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  1. For me, V3 just doesn't offer enough of the classic cyberpunk ethos, the post crash thing isn't cyberpunk to me. I think it's hard to fight the system from the underground, when the underground is so prevalent it IS the system But I do understand Mike's idea to create a mind and paper based computer game that anyone can just pick up and play. It's just that well, I don't want to ! CP2020 is outdated now, but inho it's still better than anything else out there, but whilst the setting and system work really well, the technology REALLY needs updating to make it a viable extrapolation of our future.
  2. I still see it as a failure: If it had been a success the character would recognise the sound for what it was a car backfiring. A failure the other way around would be to mistake the sound of gunfire for the sound of a car backfiring, do nothing and get shot. That's just player decision, nothing more. The player can make his character, quickdraw and fire back, dive behind the corner of a building or start folding origami cranes. He just gets to make that decision first.
  3. This is why I keep saying, that these are the guys that have both. Yes it's all well and good to go first, but if you can't shoot for toffee it's no help. Similarly, if you can spend an hour and a half readying yourself for a bullseye at 1000 yards that's great, but if you stand around wondering what you should do, that's no help either. Shot out of nowhere with no warning at all and the army guys jump, simply a high difficulty number and a failed roll... A failure is still a failure. I'm not saying Combat Sense can't be abused, but I maintain that used in a sensible fashion, it accurately reflects the fact that some guys are used to combat (or other similar situations), and others aren't. Keeping tabs on the players during character creation to stop munchkin-ing gets rid of ALL CS's failings.
  4. Thanks Public, I think you just succeeded in making my point for me No no no no, it's a) realistic and B ) a dynamic that works. If you work in an office all day and the nearest thing you see to "conflict" is your secretary bringing you tea when you wanted coffee, you ARE going to die in the first two round of any given encounter.
  5. You might know any of these guys Joe, I’ve known a couple. So no, it’s not fantasy, you’re just not either mixing with the right people, or not fully appreciating their skills. Spotting “the top 3 guys to take out” is streetwise and anyone can get it. You’re absolutely right. But; that is in itself not combat sense! Combat Sense isn’t spotting the top 3 guys to take out, it’s knowing, instinctively (which can be drilled into you, developed through necessity, gifted by benevolent aliens or whatever you choose) what to do in combat, which decision to make in that split second and not standing around like most civilians do looking at what the hell is going on. Combat sense is a dynamic that gives an accurate representation of the fact that most people (even those in Cyberpunk) are not used to fighting in life threatenng engagements, and those that are trained and experienced in for want of a more specific term, combat, get a bonus to reflect this… lets be realistic for once in our lives.
  6. Thanks Dog Soldier, that’s exactly what I’m trying to say, you can be a great marksman, but not necessarily a good soldier, you don’t need combat sense to be the best marksman, you need the best weapon skill. No, lol That makes them great shots. Most of being a solo isn’t being the best shot it’s going first, being the best shot is being the best marksman, perhaps down at the firing range on a Sunday afternoon with your buddies, perhaps at a secret base in the middle of you don’t need to know, the where and why is irrelevant. Being a Solo/combat sense is understanding the situation knowing where the other combatants are, anticipating their moves and acting accordingly, not being able to bullseye a beer can from 1000 yards away. The Uber killers you talk about have don’t just have deadly skills with guns or lightning reflexes honed over years of service and training, they are the rare ones who have BOTH.
  7. In my opinion, it's not so much a restriction on the special ability, its a restriction on the role that needs to be imposed. Not everyone with a gun needs to be a solo. There's a line that I'll paraphrase (another word for mis-quote) somewhere that reads... "Molly wasn't special because she was a solo, she was a solo because she was special." And that, to me at least it the very essence of where folks go wrong. Combat sense isn't broken it's just a tool that needs to be used for the right job. When I first started playing cyberpunk folks always wanted to play solos and always wanted "CS + 10" which was fine for a while but led to a lot of one dimensional "characters" (a term used loosely) who couldn't do anything else apart from go first, shoot a pistol, shoot a SMG and use Thai Kick boxing. They couldn't swim, they couldn't drive and they didn't even have high school spanish. When I was last playing CP (a while back now ) there was a solo, he had CS+4, was a much more rounded character and was a much more playable character. The other thing to notice is the CS also means that folks aren't artificially skewing the use of Awareness/notice. Don't forget, just cos you can tell that you're standing in the perfect place for an ambush and can manage to leap to the side in time, doesn't mean you can spot that the left handed person has put all their tool on the right side of their bench etc. If you play a thinking game of CP, then CS is a comfort blanket, and nothing more.
