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    Foreign Cities

    I've travelled around the world a little bit and I've noticed one thing that's interesting. Most BIG cities tend to be very very similar, from Paris to New York to London to Melbourne to Venice. (with the latter having more canals and less roads) Granted I've not been everywhere and I've not visited all thedifferent parts of all the cities I've been to, but most of them have some industrial areas, most have suburbs, most have some sort of public transport and most have offices in the CBD. What I will say is that Architecture can be quite different, (Prague and LA look rather different) but as long as you get a travel guidebook I shouldn't think there's that much difference in any given circle from one place to the next. Maybe I'm over simplifying this, or maybe things will get more and more simple as the internet and cheaper flights and less trade retrictions between agreable nations even stuff out. having said that, I've never been to scandinavia, nor the middle east. But I'd just say if you want to know what a certain place is like, watch a film set in that certain place to evoke a certain mood and then extrapolate that. For my cyberpunk world, LA is like the movie Heat, New York is like an episode of NYPD Blue. Ironically I think "The Matrix" shows a great example of what a cyberpunk city can look like. Very very normal on first glance, with so much more going on underneath.
  2. QUOTE (Freeplay_*AA* @ Mar 3 2004, 06:12 PM) Count me in. That makes 4 of us, if i am correct? BTW my character is Patrick Chesterman "Borg", 21 years old netrunner. I will detail him a little later. QUOTE Looking for any roles except Cop, Netrunner, and Nomad ?
  3. QUOTE (eraser @ Feb 24 2004, 06:00 AM) next thing you know monster will rise up out of the depths to run a decade spanning campaigh. good to see you back phipps. You never know...
  4. I've been busy being a sararyman I knew I'd have to grow up sometime, I just never ever thought it'd be so soon
  5. Movement is a great stat, because it's so vague. A character with Movement 10 can basically do the 100 meters in 10 seconds. Which is olympic athlete type stuff. I don't think anyone intheir right mind would expect anyone to be able to keep this pace up for a km, let alone a marathon. Basically I think that the figures stated inthe book to determine how fast a character can run should be considered the short distance sprinting speeds, rather than being able to be directly applied to a mile long run. One of my colleagues at work is a competitive runner on the national amateur circuit. He is looking to win at least some of the local races every season and place well in the bigger ones. over 5 miles he'll be running 5 minute 30 miles or so. Some of the folks he knows who are just doing their frsthalf-marathons are aiming at 7 minute miles. That's in vest and shorts and proper running shoes. Don't forget that the load out for a CP character should be more along the lines of a decent suit, expensive leather shoes, a cool cell-phone and a 10mm handgun than 200lbs of waterbottles and radio equipment and 500 rounds of ammo
  6. It’s time to write the post I had hoped I wouldn’t ever have to write but with a huge slant that I didn't expect. As you’re all aware I’m basically never here nowadays… Ever I’ve a new job and new responsibilities and basically no chance to access the internet on a regular basis in a location that I can have my game books and notes with me. Hell, I had a hard enough time remembering my password. As such (yep, here it comes) I was going to put the MonSTeRPunk game on sabbatical / hiatus instead of the "in limbo" status it’s had for the last several weeks (becoming months). But instead I'd like to offer to turn it over to any you if you want it. (or if a different GM wants it). Take it where you will where you want and where I never would have expected, or dump it in the trash and spit on it cursing my name, the choice is yours. I've a few notes on some of the NPCs and rough plots if any one wants them (warning - these players require you to "wing it" most of the time ) PM me with and email addy and I'll TRY to check back by the end of the week no promises (If I could promise commitment I'd be running the game) Thanks guys, it really has been an honour to game with you all. I hope that one day I’ll get a chance to visit the site again on a regular basis. Till then my friends, think of some random Cyberpunk saying, and live by it. M.
  7. We are and we aren't This is literally the first time I've had to get online and to the site in a good long while, and even now I'm 100 miles away from my notes folder and any dice (not wearing a tie for the first time in a few days feels good too ) I ask again PLEASE baer with me? I've got a lot of stuff on right now and I WILL get back to the game when I get back The real world can sometimes place huge demands on our time !!!
  8. OK guys, I'm absolutely SNOWED under at work, and as such I'm not getting round to visiting the site at nights It should ease up soon (I've heard that before) and I should be able to grab some quality time with you guys at the weekend My notes folder is way behind too, so I don't want to post until I've filled myself in on what I need to be posting and gotten that folder up to date. I hope to get us all back on track soon. Promise.
  9. The boothes in the bar will comfortably seat six, more if they're friends, but aren't Bloodbath's size. The decor is typical, dark wooden furniture, which is both sturdy and hides any spillages, with comfy cushions on the benches, even if they have seen better days. The windows are mostly stained glass affairs, with a big "Joe's Bar and Grill" logo and even in the middle of the day most of the light is artificial. The beers arrive, accompanied by another grin from Joe, shortly after folks have settled down. He's not late so to speak, but there's no sign of the hacker. He might jsut want to make a big entrance
  10. in order to keep up a pace in a game I tend to use what I call a "best guess scenario" Will the bullet penetrate the guy's armour-jack? Almost certainly. Will it have enough energy to make a big messy wound? Oh, definately. Will it take the guy out of the fight in s suitably cinematic way? Yes. "The round tears into the guard's chest while his gun is still holstered...." etc. etc. There's no need for dice rolls for "obvious" stuff if all it will serve to do is grind the game to a halt. Guys who insist they roll each and every dice for each and every round tend to have a "wargaming" background, if you GM well enough, you cna soon convert them So no I don't stick rigourously to the rules, I try to simply extrapolate what I know to it's most likely outcome, or if the outcome is not 100% crucial to a huge plot twist I've tried to engineer.
  11. I think the x5 and x5 thing works. my vote is problem solved
  12. Quote (malek77 @ April 15 2003,07:33) But railroading never seems a good idea. Railroading isn't a good idea, but gently herding your players can be. Give them pointers and OOC clues, talk them through "thinking in character" in situations. Often a player who's not really experienced in the ways of CP2020 will still think as a normal guy in the now, not a PC in the future. If you talk the player through the sort of things that go through his character's mind, that can get folks running in the right direction. Plot devices, such as a deadline are the best way to make folks do something but it's not always the right thing... A little OOC chat to get the players all thinking IN character can be the best thing to get them on the right path
