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  1. Sarcasm, excellent.  No, thumper, "Collections" is to go talk to the guy who's defalted on his FBC loan, or borderline racketeering.  "Intercompany Relations" is ops Vs the competition. 


    My point is, these companies aren't going to take some jerk off the street who wants to be a mercenary when he grows up and send him after the enemy.  They've got a reputation to maintain, and they're not going to risk it to give some kid they barely know his experience points.


    This isn't taking people who want to be mercenaries though, that's the whole point!!!


    It's taking people who don't want to do jail time and using them as a commodity!



    Just like Taco Bell, and the DoD, there's entry level positions.  You have to prove yourself down with the boosterpunks, and crackheads before the give you anything critical.


    But this is true, these guys aren't going to be actually doing anything fun, they're going to be standing around looking at open desert, or the same breezeblock wall for 14 hours a day, not go on commando raids, that's just a waste of valuable corporate resources (uniforms cost money ;) )




    The company would do nasty things like sending the new pukes to "guard" a warehouse full of empty shipping containers, then another team to test their ability.  If they get killed, I guess they didn't have the right stuff.  If they get in a firefight, and create a smoking crater where the building used to be, they're transferred to the demolition/sabotage wing (and placed firmly in the company's pocket).  If they capture the intruders, interrogate them, then take the initiative to track down their freinds, familly, and anyone who ever talked to them, they might fit in to "Collections."

    Actually I think this is utter rubbish!


    The corporation wouldn't do ANYTHING. It would leave them there to guard whatever it is they're guarding, toilet rolls, cans of paint, rows of trucks etc etc etc.


    Oiks mean nothing to the corporation, they're expendable resources, not proteges in waiting!!! They guard the storage yard. If they mess up they get bollocked by their supervisor, or worse.


    It's what they do with the cans of paint, what scheme they can pull, without getting caught that's the cyberpunk way. Or maybe their line-manager is going to rope them in to his already cushy number...



    Usually, this is also a good way to feel out new players.  If I picked this line, it's probably because they went with all solos, and begged untill they got a boomgun apeice.  If they came up with two Fixers, a Medtch, and a spunky kid, then I feel safe giving them a plot driven high Roleplay/low combat type game.



    I'd say this sort of thing works best with pre-generated "nobody" characters, afterall they're not elite mercenaries, they're bums who couldn't even repay their student loans after dropping out of college...

  2. Damn Phipps, I thought punk was dead with the arrival of V3 ;)


    I agree though, I think it's maybe less realistic but certainly more punk to send these guys out to protect their new corporations foriegn business interests in the central american conflicts (or unstable african nations) than it is to have them guarding a wear-house on US soil.


    Although the guarding of the wear-house gives them the perfect "inside job" beginnings ;)


    I missed punking, but I might just be back!!!



  3. Well guys, I think that really is my time to retire then. I've scoped the background to this game and it's not something that a) captures my imagination or B) seems a scientifically realistic extrapolation of yesterday.


    I think I'll bodge around with the interlock system and the apostasis special abilities with my own take on where we'll be in 20 years time.


    I think I might just go see what the real world is like these days ;)



  4. I can't wait to get my copy of this, it'll be great either way. It could be a fantastic game book with a perfect system and great depth to the world.




    It'll be a fantastic tragic comedy as I read the rules look at the background and laugh and cry about why oh why we weren't more serious about Apo-stasis.


    And yes, surely that artwork has to go!!! no way on earth they can hope to be taken seriously with photos of Barbie as artwork in today's climate.


    What was that Tri-stat system game called again ?

  5. I'm not really that old - although my birth certificate says other wise, my head still thinks I'm in my early 30's. Delusion helps keeps you young I find!


    When 900 yeals old you reach, look as good you will not eh?


    Happy birthday, oh fearless leader :D

  6. I'd have no objection to MonSTeRPunK being archived so to speak. I'd love to get a full transcript of it though :( I can't seem to get it to give me a read through from the start and I'd like a copy for posterity's sake - It was the first game on here after all if I recall!!!

  7. Howabout really mixing things up, instead of armoring them up?


    Have the shiv loading all their gear into a panzer or two, they're leaving with their gear, turning the well planned stake-out into a rolling battle in an attempt to destroy the armoured hovers.


    Or go for the old stand-by of being too late, someone else has trashed the lab. Or IS trashing the lab. Change the slant of the whole scenario right from underthe feat of the players.


    Or, have the super-effective surveillance pickup that the DEA ALSO have the wearhouse under super-effective surveillance, with the PCs watching the DEA watching the PCs watch the lab? How do they make a move without getting stopped by the DEA first, or fighting a battle on two fronts?