  8. Damn right. That's a style that I've seen loads in CP games over the years. Guys with Bod 10 who'll go shirtless (and recieve seduction bonuses for their rippling abs) until it's time to stack some Kevlar. A characters personal style isn't necessarily what they wear all the time though, that's of course dictated by situation. Two extremes of this are at home I normally wear jeans and army surplus gear cos I think it's comfy, for important meetings at work I wear handmade suits and silk ties.
  9. Depending on the scenario, and possible because you've already said, less action... We've already decided that it might be a good idea to go for a slighty older character, someone who's maybe used to dealing with the real world, 10-15 years ago (ie now, 2006/7). Perhaps a lawyer type, so he's familiar with working on books on PC but probably works for a firm with a real library and the younger lawyers either a) have the respect for the old guy despite his old ways, he got the biggest payout ever on that accident claim... or mock the old fuddy-duddy who's way past his sell by date. Or if the player wants a more action based character howabout a burned out Solo, someone who served in Gulf War III back in 2010 doing real covert stuff, pre cybernetics, but lots of skill. He moved to a log cabin in Oregon and has come out of hiding as a favour to one of the other members of the team. Or an amnesiac, if he can't remember the last 10 years, he won't know what's going on and still thinks you have to use a keyboard to surf the web. He needs to find out just what has been going on in the last 10 years, not just to the world, but why someone brain-wiped the last 10 years of his life and just what was he doing on Mars?
  10. In some of the big corps especially for R+D work or sensitive data then they ARE on secure intranets that don't have net hookups. I've also seen folks email stuff left right and centre and to their e-buddies by mistake when they have autocomplete on by mistake!
  11. I'm not clued into the V3 system yet, I haven't had time (or inclination) to give it the benfit of the doubt yet I'm not saying BTM is perfect, but a low damage levels it, or something like it is necessary to represent the comparative differences in physical intrusion. ie. under 2020 rules it takes exactly the same level of physical damage to render limbs useless whether you're the Hulk or Aunt May. What does bug me is that "average" body types, got a modifier!!! Surely average Body types should be teh norm on which the system is based? However I agree thatthe stun system does seem to accurately reflect whether folks are KO'd in a more appropriate fashion
  12. OK guys, as some of you know I've been away off and on really for a couple of years now This of course means I've lost touch with the street I'm just curious, what guns are "in vogue" these days. I remember back in the day that it was things like the M16 with the M203 slung underneath, the MP5 and the MP5K, the Desert Eagle and the Beretta M92. And like all the other fan boys, I squealled in delight when it was "time to let ol' painless out the bag". I'm just thinking that if I was going to run another CP game, I'd want to know what the hardware will be derived from. Any and all avice is appreciated
  13. See this is where Joe and I will always differ. BTM is the only factor in the whole game that differentiates in any way the capacity of different individuals to handle damage differently. I.e why a 6'8" tall steroidally enhanced 400lbs ESWAT commando with muscle and bone lace, grafted muscle and orbital alloy cyberskeletal enhancement handles being shot in the shoulder differently than the 8 year old little girl he's trying to save!!! A point blank head shot with a 10mm handgun will kill them both, and a solid hit with a big rifle round is going to put them both down for good (usually) but a 9mm to the shoulder is going to affect little Jenny Smith more than it's going to stop DeathSolo If you think BTM is the problem, it's not, it's the abuse of BTM by munchkin players and the permissal of that abuse by unconfident GMs But all these others are SO right. Today you walk around with bike leathers on and people regard you with suspicion, try doing that in an obvious armourjack. You think you're going to walk into an office block, or a policed CBD? The movie Predator 2 was a great example of the heat effect. Folks are having to change their cotton shirts just to keep from slowing down with grime and sweat and to be able to talk to other folks without funny comments or making them vomit from the stink
  14. I think that's a really good example, it's just a matter of available tech levels. I know guys who throw thousands at their Evos and Imprezas. If the tech level is high enough that "Top Secret" or "Mine" have branched out into PA and there are hardsuit mechanics on the highstreet then all's well and good
  15. Sorry CJ, I'm only just getting back online. I've been too busy getting my "resources" special ability EPs to really post much On the plus side I'm off to Tokyo again in a couple of weeks Yes someone has to fly business class and stay in 5 star hotels in the coolest, most CP city in the world, but I'll try to live with the burden
  16. This isn't taking people who want to be mercenaries though, that's the whole point!!! It's taking people who don't want to do jail time and using them as a commodity! But this is true, these guys aren't going to be actually doing anything fun, they're going to be standing around looking at open desert, or the same breezeblock wall for 14 hours a day, not go on commando raids, that's just a waste of valuable corporate resources (uniforms cost money ) Actually I think this is utter rubbish! The corporation wouldn't do ANYTHING. It would leave them there to guard whatever it is they're guarding, toilet rolls, cans of paint, rows of trucks etc etc etc. Oiks mean nothing to the corporation, they're expendable resources, not proteges in waiting!!! They guard the storage yard. If they mess up they get bollocked by their supervisor, or worse. It's what they do with the cans of paint, what scheme they can pull, without getting caught that's the cyberpunk way. Or maybe their line-manager is going to rope them in to his already cushy number... I'd say this sort of thing works best with pre-generated "nobody" characters, afterall they're not elite mercenaries, they're bums who couldn't even repay their student loans after dropping out of college...
