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  1. At his personal request, I sent Mike Pondsmith a copy of the Interlock Unlimited Core rules tonight


    I am pretty damn excited about it. Hope he likes it.


    Kinda nervous alla sudden.... it was somewhat liberating not having to worry about official acceptance....


    Congrats on the personal request from Uncle Mike. I'm looking forward to getting hold of a copy of this when I get the link working properly :D



  2. In a way I completely agree with Phipps, most of the time, no one ever asks "which university Professor published the seminal paper on retinal rebuilds and where are their top post-docs following publication?" UNLESS the "mission" is directly to do with that sort of thing.


    BUT that doesn't mean you shouldn't have an idea of it.


    I always like to have an idea, who's the president, what party does he represent, what's the state of the policing, draconian or non-existant etc etc but even if theref has a good idea, the players don't necessarily need to.


    BUT the most important thing is that you just get things as you want them, I haven't played for several of years, but if I was to run a game now (Monsterpunk Pt II anyone? ;) ) I'd increase the level of internet accesibility for all roles and move towards subtle "info punk" rather than cyberpunk or biopunk. BUT I also like a"superhero" setting so would still allow the cyberware if folks want to use it.


    If you want to leave the tech exactly as written, just go for "altered/divergent history" as the best way of coping :)

  3. If you can't actually get feedback from your players, I think it's important to be prepared to switch setting at a suitable juncture in case they decide they don't like "The Abyss" etc etc.


    The Star Wars movies were very good at shifting locale completely and when my group used to play Star Wars RPG that was somthing they used to like a great deal, going from water planet to jungle planet to city planet. All the Star Wars films do that, making a distinct environment for differnt scenes and it works really well.


    So maybe start off in an underwater setting, when the initial problem is resolved (the end of scenario 1) have the players flown into the Andes to troubleshoot the problem in the high altitude test facility there.


    That way they'll still be isolated, but you have the choice to move them around if they decide it's too cold to go swimming ;)

  4. im just surprised that he didnt have a blackwater strike team standing by...


    but then i suspect he was channeling henry ford there...


    I think he was just waiting for the "integration phase" of the merger before escalating to strike teams. Buying a company is easy, making them run together efficiently is murder ;)

  5. Id hate it if the series ended in the first movie. Even if the second and third movies sucked,


    I thought the second and third movies pretty much did suck and prefer to deny their existence ;)


    I would have really been wondering what happened next.


    Which would have been a far more cyberpunk way to end the story ;)

  6. Cyberpunk has a style, but isn't one. The original was close, but the Bro.s made the mistake of dropping the bomb in the first film, then dragging it out to a trilogy because they could, and it would at least double their profit. It's the style/substance ratio that's most damning, they actually took plot exposition out of the seccond movie (I saw it in the movie, and the comix) to put in 15 secconds of Neo floating in ultra slomo and looking cool IN EVERY SCENE HE APPEARED IN while in the matrix construct.


    The dichotomy between the "Real world" and the matrix was overdone to the point where there was a schism, a sharp line drawn visually between them. True cyberpunk ALWAYS blurrs this distinction, until the actions in one are often best seen as effects in the other, and the reader/audience wonders with the protagonist at some point which they are in.


    The machine intelligences could never, quite pass as human, they where always more to the point of glaring. The excesses of the "Frenchman", sterile perfection of the martial program, rote respose loop of the keymaker, cyberwraith co-persona of the ghost twins, and Carl Sagan impersonation of (special) Agent Smith (That's where he got the accent, listen to the interogation scene with Morpheos, and "Mr Anderson", then catch Cosmos.) Again, this is a line that was intentionaly blurred in cyberpunk.


    Basicly, the Matrix is a characature of cyberpunk, a bastard homonculus of people who thought they got it, and did enough to cash in on it. While you're writing on the subject, I think this should be pointed out, if only to not perpetuate the fascade. If nothing else, it's appropriate to the story.




    I think that the first Matrix movie was cyberpunk; it was cyberpunk, a genre out of its time, brought up to date and for the masses, so perhaps not “pure” cyberpunk but as close to it as the time and mainstream audience could ever handle.


    If you avoided the spoilers and tip offs and reviews as I managed to do, the first time you saw that movie, the edges between the blue filtered “real world” and green filtered “matrix” were blurred, to the point where some internet boards were wondering if Neo had escaped the Matrix or simply been lured into the next level and he was still in there thinking he had escaped etc etc. We’re not in Kansas anymore ;)


    But I wholly agree that the second and third films were a heavily milked cash cow. It should have ended with the first, just as Neo tells the machines (and the audience) that this is where it begins.


    So in truth I guess I do agree, the film was a caricature of the genre but perhaps the only thing at the time that would have been accepted.

  7. I am just cuious, but the Icon Characters, Silverhand, Blackhand, Santiago, Alt, Rache, Spider, Eurodyne, etc...


    Were they ever actual characters? If so who played them? Or were they just made up for the short story in the main book and grew from there?


    If memory serves, Silverhand & Blackhand were Mike's characters. Santiago was Matt's I think, Alt was Lisa. I have no idea on the other's.


    That's pretty cool actually. I'd always hoped that these guys were "real" characters :)

  8. I understand that gene-mods are a great transhumanism trope but recent findings by the genetics research community that we're basically back at square one for human geneering points to it not happening within the "typical" CP-type timeline anymore. It's up to you on how you'll use this info in your own games.


    Mine? It's out on it's ear...

    Mark(psycho)Phipps( HAHAHA! )


    As a former member of said community I would also say that this is "today's" version of events like yesterday's version was that it was looking quite possible.