    I SO miss this game :(

  8. I'm another big fan of Wildside, it gives facts and figures of how te stuff most folks only hear about can work in a realistic/fun compatible way. IMHO This book lets you go from comic book fun to a far more realistic, darker and grimier everyday setting. It's of very little use if you run an action based cinematic campaign, but loads of use for a campaign less full of heroics and grandeur.


    LUYPS I heartily recommend if you're considering it. If you're considering it, you'reprobably either unsure enough of your GMing to actually get some benefit of others' experience (not a bad thing, everyone was a beginner to start with) OR... you're open minded enough to be able to read it and take on board anything you find of use.


    If you're not considering it, you probably don't need it biggrin.gif



  9. Basically, to paraphrase the rulebook, "you may add any or all of the points of luck a character has to a critical die roll"


    Being shot in the head with a 7.62 mm round usually falls into my general category of critical wink.gif


    So the die roll in question is the damage roll of the bullet.


    so 6d6+2 damage becomes 6d6+2-LUCK which for our character DEATHSOLO is ofcourse 10 points wink.gif


    As such the Damage becomes 6d6-8, which ranges from 0 to 28.


    Head hits always double damage.


    Thus this becomes 0-56 points of damage.


    So with a BTM of Superhuman (wave at DEATHSOLO and his kevlar cyberskull;) )-5, he can take up to 12 points of damage without croaking instantly.


    Or course the other guy can use HIS luck to influence the dice rolls as well, going for that lucky, fatal shot.


    Or something along those lines biggrin.gif



  10. What I would like to add to all this info about damage rolls and what "must" happen (I'm not gonna argue with the soldier-boys on balistics) is that you all seem to be forgetting one of the biggest CP gaming factors.




    I seem to recall a 7.62 round does 6d6+2 points of damage which is 8-38 points.


    my groups have always determined that Luck can be used to affect any dice roll. so if a character gets shot in the head, they can use all their luck points to modify the roll.


    Therefore even up to 14 or so points of damage, with a high enough luck stat, and a couple of points of BTM, a head shot with a big round need not be fatal.


    At least that's my way of looking at things.



  11. I've never managed to find a way to complete the game without killing Anna, but you can just run from Gunther in the Cathedral, and you never hear from him again.


    If you don't kill Anna, you don't getthe key to escape the UNATCO building sad.gif

  12. I'm in favour of getting some advertisers in, especially if they're banner types, perhaps for RPG shops or something?


    Maybe RTal's folks would wnat to buy ad-space?


    I don't know if I'd encourage blogging though! In my experience it leads to cliques and then draws discussion from the boards and causes the site to atrophy and die!!!


    A site Mrs MonSTeR used to run did this, and folks started just posting in their journals where their best friends responded and vice versa, and the main boards went dead.





  13. QUOTE (malek77 @ Jan 8 2005, 03:26 PM)
    How difficult is it, playing online as opposed to tabletop?

    Timing and character commitment are stupidly important. If you muck them up the game will die, period. As I've just found out again. *s*

    This is the most important part. My MonSTeRpunK game was just heating up when I got a new job that means I never know if and when I'm going to have free time in a place with a reliable internet connection, access to my books and the energy left to post.


    I wish I could cdarry it on, but don't have the time.


    Make sure you and all the amin players are prepared to post 2 or 3 times a week every week for however long the game lasts!!!


    The best bit is that it becomes more like collaborative story telling, and everyone can contribute to the detail of the

    world biggrin.gif

  14. As a GM, I've found the best way to dish out experience is to spend half an hour with the players discussing the cool things the characters did. It's not as mechanical or as realistic as it might be, but then it's more cinematic so the trade off is worth it, the cool things get rewarded.


    Also I don't recall players ever really ever gaining loads of skill points, expecially in high level skills, yeah a few folks may go from +7 to +8 in something they use a LOT, but not easily and certainly not over a couple of sessions. it's the sort of +4 to +5 that I've seen more often.


    However in other cases I've not bothered to award IP at all and just dished out a couple more skill points between adventures. Again not realistic, but certainly quicker and easier (and possibly a bit more fun in the short term, but less rewarding in the long run)


    But yes I think probably your GM may be being stingy with the IP.

  15. It's actually possible to complete the game on realistic level without even getting shot!!! (that makes me very very sad)


    My fave toy is a sniper rifle with as much accuracy boosting, range increasing silenced goodness as you can find.


    My fave mods are regeneration for when you fall off buildings etc, and the speed boosters for your legs, which I recommend getting and boosting as early as possible, then you can leap from rooftop to rooftop when you're in new york biggrin.gif Just like a cyberpunk spiderman wink.gif Also the night vision sonar eyes thingy too.