  17. Damn Phipps, I thought punk was dead with the arrival of V3 I agree though, I think it's maybe less realistic but certainly more punk to send these guys out to protect their new corporations foriegn business interests in the central american conflicts (or unstable african nations) than it is to have them guarding a wear-house on US soil. Although the guarding of the wear-house gives them the perfect "inside job" beginnings I missed punking, but I might just be back!!!
  18. It's by "life and death" and tends to be sorted out by "mom and pop" stores
  19. Well guys, I think that really is my time to retire then. I've scoped the background to this game and it's not something that a) captures my imagination or seems a scientifically realistic extrapolation of yesterday. I think I'll bodge around with the interlock system and the apostasis special abilities with my own take on where we'll be in 20 years time. I think I might just go see what the real world is like these days
  20. I'd have no objection to MonSTeRPunK being archived so to speak. I'd love to get a full transcript of it though I can't seem to get it to give me a read through from the start and I'd like a copy for posterity's sake - It was the first game on here after all if I recall!!!
  21. Howabout really mixing things up, instead of armoring them up? Have the shiv loading all their gear into a panzer or two, they're leaving with their gear, turning the well planned stake-out into a rolling battle in an attempt to destroy the armoured hovers. Or go for the old stand-by of being too late, someone else has trashed the lab. Or IS trashing the lab. Change the slant of the whole scenario right from underthe feat of the players. Or, have the super-effective surveillance pickup that the DEA ALSO have the wearhouse under super-effective surveillance, with the PCs watching the DEA watching the PCs watch the lab? How do they make a move without getting stopped by the DEA first, or fighting a battle on two fronts? I SO miss this game
  22. I'm another big fan of Wildside, it gives facts and figures of how te stuff most folks only hear about can work in a realistic/fun compatible way. IMHO This book lets you go from comic book fun to a far more realistic, darker and grimier everyday setting. It's of very little use if you run an action based cinematic campaign, but loads of use for a campaign less full of heroics and grandeur. LUYPS I heartily recommend if you're considering it. If you're considering it, you'reprobably either unsure enough of your GMing to actually get some benefit of others' experience (not a bad thing, everyone was a beginner to start with) OR... you're open minded enough to be able to read it and take on board anything you find of use. If you're not considering it, you probably don't need it
  23. Basically, to paraphrase the rulebook, "you may add any or all of the points of luck a character has to a critical die roll" Being shot in the head with a 7.62 mm round usually falls into my general category of critical So the die roll in question is the damage roll of the bullet. so 6d6+2 damage becomes 6d6+2-LUCK which for our character DEATHSOLO is ofcourse 10 points As such the Damage becomes 6d6-8, which ranges from 0 to 28. Head hits always double damage. Thus this becomes 0-56 points of damage. So with a BTM of Superhuman (wave at DEATHSOLO and his kevlar cyberskull;) )-5, he can take up to 12 points of damage without croaking instantly. Or course the other guy can use HIS luck to influence the dice rolls as well, going for that lucky, fatal shot. Or something along those lines
  24. What I would like to add to all this info about damage rolls and what "must" happen (I'm not gonna argue with the soldier-boys on balistics) is that you all seem to be forgetting one of the biggest CP gaming factors. Luck. I seem to recall a 7.62 round does 6d6+2 points of damage which is 8-38 points. my groups have always determined that Luck can be used to affect any dice roll. so if a character gets shot in the head, they can use all their luck points to modify the roll. Therefore even up to 14 or so points of damage, with a high enough luck stat, and a couple of points of BTM, a head shot with a big round need not be fatal. At least that's my way of looking at things.
  25. We have a Maximum Mike all of our very own!!!
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