  13. Joe nods and grins at Shrap's comment. He has a big friendly grin. He places a bottle of beer in front of the Solo, winks and then starts to take orders from the others. As he makes small talk he finishes up the rest of the drinks. "Burgers'll be a few, gimme a yell if you need me." With that he tears off the sheet of paper from his notepad and heads into the kitchen.
  14. Joe, owner of Joe's bar and grill is a short, slight, bald guy probably in his early 40s. Surprisingly he has peircing blue eyes. He's taking the orders at the counter. He gives Neko a look somewhere between disbelief and amusement, at least the street samurai's joke almost works. He turns his attention to the huge nomad "'Bar and Grill' guys" says Joe grinning what can I getcha?
  15. It's time to get going Joe's Bar and Grill is back north, a little closer to it's Italian roots but the food is 100% home grown American style grill. Joe does the best 1/4 pounder in Night City and it's alleged that it's not healthy to disagree, 'capisce? There's a parking lot out front, with a chain link fence around it, The housing here is all upper working class, lower middle class but you wouldn't really want to park your new Toyo-Chevy here overnight.
  16. The sun reaches the highest point in its shallow arc across the Californian skyline. It's about midday, as the crew takes their time to get back in their own faithful van.
  17. Quote (Thumper @ Mar. 22 2003,02:11) (ooc is this the guy we were looking for if it is Thumper gives the card to Rat) GM Note - Yes it is the same guy Rat takes the card, nods, and puts it in one of his pockets. Shrap heads back to Hassan's Speedy Parcels pushing the old van nearly its limits. He can't wait to get out of that shirt. The change of shirt, and van, might provide a time to regroup, take a leak and maybe grab a cup of coffee...
  18. The Watchdog doesn't bark, it doesn't even yelp. It's fairly safe to say that no-one's any the wiser about the intrusion that is taking place in the virtual corridors of the company's database. The datafort's VR seems as ergonomicly crafted as the Watchdog program, all beige and grey like a 20 year old PC. It doesn't take long to find a way from the internet into the office's intranet and the controller suite. Nightcralwer simply has to open a couple of code gates in the form of bland beech veneered doors and despatch another of the beige robohounds. If the Drake computer system has a Sysop, he's earning too much. The hanger doors, the entrance vestibule doors and a couple of surveillance cameras, both internal and external are all controlled from this node, which is rezzed as a spacious meeting room with a terminal at one end of its large oval beech veneered table.
  19. Oooh and... Are skills going to be ever allowed above +10? It's something I've never ever come across, that 10 has always been the maximum it seems to be an unwritten law somewhere, but if it IS a rule I can't remember where it's written offhand. Anyone?
  20. Quote (Joe Q. Public @ Mar. 25 2003,04:44) Hello folks, yes it's the Public again bringing up the most taboo of subjects. Advancement and the IP system vs. something else. Now we are all familiar w/ the IP system ( a few pts to whatever you used to the amount to the degree in which you succeded and were helpful tot he game, etc) and the whole Skill levelX10 in points to advance tothe next skill level thing, but as a player and GM I gotta say, Damn that takes forever!!!! Now may folks have set out different scales to the multiplier (be it X2, X3, X5 of just X1), and how it worked or didn't for them, but considering that we have alot floating around here (SA's, skills, Edges, etc) I have to stand up and say HEY! so what do you want toset as the new standard? In the setting that we are in, be it SA's and skills, or Edges and skills, I Vote for the X5 multiplier for skills and a solid X10 multiplier for SA's, Edges, Expert: skills, and THAT'S IT! No special multiplier for the other skills that now have it (really, if you are learing anything, after you get the hang of it a bit -say that dreaded skill level 1 the hard way- you get to know the sysytem and can immprove at the same difficulty accordingly. Now, w/ this reduction inthe IP multiplier, i would suggest reducing the amount that can be self taugh per week a bit, but let's hammer that out after you all chime in and we get a better idea of what you all think first. So, here it is folks, what do you think? (Public unveils a gumball machine that takes 2 cents and is full of yummy gumballs awaiting boys and girls!) You always bring up the bugbears Joe, and that's why you're in charge I agree that the current system does take a hell of a lot of time to do anything with the characters. Too long in my opinion. In the past I've usually run stand alone campaigns with no chance of skill advancement, the characters tell their story and then walk off into the sunset, the rewards being accomplishing the tasks they set out to accomplish. If the characters were to return I'd definately award more IP than is shown in the CP2020 rulebook to have something to show for all those exploits. And I DEFINATELY get rid of the intrinsic skill difficulty modifier. Who's to say that electronic security is more difficult than genetic engineering? Or that AV tech is ALWAYS harder to learn than regular Aero tech? And so on and so on. I'd personally say that if Edges are the "in thing" (which I hope they are) then I reckon because there're three of them to each SA that they too should maybe be learned at the same basic rate without a multiplier? There's three of them per SA, so to raise all three by one point is gonna take a long time on it's own anyway. ooooh blueberry flavour gumball
  21. The bland interior of the Drake Recruitment datafort mimics the bland interior of the Drake Recruitment offices in a reassuringly corporate way. In an equally corporate fashion before getting to anything even slightly resembling being worthy of datatheft, Nightcrawler spots a large robotic canine form, rendered in what seems to be a very unintrusive beige plastic finish. The hacker has a few submoments before he's noticed, it should be enough... Back in the less ergonomicly crafted real world Shrap cuts in front of a ubiquitous and anonymous small sedan, Bloodbath chuckles slightly, he was thinking the exact same thing. The pink van circles the block, affording a partial view of the back of the Drake office/warehouse, obscured by the cain link fence and a couple more tall evergreen shrubs and the chainlink fencing. A full height door is clearly visible, the sort you could get a semi-truck or and AV through.
  22. Sounds good Joe I'll get on it when I get home tomorrow, gonna turn in now, got an early start in the AM.
  23. The interior of the "Hassan's Speedy Parcels" van seems incredibly cramped to Thumper and Shrap after the brief stint in the office. Rat raises his eyebrows in expectation of a report. Shrap takes the driver's seat and starts the engine, it'd be better to have a driver wearing the same disgusting livery as his delivery truck.
  24. MonSTeR

