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    I think it has some promise:) I'll comment on each group in turn as I see it. The cop ones look good at first glance, but they're mutally dependant and that needs fudging to get rid of. E.g. badge means the character is a cop, but you've also stated you need requisition at level one to actuall physically get a badge... that sort of thing needs ironing out. Descernment seems a good "investigative" skill which would be useful in those types of game, but, and I reckon Phipps will agree here, there are already skills for this and I'm not sure if it's necessary/playable in practice?
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    Quote (malek77 @ Dec. 27 2002,09:59) Would anyone second the motion that we make a musician's SA Perform? How about expert : instrument? Would you like to merge media and rocker into 'media personality?' I think you're WAY off track here. Musicians are not rockerboys, even though rockerboys may be able to play/sing/perform. Musicians' "special ability" should be "play instrument" but a rockerboy's shouldn't. Nor should a musician be able to to get a crowd going, that's not their job, their job is to lay down tracks in a studio, or behind the newest onstage bimbo.
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    Quote (malek77 @ Dec. 23 2002,07:35) What part do they have in CP? W-e-l-l...they crop up enough as characters who moonlight as something else. Probably if we make the skill packs modular - and you plug Media-Musician in with a heap of combat skills you'd get BGC's Priss... Thoughts? Well that's how I think we seem to be going along with the skills for the moment (I'm another BGC fan) But yes in general I've so far seen rockerboys played very much like cops, but worse. I've only GMed a couple of PC rockerboys, both were played by players who really just wanted a solo character who
  4. Quote The problem is that I'm specifically restricting these backgrounds to before you start rolling on the lifepath, so they don't get confused with roles/careers. These are supposed to be the skills you get as part of growing up. So why are you talking about basic training? How many people go through basic training before 16? If you want a background in the military rather than a military background (confusing, I know, I'll try and clear that up in a re-write sometime soon), you need to be thinking in terms of a career/role package. Just want to reiterate this for us all, cos we're of
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    Another vote for the dump/complete rewrite. Like the Public, I've never seen a well played copfit into the game nicely. I've had the obligatory traitor in the party who is an undercover cop, but that just resulted in a fixer who couldn't fix crossed with a solo who couldn't keep up with the rest... Like Malek, I think being a cop is a job, not who a character is. Like Phipps, I think authority can be replaced with Fast Talk and intimidate, with maybe an applicable bonus if the target of the skill roll both believes the character making the roll IS a cop AND has a reason to resp
  6. Quote A deadline needs to be set and everyone has already had more than there say on the matter and we all just seem to be arguing about the whole mess at this point. What new can anyone contribute that has not been beaten like a dead horse. IMO: no problems are ever going to get solved by the committee group by themselves, but we need many ideas on how to solve the problems because no one person can see all angles of everthing. Anyway I did not plan to come up with a solution just trying to present everthing in a easy to understand format so everyone can take one more look at it. ~OK~
  7. OK everything that needs saying has been said here. I'll try to get something to you before then end of monday, with Christmas here and work and family stuff, setting a deadline like this, 2 days before Christmas, on a volunteer project is a little rough, If I don't get it mailed to you I'll just reopen the can of worms when I've had time to have my say, because frankly I think that just deciding to "solve the problem" by yourself like this is far from adequate.
  8. Quote (Thumper @ Dec. 16 2002,04:44) I am still suggesting the Military background Military Awareness Rifle Wilderness Survival Education endurance I'd have to say that I'd substitute "Strength Feat" instead of "Education" in the caseof your average infantryman. Maybe if this was for officers or similar, education might fit, but for a basic squadie I think education's a bit much.
  9. Quote (psychophipps @ Dec. 15 2002,13:12) It is YOUR game after all No, That's not true... This is OUR game, which is a) why we're all so passionate about it and why we've got to try and reach either a compromise or an agreement. Joe is right, that a Stun save is important and that out is out. For immediate game play to see if an average character goes down in a firefight, it works perfectly. I use this method 90% of the time with NPCs in a firefight. But that doesn't take into effect the fact that big tough guys simply can take more damage than little weedy grandmas.
  10. OK So it's Interlock based that's good. I know that I sound like I'm whining all the time, but I get the feelign folks are making assumptions about what it will be and writing for what it they've assumed it will be rather than having any idea about what the rest of the group and those supervising the project had in mind. My next question is... We have a LOT of seemingly unresolvable differences on certain key aspects. Are we going to be able to include sidebars and/or sections with the "other" ideas for the rules? OR are we just going to include Apo-Stasis' approved set
  11. Ok just pottering around with an idea though. Going for weapon damage rather than BOD stat stuff and I think Phipps will probably agree, how about we look at damage points being upped from a good shot, ie rolling high on the "to-hit" roll. A high to hit roll would then represent a great shot through a vital area such as a joint, major blood vessel, the brain or the heart. Doing lots of damage and accordingly lots of POINTS of damage. A low roll, that still beats the difficulty number would represent a nick, or a fleshwound, still enough to force a shock roll, but maybe not enough to
  12. Quote If you guys look past this post and into the Shoulder bone connected... post you will see a system that has been given that will give not only the stark differnetiation of just how you got that bloody hole in ya, but just how you are gonna live to get onder that dumpster to survive long enough for TraumaTeam to patch up your sorry @ss. as far as BTM and all that stuff goes, I woud like to toss it, considering that the ability for a body10 character to withstand the wound w/o buying the farm vs a Body 2 character is easily shown through the fact that the higher the Body stat the more li
  13. I just worry that this will never come good if folks are shooting towards different goals If Joe and Chrys want it to be interlock based, Freakboy wants it to be Fuzion Based, Phipps wants it to be KISS based and I want it to be D20 based for example, it's not getting anywhere. EVER. I just think I'd like to see what it really is we're after spelled out here before we get any further down different roads.