    I didn't really enjoy the invisible war sequel nearly as much, if you played the first one, you kinda knew who Alex D was rolleyes.gif and the complete lack of a skill system - wth?!?!?!


    I just hope they do a Grand Theft Auto game that uses the San Andreas system but set 25 years in teh future biggrin.gifwink.gif



  16. QUOTE (rockwolf66 @ Nov 10 2004, 08:21 PM)
    The reason why I am wondering about all this is that I have a FBC Strike team I need to arm.

    Then you simply HAVE to give one of the borgs twin miniguns as a pair of wild west style revolvers biggrin.gif


    Yep complete with holsters and everything.


    Make that borg have a Texan accent biggrin.gif


    it is NOT a stupid idea tongue.gif



  17. I think it would depend on the power level and style of the game...


    If the PCs are top professionals, in a blockbuster style cinematic game, then there won't be compatability issues. the characters will know to buy the right stuff. Deathsolo knows what ammo to put in his guns, he doesn't take back that box of 10mm slugs cos he didn't realise the RX100 was an 11mm handgun.


    Whereas, a low level gutterpunk game, now that Scab has actually amanged to aquire a gun that works, could wholly focus on getting a box of the right ammo for the party's only firearm.


    Normally, I'd say it's not an issue unless...

    a) the character wouldn't know to check, and doesn't think to ask (again Refs should tell players if their character wouldn't know something, but that the player wouldn't realise this, remember never penalise the player for their lack of specific knowledge)

    e.g. a solo buying the wrong valves for the rockerboy's antique Marshall amp,



    b ) there's a specific plot reason why it should fit.

    e.g. If the computer already had the right drivers for the S.I. module, then that means someone had used that same device on this machine before...

  18. If they won't pick up the books, sit them in front ofthe TV and watch the movies and TV shows. Yes, you might have to bend the setting of your game a little, but compromise in an RPG never hurt anyone.


    They saw "I Robot" at the movies, there's some cyberpunk setting for you. They played Deus Ex on the PC, there's some cyberpunk for you, hell if they're not really into CP, buy Dark Angel on DVD, and there's some Jessica Alba for you, what red blooded male could complain about watching that TV show?


    Most RPG players will have seen some of this sort of stuff before, but invite your players round for an evening of character creation, pizza and DVDs. Let them know that you REALLY want them to play, and that THIS (point and gesture at the TV) is what the game world looks like. Just choose your sources and go from there.


    You may have to explain that "ok, you can't be ageneticaly engineered super soldier, but you can have muscle grafts and a neuralware booster that ..." to them, but most folks should pick it up fast enough.






  19. I'm not sure if the edge is a feeling or a posession or a place. These days my battleground is a meetingroom. Not the boardroom, not yet anyway wink.gif


    The whole thing I get aboutthe edge is it's doing what you need to do. That to which there is no alternative. The things where you HAVE to succeed. The times where things are decided and where things can be changed.


    It could be a client asking your advice on a subject then saying "are you sure, I've got quarter of a billion dollars of business riding on this, So what I need to know is 'Yes, or no?'"


    You've got to have complete confidence in your abilities, there's no room for mistakes. It's the civilian equivalent of pulling a trigger. that's when you're on 'The Edge'


    And following that, maybe when you know without a shadow of a doubt, you are in command of the situation, maybe then you have the edge.



  20. QUOTE (Hound @ Sep 27 2004, 12:25 AM)
    BTW, nice to see you again, MonSTeR! It's been a while!

    It's been way too long sad.gif though I'm trying to cram some of my old hobbies back into my life again smile.gif


    I know what you mean about one or two stats dictating a whole character, luckily in my last couple of outings as a Referee, I've had some great players, including my old online crew, who were very very sensible and made characters, not templates smile.gif


    I think the more mature players CP2020 seems to have are a credit to the genre and we've all grown out of making munchkins (either that or it's too humiliating to risk it anymore wink.gif )

  21. QUOTE (Hound @ Sep 25 2004, 02:55 PM)
    Of the crew I've been talking to, I think I'm the most system-neutral of them all. I was actually surprised at how strongly Ross "Spyke" Wynn and Gary "Ocelot" Astleford believe in the the Interlock system.

    For me, it is about the setting, the system is secondary as long as it works. I could have written the material from my website and my campaign setting using Fuzion, Interlock, Storyteller, SR1-3, d20, Top Secret (or LPJrs Haven system), Savage Worlds, or just about anything else. As long as the setting turns my crank, I'm in.

    That's interesting actually,for me it's the system that is the important bit. Having detailed cybeerware and firearms helps immensly, but I can usually come up with most of the world from films and comics. The skill and characteristic system in perfect balance is the really important bit for me !!! smile.gif

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