    It could be that a break through in 10 years time will switch things around again. As Phipps said, it's a question of timing. If the characters were to be born in the next 20 years or so, it looks unlikely. If they're to be born in 50 years or so, I certainly wouldn't rule it out.


    If you just want to enjoy the science fiction side of the genre, I say go for it :)

  9. The other thing would be to take the opposite choice to what spyke is saying, just to see if it works at all.


    If a player wants to create a character that's all well and good to do from a points system. The old shadowrun system had a similar idea where if you wanted racial or magical powers you had to prioritise them early in character development, so in you game if you want gengineering make he players prioritise this over experience. Perhaps they lack "real life" skills as they spent too long in the burbs etc etc.




    Design several tables specific to social class and roll randomly to reflect the choices that the characters parents would have wanted.


    Maybe a rich kid's parents were desparate for their daughter to be a doctor so enhanced her memory and her dexterity to help with that tricky surgery residency.


    But a poor kids parents well they were so desparate to get into the USA that they had to sell everything to get that job as labourers on that corporate farm growing grain to make biofuel, including their first born child. Consequently that child was engineered to be a far more effective worker, his myogenic processes were accelerated making him stronger and faster, he also was born with night vision so the corp didn't need to waste money on lighting the fields at night.


    Thus the characters have the traits useful to thier pre-set role in society whether they like it, or not.


    It also stops power gaming from players who create super strong, super fast super intelligent characters who spend all their time looking for a bigger gun ;)


    You could also maybe read the book "Black Man" by the guy who wrote altered carbon (can't remember his name) for some of the pseudo social implications of genetic engineering :)



  10. why ability will actually beat reaction speed if the reaction speed is untrained (and BTW I raise all the target number 1 grade in my game so folk will actually miss once in a while)


    Couldn't agree more Mr. P :) Being fast doesn't make you accurate and being accurate doesn't make you fast.


    Which is what creating a balanced character is about.

  11. I don't think the setting needs to be renewed, just perhaps refreshed. With more focus on simply extrapolating from the present, so it's China and not Japan that takes over the manufacturing world, it's bioware not cyberware that is predominant (or whatever I don't follow this field) it's more paranoid security, etc etc etc.


    Just an update really rather than throwing it out and starting again.

  12. I always loved the pictures that came with the shadowrun equipment books as they made it very easy to visualise things.


    The CP2020 books with all the Powered Armour and Appleseed tech just got out of hand imho.


    I think CP would win not because of the equipment but because of the ethos.


    SR always had an air of hope and wonder to it that frankly just wasn't there in CP (or at least the games I played of each) You went into a game of shadowrun to see what you could accumulate what spells you could learn or what riches you could plunder.


    CP had an air of dystopia, and the need for change. You went into a game of CP, yes, to see what riches you could accumulate but equallly wondering whether you'd be making a difference, whether your sacrifice would mean anything, or would you make it out alive to fight another day or even to be able to escape it all.


    As such SR may have all the tech in the world to try to win with, but it could never actually win, because CP would doesn't actually care if it loses just as long as the other side doesn't win.

  13. I remember a couple of years ago in Japan seeing homeless people in the cardboard city down by the river. They made houses out of cardboard boxes and simply kept their possessions inside and around the "house", one guy had a better stereo that I have and 2 sets of skis!!!


    No house, but skis. Weird!!!


    And yes house prices are high in the UK and getting on the property ladder is very difficult. The average price of a house is now 8 times the national average salary!!! Whilst you can get a 100% mortgage these days, and can borrow up to 5 times your annual salary you still need a HUGE deposit to get an average house!



  14. Makes me wonder exactly how do the Mosqiutos fit into the food chain? Eaten by bats/birds, then what eats the bats/birds are there not enough other insects out there for them to fed on? And what exactly eats either a bat or a bird few animals I would think can get at them except for their eggs in the case of birds.


    OK, so we'll talk "mosquito effect" rather than butterfly effect.


    Maybe the lack of mozzies means that the bird and bats eat some other bug. That bug, exclusively polinates a rare flower, that flower thus dies out.


    That flower held the key to the cure for cancer, or AIDS or...


    Maybe the bug that dies out causes a knock on effect that in turn causes an inbalance in the aquatic flora of an area, which leads to an algal bloom that wipes out the aquatic ecosystem in one fell swoop.


    The trouble is, we don't (and can't) understand every link between every species in every niche in the ecosystem and thus it's always playing with fire. Admittedly it can be playing with fire in an asbestos room under a nitrogen atmosphere. But we all know the trouble with asbestos ;)

  15. Bookwyrm is right we've been fighting malaria with sterile mosquitos for a while. We've also had the possibility to erradicate all mosquitos for many years, but folks had thankfully realised that to remove such a prevalent species would majorly disrupt the ecosystem so left well alone.


    As I understand it, the malaria resistant mosquitos are supposed to maintain the levels of the mosquito population, and thus maintain the food chain/ecosystem for other species but prevent humans from getting malaria.


    Afterall, humans have seemingly done alright since we got rid of smallpox.


    But I want a disclaimer to say that in no way am I endorsing the idea, I agree we have NO ideathe FULL implications this COULD have.

  16. Games Workshop did a board game/war game called "Dark Future" which was a derivative of Car Wars, but had an EXTREMELY Cyberpunk setting, (with a healthy dose of GW's Chaos theme).


    They did a couple of supplements as well. The game is fun, but the background is superb imho.


    Yep. Not an RPG by any stretch, but a very strong mix of Mad Max & Cyberpunk as a Car Wars variant setting.


    I seem to recall one of the supplements (or it could have been rules published in White Dwarf) turned it into one where you had characters and could build a gang and they got sponsorship deals and stuff, but no still not really an RPG. Maybe "Narrative Wargame"

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