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    Wow 20 or so views and no one wants to play - oh well - I knew devouring my last group was a mistake
  2. I have a campaign ready to roll, if anyone wants to either play, or has a space in their group for a MonSTeR (I promise not to eat the PCs ) gimme a shout As many of you know I'm east midlands based:) So Derby, Nottingham, Chesterfield area
  3. To be really obvious, have them see their new adversary. Follow the glinting lens to the top of a huge sniper rifle, the MIB won't fire yet, cos it's not time to. Have the PCs arrested and let them notice the MIB in question chatting to the chief of police or whatever. Or if you want to be really cruel, have the pcs wake up, each on their own, naked in an alley or on the docks or whatever, with no memory of the last 3 days, heads shaved and a newly forming scar at the base of the neck. Or go the whole hog, and have the MIB confront the PCs directly, humiliate the groups toughest Solo (maybe kneecap him, or cut out an eye, snap his wolvers, whatever) then leave, vanishing without a trace. Uttering a "see you around!" or similar before he departs:) However I personally think that the more powerful the opponent the less likely the PCs are to have any idea that he's on to them until it's too late.
  4. Lots of pointless awareness checks are a start, the players will start to wonder why? Or noticing of "shadows" on rooftops, or glinting of lenses in the daytime. Random laser spots? Scuffling feet behind nearby walls, sudden gusts of wind. Another one to note on an awareness check is eerie silence, no birds singing (indicates animal type predator) no traffic noise (indicates roads closed off) Another thing that is good, is recurrent vehicular sightings, black helos, Black 4x4 jeep things (chevy suburbans) Big high sided vans just big enough to hold a cov-ops team parked down the street. These when noticed, should hang around just long enough to get the characters interest then leave, vanshing without trace Or for mild paranoia, TV's left on/ off in the apartment. Have the fridge door left open, Cushions on the sofa the other way around. Or ransack the place completely. Have strangers bump into them in the street as they walk for the morning paper. One good thing is to keep the harassment up in all places, streets bars, their own homes etc. Hope some of these are some help
  5. Quote: Quote: from fammy on 10:24 pm on April 24, 2001 ...you may have been right in the first place about the chance of head shots being high....does the survey differentiate between deliberate, "execution style" shootings and the more random attack? Good point
  6. I think somewhere there was a list of some of the classic books of our genre. I thought maybe someone could post some seminal works for us all to get our teeth into, maybe starting with Gibson?
  7. I tend to go with a heavy pistol and a light armour jacket for most characters. A solo may even own a SMG or and assault rifle. It's not about the money here it's about control and the situation. Y'know how much easier it is to not get harassed by cops etc when you've got no obvious weaponry and you're wearing a nice suit that just happens to be an armorjack as well:)
  8. I'm in Derby - so not far at all
  9. Just reposting to keep this in the public eye =) Have campaign, will Referee. Will play, CP me baby one more time
  10. Sounds interesting - I'm not far away from you and I'm not running right now. (I also have a campaign just about ready to go if needs be) anyone else?
  11. Personally as long as stuff is creditted to it's original author and is reproduced without objection, (I don't like to see the theft of intellectual property) I'm just glad that there are sites out there trying to keep what I see as a dying game alive. So I guess I'm in favour of archive sites.
  12. I tend to find things merge very well, like cased/caseless ammo like the transition from .45 to 9mm. The old and reliable sticks around and I try to blend seamlessly between the familiar and the futuristic, if I can manage that I like to think I've given my players a convincing world for their PCs to live in. It's like I still have records hanging around, I have cassettes and I have CDs. Extrapolating this I see the PCs having both CDs (the old tech)and music-chips (new tech) in their apartment. Back to firearms, there was a PC in a group a while back who used the colt 45 M1911 "centenary edition" with the old .45 cased ammo. I figured it will still be available in the future cos it's been around for the last 100 or so years without going away:)
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