  14. oh yeah and BTM is my favourite. But only because it's the only way to differentiate between huge people and tiny people in a system where everyone has the same number of hit points.
  15. Yep I see this as an alternative. Can you explain how cumulative wounds would be dealt with? As well as wounds to different body parts?
  16. Well? Who actually knows? Is Apo-Stasis going to be the invention of a new system? Or is it a reworking of interlock with plug ins and add-ons? I asked before, but got no definitive answer... Can someone please stick this to the top for me so I can get an answer and then try to work towards the same thing as everyone else? Quote I get the feeling Joe and Chrys are on the same wavelength which is good, but I also think that if this is the definitive vision of what's going on here. (And it maybe should be as at least 2 folks are in agreement on it that the rest o
  17. Quote (psychophipps @ Dec. 11 2002,20:26) Yeah, I thought so too until you people started busting off terms like, "wound levels", "roles", "pickup skills", and your personal favorite MonSTeR "body type modifier". Once these terms were being used, it became a reprint of an obsolete gaming engine and cyberpunk-genre RPG instead of a modification or redux of an existing system that can easy be tweaked for anyone's use without worries of copywrite laws and other legal mumbu-jumbo. But hey, what do I know? Mark(psycho)Phipps( HAHAHA! ) LOL - no, I mean I thought it was an updated version
  18. Quote (psychophipps @ Dec. 11 2002,11:30) While the basic dice engine is sound enough, I can't help thinking that we can simply tweak it a bit for our needs instead of trying to make a reprint of CP 2020 with a grip of add-ons and plug-ins. Mark(psycho)Phipps( HAHAHA! ) BUT I THOUGHT THAT'S WHAT APO-STASIS WAS ALL ABOUT ?!?!?!?!?!?
  19. Oh and Chrys, yes I agree a "Listen up" style sidebar from everyone is definately the way to go on this, and in fact maybe MANY of the areas of contention, like say, combat sense.
  20. I think some of the tech stuff might need a good going over, not from a realism point of view in fact from the opposite. It's almost like it'll need "speeding up" to get the level of tech presented in RTal's stuff on the high streets by 2020.
  21. One thing that I am worried about is that fact that as skills get harder and harder to obtain (realistic) during character creation, it does limit the scope for creating interesting or fun characters (cinematic) I know that there probably isn't a perfect compromise here, but I can't help feeling that as the system gets tighter and tighter as we're doing here, characters will get more and more generic. Especially if we start basing, like I'd previously suggested, Special Ability on career skills, everyone's going to take the same "essential" career skills and as such, if we get too c
  22. Quote (Chrysalis @ Dec. 05 2002,12:48) This would make more sense then the classical problem with all the skills costing in character development 1 to 1, and in game play the 1 to 10 exp point ratio. which makes sense if your campaigns are over a short period of time. In the original description there is an amazing differance described between a skill 1 person (high-school graduate) and that of skill 4 (doctorate) -Chrysalis But that's only for the skill of education and general knowledge and isn't really reflective of what you get doing a PhD or a Masters, the point of those degrees isn
  23. That's right Joe, no Bioplagues, no mass drivers, no third world war (Bush is saving that till after Xmas) I usually run in a world that has very little change to how we are now, just like 1982 was that much different either. The technology is different, but people still go to work in the city in the morning and come home at night, eat three meals a day watch TV and have babies. Part of that is that I have to base everyday life in cp2020 on what I see on TV and the films because rural England is very VERY different from urban USA. But I don't think in truth the "real" future wil
  24. Character Points At the moment I’m in favour of having a “pay points” system of character generation. It makes things fairer across the group and also means that the level of the game can be controlled making it more fun for all players. The most difficult thing is balancing realism with fun here as it normally is. If it’s very hard for folks to actually have stats of 10 then it’s more realistic, but it loses some of the fun or accessibility of the game where players want to be “the strong one” or “the smart one” etc. GURPS has a graded scale of buying characteristics making it hard
  25. Quote (Chrysalis @ Nov. 30 2002,18:47) I need to get back on Apo-Stasis, and start doing real work on this trying to figure out what actual conclusions have been drawn. But back to the question. I think one of the problems I see is that we have three choices: A) We create a D20 Cyberpunk. There are on-line already net-books on the matter, so we could have a look at already created material, and see what kinds of conclusions we can draw. We create the book on the basis of the old Interlock system. Not asking for permission to use the rules system is morally bankrupt, and therfore we
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