading up on where we were up to and getting text prepared and the like. Stay toooned
  21. Quote (Bookwyrm @ Feb. 24 2003,15:49) As for the 'humorous naming of the protagonist, it unfortunately falls into that catagory of literary joke that is, unfortunately, not actually funny. OK, you'll have to forgive me, I'm a little rusty and haven't done anything remotely sci-fi-esque for the best part of a month now, and I don't have the book to hand, but here goes... Hiro Protagonist is obviously not the character's real name, but his handle, I think that one's a given. But it definitely sums up the character perfectly in my book. It's all part of him thinking himself cleverer than he actually is, and the in-joke he shares with no-one but himself. I don't think it's really supposed to be funny to the reader. It's supposed to be funny to the character, and the fact that the character finds it funny is what is supposed to make the reader smile. I have some very good friends who are programmers and I see them demonstrate the same sort of humour. That was something that really really grabbed me as being incredibly 'real'. I admit that the whole tower of Babel thing took a little getting used to and made me wonder what Stephenson was taking But as a cute twist for a plot, I thought "ooh kinda Indiana Jones... Why not? I'll run with it " I'll give you that I hated the whole Raven's nuclear bomb thing, but thought it was an interesting parody of the break up of the soviet union, and I loved that "The Mafia" was a legitimate corporation
  22. Prompted by Bookwyrm's email that I picked up today, I thought I'd just drop by for 2 mins to say "hi" and that I will be back to the game as soon as I can guys. Not yet, but soon. I offer my humblest apologies for the wait and my sincerest thanks for sticking while my real life intrudes on my time here. Laters amigos. Mon
  23. The drive back to Cable Plaza Industrial Park is thankfully short and sweet. The delivery van handles as well as can be expected, but there're some funny smells coming through the floor. Not that they're any more hazardous than the way the inner city air gets in the summer. On the drive the pair of delivery boy wannabes finalise the few details of the plan and everyone continues to make jokes about the very fetching attire. With the target address fast approaching, if anyone's getting out, now would be the time, otherwise Bloodbath will guide the pink parcel express into the parking lot.
  24. Oh and what do I take to work with me everyday? If I'm working from home writing a report or filling in forms or something, I might stay in my PJs all day, with 4 different PCs, a large library and a $25000 guitar collection. If I'm meeting with professionals/businessmen I'll have a decent suit and a nice car and probably a lap top and a mobile phone. If I'm in the field I'll be wearing army surplus and driving a 4x4, I'll rarely have more than £50 in cash, never carry a weapon on my person and can't get hold of a cannon by this time tomorrow. Having said that, it reflects that I don't do business with paralegal types or organised crime, or elite former special forces mercenaries. I don't know what a former elite special forces type carries with them on a day to day basis but I strongly suspect that, day to day, it's exactly the same.
  25. Quote (Joe Q. Public @ Jan. 30 2003,01:56) If we base things on what we carry day to day, well then i just may look like a Joe Lunchpail, but, as I can assure you, I have access to all sorts of gear IRL that would just make most GMs sick. Really, ask around, if I can get my hand on IRL everything from high denisty platic (read undectectable) shivs to battery operated chainguns, WWII Pac-40 cannons and autos of every size shape and color, jsut how the heck would I explain this away in the fact that I'm luck if I carry more than $100 bucks and some dental floss day to day. Really folks, let's get a formula that works to fill out what a PC needs and has for not just NEED but style as well. Actually Joe's post says what I think we need to look at. He has access to some great military kit, he's quite probably also the nearest real life person we have here to a fixer. He can get the stuff, but he doesn't have the stuff. That's the sort of thing *I* think we need to look at. If we extrapolate this into the archetype of a fixer and 20 years nto the future. Fixer Joe Public Jr. took his father's contacts and built up a small organisation. He knows he's going to get into a scrape now and then so he always comes prepared. Thus he'll carry one of those radar proof shivs, good for up close. He'll also carry a nice decent sized handgun. But he's NOT at war, at least not right now and has no intention of being so, so he doesn't happen to actually own that 20mm chain gun, even though he can get his grubby little hands on it by the end of the week.Also at just 20 years old, he might not have the cash to buy a chain gun that his old man might just have saved up in the bank by 2023. On the style note, he might decide he needs a genuine 1997 Tobias 6 string bass so the character should be able to get one of those too, it's not a work thing and has no real affect on the game, so why on earth shouldn't a character be able to get one of those? I'm leaning more towards a "money for gear" and a "money for character" two level type of situation.
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