    The Solo

    Quote OK, then if we get into splitting the SA into two, then we get half numbers (worth jack to me) and a question of just who gets these half skills? oR, DO YOU WANT THIS sa CLASSIC AND BROKEN AS BEFORE, (soory bout the caps) or is there another way of looking down this barrell w/ changing it that is more simple and direct than the one I've put up here (which, btw, has been gametested for a few hundred runs and works great in all my campaigns, try it yourself and tell me how you like it) Suggestions? Combat sense isn't broken, it's abused by munchkins, good GMing inthe character creation phase and sensible players are all that's needed. I tried your way of running things a while back when you first suggested it and the group agreed it was a) more unbalancing and less realistic than the standard way. I say leave it alone as one of the facets of the game that is both realistic and also stylistic. It works fine, as it is, and I'll re-iterate, by turning combat sense into a bonus to hit is missing the point of the solo somewhat. We can bat this back and forth all night long, I think the ONLY true solution is to put in BOTH sets of rules and GM takes on it from both sides.
  25. MonSTeR

    The Solo

    Again it comes down to a simple difference of opinion. To me being a good shot doesn't make you a good solo. I've known accurate marksmen, and I've known those that would be called solos by any other name. There IS a difference. I know you've got more of a voice in this project than most Joe, and I respect that. But in all truth I think that by lumping the emphasis of combat sense onto weapon skills you simply miss the whole air of the solo completely. Again I'll go back to Phipp's example. The Solo's tools of the trade isn't a gun, it isn't a monokatana, it isn't his bare fists. it's the "instinct and drive to make the possibly most hazardous job in the world a career". Once you have that instinct and drive you can nurture it and develop it. Anyone can get accurate by putting in time on a shooting range or in the dojo, having the callous attitude to use it in the way that a solo does is something else.
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